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  1. I cut down on ringing the bell. I often do it a bit earlier in the night, so there's a more limited group of people to feed. And I often do it less loudly now to not attract too much attention.
  2. Um, there's no shortage of ones claiming to want to be 'active' as you put it. I don't mind spending some time in those bars just for the whole show, but when they get too graphic I find that a little off-putting. So the short answer is: No shortage whatsoever. Communicate. Do realize though that if the condom breaks, you die.
  3. I read about a 15 day official mourning period because of Princess Vadhana's death. Will this mean bar closings as well, and for the full 15 days? EDIT: [Of course I can go without alcohol for a bit, but I have an external USB drive with some fairly sensitive stuff at one of the bars that I need to retrieve.]
  4. Yes, easy enough, as long as you don't go for girls completely out of your range. (i.e. a 60 year old hitting on 20 year old uni girls) It's BY FAR the most productive to line up girls through the internet, like community sites, chat sites, instant messaging, etc. Then just arrange a date.
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