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    How To Save On That Appalling Bar Tab

    I cut down on ringing the bell. I often do it a bit earlier in the night, so there's a more limited group of people to feed. And I often do it less loudly now to not attract too much attention.
  2. I read about a 15 day official mourning period because of Princess Vadhana's death. Will this mean bar closings as well, and for the full 15 days? EDIT: [Of course I can go without alcohol for a bit, but I have an external USB drive with some fairly sensitive stuff at one of the bars that I need to retrieve.]
  3. whitelotuslane

    Active ladyboy

    Um, there's no shortage of ones claiming to want to be 'active' as you put it. I don't mind spending some time in those bars just for the whole show, but when they get too graphic I find that a little off-putting. So the short answer is: No shortage whatsoever. Communicate. Do realize though that if the condom breaks, you die.
  4. whitelotuslane

    Patpong Closed by The Red Shirts

    I knew some wouldn't take my word for it. Here are your 'concerned citizens' : Pic 1 Pic 2
  5. whitelotuslane

    Patpong Closed by The Red Shirts

    They're most certainly not just 'concerned citizens'. The Multis are by and large PAD people trying to trigger violence. Disgusting group.
  6. whitelotuslane

    Pattaya's Huge! What about BKK?

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make on a romantic holiday is to want to cover it all. It simply doesn't add anything; even for Pattaya it's really just fine to stick to a couple bars or areas that you enjoy. Let go. Let go of any obsessive-compulsive streak to want to cover every square inch. And Bangkok in general has been getting WORSE, not better. Just leave it.
  7. whitelotuslane

    How Long In Pattaya Before?

    Unless 'molest' means something else to you than it does to me, I have never seen that. Same for the hissy fit from a bargirl.. never. So had no option but to go for the final option. And: Massage parlour.. that's not exactly rocket science is it. Someone stating she's been there 3 days: Why does it even matter if that's real or not? (I'd prefer it if it was 3 years to be honest; I'm not marrying them.)
  8. whitelotuslane

    Is Bangkok sustainable ?

    > Biggest reason for the fantastic increase > in population is the elimination of > most childhood diseases. Possibly, but very irrelevant when it comes to Thailand and this topic: - The population increase in Bangkok is primarily due to migration. - The birth rate in Thailand (as a whole) is falling at an alarming rate. It's lower than the USA currently.
  9. whitelotuslane

    Which girl would you take?

    ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! But, looking at the result, you guys are exceptionally stereotypical in your spec.
  10. whitelotuslane

    Who do you favor red or yellow?

    > I cannot vote for any of these options, > mainly because Yellow is NOT FUCKING IN CHARGE! I can't vote either, because the military is already in charge. Or rather, Abhsisit is constantly looking over his shoulder to what the military and the owners-of-that-horse want.
  11. whitelotuslane

    A royalist speaks in Thailand

    He's a staunch royalist. Nuff said I think. He'll be scratching his head in a couple years, knowing that he could have done so much more to advance true democracy in Thailand.
  12. whitelotuslane

    Driving During Songkran

    I STRONGLY disagree with driving at night. Contrary to PFF (Popular Farang Folklore), most deaths don't happen as a direct result of the festivities, but due to drunk driving. To be honest drunk driving happens at just about any time of the day, but especially at night. You should not have too much trouble on the main highways though; just follow highway 1 all the way through. I'd drive as early as possible; leave at 4 or 5am.
  13. whitelotuslane

    One Night In Bangkok

    Unlike yourself you mean? (Thanks for the review!! Seems you missed the main attraction in Nana though? )
  14. whitelotuslane

    How Much Have YOU Spent on Pussy in Thailand?

    Whatever I've spent, I've spent FAR more on booze and hotels. And yet they call me a sex tourist, and not a booze-tourist.
  15. whitelotuslane

    Who is really typing those emails ?

    I write a lot of emails. I really like it too, and put a lot of effort and poetic skills into it as well. Girls seem to appreciate something special, when I read it back to them they tend to get real excited. My pen is cupid's arrow.
  16. whitelotuslane

    Govt: Thaksin interview 'offensive to the monarchy'

    Of course it is.. Did you forget what the election results were pre-Thaksin? Unstable coalitions of multiple small parties, nobody got anywhere close to a workable majority. This was just he way the powers-that-be liked it; divide and conquer, playing squabbling factions against each other, politicians leaving and joining political parties like football players switch clubs, etc. Thai Rak Thai changed all that, first by buying all the regional power brokers, then by delivering on promises to the rural masses. At that point, Thaksin became very powerful indeed. But.. not as powerful as the military and so on. If nobody ever does then nothing will ever change. Clearly LM laws are out of control when a woman is sentenced to 18 years in jail for a political speech. Just which countries are at that level in the world. Burma, probably. North Korea, and a couple more. Thailand used to be the Land of the Free.
  17. whitelotuslane

    Govt: Thaksin interview 'offensive to the monarchy'

    Full interview is here. Thaksin has a point. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/asia/article6909258.ece
  18. whitelotuslane

    Bars / Gogos with short time rooms

    > I have heard that using in-house facilities > often avoids being charged a bar fine. No it doesn't. First of all, they tend to be different types of establishment that offer rooms compared to those that don't, so a straight comparison is hard. Anyway, if rooms are available then there's still a charge.. This charge includes the room, and any bar fine.. It's not really specified which is which, but feel free to think you're saving a barfine and just paying for the room, or alternatively paying a barfine and getting a free ST room.. It's all relative. Now, all of that said, a lot of places don't have rooms in the exact same building. Reason is, that 'a building with rooms for commercial sex' is a distinguishing characteristic of 'a brothel'. And there are more serious laws against operating a brothel as opposed to a place that just 'has a lot of female staff who can be bought out'. So even for places that used to have rooms upstairs, it's quite common to be 'the building next door' or whatever. It varies a bit how hard this is enforced at any given time and place. So this may blur the line a little between places with rooms upstairs, and 'getting an st room'. From a financial point of view however it makes no difference, you still get one easy charge, never mind that they subcontract out the accommodation bit. Finally: None of the places in Nana and SC offer in-house rooms. There's rooms very nearby, obviously. (And even inside Nana Plaza there's a place I believe) If you (for some reason) want to avoid a bar fine then you're looking at freelancer places, disco's, the streets, noodle carts on the sidewalk, etc, etc. Or the good old : "here's my phone number, call me at 2. " Obviously.
  19. whitelotuslane

    Cactus Bar Takin' The Piss?

    125 is ridiculous, too.
  20. whitelotuslane

    Grocery list

    NO! And anyway, it'll be one of these: http://www.belgianbeerschiangmai.com/products.php (Available, for example, at the #1 Bar / Hoe Garden in Chiang Mai) ( www.number1barthailand.com )
  21. whitelotuslane

    Bangkok or Pattaya or Phuket NYE?

    Well, it's not fuller of pissed dickheads than at any other time during the high season. But it IS high season, though this year may be lower than usual. Still, it'll be good. > barfines thru the roof? Doubt it. Some bars will try earlier on in the evening, but what's the point of barfining someone early on NewYears Eve anyway.. If you must do something earlier then a foray into Soi 6 may be in order, as an appetizer to the main event. Don't go into Soi 6 sober though, that'd be a beginners mistake.
  22. whitelotuslane

    Bangkok or Pattaya or Phuket NYE?

    No, Pattaya is the answer, quite obviously. Bangkok is a pale shadow of its former self in terms of nightlife. Pattaya is the place, AND has that holiday feel.
  23. whitelotuslane

    Issan and others

    > I'd view the Northerners' disdain for other Thais speaking Kham Muang as similar to > an American in the South listening to a damnyankee trying to sound Southern . I think that's different because that's essentially the same language, just different accent. With Kham Muang you're mostly using different words, so closer to a different language (or dialect at least)
  24. whitelotuslane

    Farang media vs middle-aged men..

    That's just weird. Lubricating cream against child abuse?!
  25. whitelotuslane

    Trouble in Thailand Part 2.

    Almost certainly they did; after all bail was officially posted, with information and directions from the consul, and she didn't flee. So the money was returned. (And, they would have mentioned it if it somehow wasn't but honestly that just doesn't happen when bail is posted properly)