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  1. HeartThais


    I'm not a denier either. I'm no scientist. I don't know how to do a regression analysis or know what a hypothesis test is. All I know is that those statistics can say anything and I can't be bothered to learn. It makes intuitive sense to me that mother nature is big and humans are small so we might as well stop trying to do anything so impossible. What I do know is that given a choice between my comfort vs. some unmeasurable risk that someone else's great-great-great-great grandkids might not enjoy this planet, I'll roll the fucking dice. Any day of the week. Anyway, it's a really big planet. There's really not much that a handful of humans can possibly do to it. At least I'm not a climate-change denier though. Besides, I was here first.
  2. HeartThais

    A business story

    With ladydrinks at 200 a pop, I don't think it would be all that hard to spend that money.
  3. HeartThais

    Budget for One Month!

    No, you don't get it... yet. I've been down that road and I've lived in places and done whatever on less than $1k/month. But I will bet (and escrow) that after you have a little seasoning under your belt, and you no longer feel the need to impress yourself, you'll grow to appreciate the joys of just paying off the whores and bar owners for a good fucking time.
  4. HeartThais

    Another Chapter II ..

    The reason the rest of the world will never catch up with the US... while we are all obsessed in a culture of envy, the US is the only country that I have ever had the pleasure of working/living in, that promotes it constructively.
  5. HeartThais

    Budget for One Month!

    My intended budget: hotel: 50/day drink/food: 60/day barfine: 20/day girl: 50/day My actual spend: hotel: $70/day drink/food: $100/day Barfine: $20/day Girl: $100/day Random excursions/expenses: $2000/month Adds up to about $10k/month If it is his first trip to LOS, I bet your friend chews through $9k in the beginning of week 4.
  6. HeartThais

    Amari Koh Samui

    Anyone stayed there? Any thoughts?
  7. HeartThais

    A quality tourist....

    52 years old?! Way to go. I say let the geezer have a little fun.
  8. HeartThais

    Viagra - Do you use and why?

    If you haven't had an Ecstasy Viagra, ahem, cocktail, along with a young soft-skinned, taut hottie and hours to kill you haven't lived.
  9. HeartThais

    UK only developed economy still in recession

    I kinda think things need to go back a little. The UK's bread and butter going forward will be finance. And that only by virtue of being in a timezone that overlaps least with New York and Tokyo.
  10. HeartThais

    Non-Thai news revisited

    American politics are great because it is marketed like any other consumer good. It lets you pick a side and more often than not, once you've picked your team, it is pretty obvious which side you should take on an issue. On conflicting issues, you just think about which thing would piss off the other side the most and go that way. The other obvious issue is that whether we care to admit it or not, American politics dominates world politics. Not only because it is the most influential nation in the world but because of the wacky ways it wields that influence. IMO, this is more of a social networking site for people interested/related to Thailand than a site about Thailand. It's good sport and theater to argue politics.
  11. HeartThais

    Currency conversion or ATM?

    Zen, if you are transferring a lot of money regularly, you should look into an fx broker like HiFX. Their fees are very low and their rates are better than any bank rate.
  12. HeartThais

    picking engineering as a profession

    I guess it depends what you consider a hard science. I think being a doctor requires more memorization skills than raw math intelligence. If he's not falling absolutely in love with calculus now, I highly doubt that he'll enjoy multivariate calculus, linear algebra or partial differential equations. As far as I know, those are the standard university level math requirements for an engineering degree. I'm serious about finance. The guys who work in sales can usually only add/subtract/multiply/divide and some make a ton of money. Asian financial markets will be a really fruitful place to be.
  13. HeartThais

    picking engineering as a profession

    Engineering is a really bad choice for people who don't have a true affinity for math. Even really good math students have a difficult time keeping up with university level engineering classes. I have a friend who dropped out of an engineering program due to the difficulty with math and became a biochemist. He's doing quite well now working for pharma but was quite poor for a while during his phd and postdoc stuff. So maybe that's something you could look into. I'd steer him towards finance.
  14. Anyone who has followed this forum for any length of time will find this statement particularly funny coming from Mekong.
  15. HeartThais

    Did we learn anything from the crash ?

    The more experience I get in banking, the more I realize it is set up like an ant colony. It's simply too complex for any one person to understand, even at a small bank. The way banks are set up, you have hundreds of "desks" which are trading groups looking for opportunities. The ones that succeed in finding crumbs, you reward. The ones that fail, you fire. And every once in a while, someone comes across a huge nugget and everyone starts rushing there at the same time. There's no real thought or reason to it... just survival of the fittest.