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  1. I'm not a denier either. I'm no scientist. I don't know how to do a regression analysis or know what a hypothesis test is. All I know is that those statistics can say anything and I can't be bothered to learn. It makes intuitive sense to me that mother nature is big and humans are small so we might as well stop trying to do anything so impossible. What I do know is that given a choice between my comfort vs. some unmeasurable risk that someone else's great-great-great-great grandkids might not enjoy this planet, I'll roll the fucking dice. Any day of the week. Anyway, it's a really big planet. There's really not much that a handful of humans can possibly do to it. At least I'm not a climate-change denier though. Besides, I was here first.
  2. With ladydrinks at 200 a pop, I don't think it would be all that hard to spend that money.
  3. No, you don't get it... yet. I've been down that road and I've lived in places and done whatever on less than $1k/month. But I will bet (and escrow) that after you have a little seasoning under your belt, and you no longer feel the need to impress yourself, you'll grow to appreciate the joys of just paying off the whores and bar owners for a good fucking time.
  4. The reason the rest of the world will never catch up with the US... while we are all obsessed in a culture of envy, the US is the only country that I have ever had the pleasure of working/living in, that promotes it constructively.
  5. My intended budget: hotel: 50/day drink/food: 60/day barfine: 20/day girl: 50/day My actual spend: hotel: $70/day drink/food: $100/day Barfine: $20/day Girl: $100/day Random excursions/expenses: $2000/month Adds up to about $10k/month If it is his first trip to LOS, I bet your friend chews through $9k in the beginning of week 4.
  6. Anyone stayed there? Any thoughts?
  7. If you haven't had an Ecstasy Viagra, ahem, cocktail, along with a young soft-skinned, taut hottie and hours to kill you haven't lived.
  8. I guess it depends what you consider a hard science. I think being a doctor requires more memorization skills than raw math intelligence. If he's not falling absolutely in love with calculus now, I highly doubt that he'll enjoy multivariate calculus, linear algebra or partial differential equations. As far as I know, those are the standard university level math requirements for an engineering degree. I'm serious about finance. The guys who work in sales can usually only add/subtract/multiply/divide and some make a ton of money. Asian financial markets will be a really fruitful place to be.
  9. Engineering is a really bad choice for people who don't have a true affinity for math. Even really good math students have a difficult time keeping up with university level engineering classes. I have a friend who dropped out of an engineering program due to the difficulty with math and became a biochemist. He's doing quite well now working for pharma but was quite poor for a while during his phd and postdoc stuff. So maybe that's something you could look into. I'd steer him towards finance.
  10. The shirts at Rajawongse are a better deal at 1k baht a pop, all fabrics. Some fabrics are much better than others. Their plain white shirt is not that good. They don't carry finer fabrics like Sea Island.
  11. Thinking about Koh Chang for Christmas holiday. Would like to catch some sun, go diving, eat some good food, relax by the pool. Any thoughts on whether it is a good choice and where to stay? As far as hotels, I'm not too discerning. I'm perfectly happy with places like Admiral Premier, Dynasty Grande. The Dynasty Inn in Pattaya was a bit rough though and wouldn't like to do that again. Beachside bungalow type would be great.
  12. Finally relented and had a suit made at Rajawongse. Cost was 12K including hand-stitched lapels and working button-holes. I think I overheard long-time customers getting quoted a 10K price. Anyway, the tailoring is fine. 3 fittings and everything fits perfect. But really, that's not what you want. You want a suit that will flatter your body, not hug it perfectly. If you have an eye for such things and can specify the dimensions of your lapel, gorge, your rise, etc., you can probably work it. However, if you are like me, you just know whether something looks good or not. This suit looks ok on me but not great. The fabrics are mediocre quality. The 180s fabrics have poor finish. This is to be expected for a $350 suit made from 180s fabric. I'd prefer they stock coarser fabrics with better finish but they are much more expensive. Anyway, I say they are worth about what you pay for. Meaning, they aren't a great deal but neither are they a rip off. For $350, you get a full-floating canvassed, well-fitting suit with average fabrics with very mediocre styling. Personally, I'd pay a little more and invest in something that looks better but I wouldn't mind using these as backup.
  13. I wonder if they'll make it to the top of the google list for 'Climax Bangkok' searches. I doubt it.
  14. The fee might not show up as a separate line item. It might just be deducted from the exchange rate they give you.
  15. Did you wire over in your home currency? I thought the exchange rates given by most thai banks was pretty decent... well anything would be better than my domestic bank. I think you should look into moneybookers and let us know how good it works.
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