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  1. The shirts at Rajawongse are a better deal at 1k baht a pop, all fabrics. Some fabrics are much better than others. Their plain white shirt is not that good. They don't carry finer fabrics like Sea Island.
  2. Finally relented and had a suit made at Rajawongse. Cost was 12K including hand-stitched lapels and working button-holes. I think I overheard long-time customers getting quoted a 10K price. Anyway, the tailoring is fine. 3 fittings and everything fits perfect. But really, that's not what you want. You want a suit that will flatter your body, not hug it perfectly. If you have an eye for such things and can specify the dimensions of your lapel, gorge, your rise, etc., you can probably work it. However, if you are like me, you just know whether something looks good or not. This suit looks ok on me but not great. The fabrics are mediocre quality. The 180s fabrics have poor finish. This is to be expected for a $350 suit made from 180s fabric. I'd prefer they stock coarser fabrics with better finish but they are much more expensive. Anyway, I say they are worth about what you pay for. Meaning, they aren't a great deal but neither are they a rip off. For $350, you get a full-floating canvassed, well-fitting suit with average fabrics with very mediocre styling. Personally, I'd pay a little more and invest in something that looks better but I wouldn't mind using these as backup.
  3. I think there are more important issues at hand than the legality of buying weapons. A kid went crazy and decided to use guns. Most people have no reason to have them. I don't think this episode adds anything to the existing debate for or against gun controls. We just have to amend our political system so that people can just vote once and for all whether to have guns or not... you know, like a democracy? As someone once noted, the best way of keeping a population docile is to encourage vigorous debate within an extremely narrow band of topics to keep people from realizing that they are offered no real choices when it comes to real decisions.
  4. Hmmm... I'll bring a case of whipped cream cannisters if need be.
  5. I'm about to book at Bumrungrad dental. All I need is a dental exam but I probably will need some deep cleaning from a periodontist. I'm booking at Bumrungrad because it's close to where I'm staying and I am getting my blood work and disease screenings done there. I've checked all over and I think Bumrungrad has extremely competitive rates plus brand new equipment. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Bumrungrad dental? Anyone get laser whitening done there also? How about their nitrous oxide?
  6. Seems like Thantakit charges twice the going rate for cleanings and periodontic work. For example, a deep cleaning costs about 1600-2000 quadrant from everywhere else I've looked but costs 4000 per quadrant there. Is it that much better than the others? You might find this link useful: http://www.medithai.net/dentists/dentist-bangkok.shtml
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