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  1. There are always a lot of conflicting facts and figures about HIV and it's an important topic to many. I was curious and found the response from the girls and the results interesting. Thought others would be interested too. Instead I get called a "sad fuck". Sorry for sharing. It's no wonder there aren't a lot of posts on this board anymore. Think I'll not waste time here again. Bye.
  2. Your crazy if you believed in it. Oraquick tests are approved by the FDA.
  3. So your planning to take girls back to your room' date=' get out your test kit, stick something in their mouths to get a fluid sample, stick that in some gadget and then sit around for 20 minutes to wait for the results?! I'd be very surprised if any girls stayed around long enough for the results or even let you stick the fluid collector in their mouth as they'll probably think you're some kind of weirdo. [/quote'] Sorry Munchy...WRONG! All of the girls were keen to know the results. I suspect if a girl was not interested and refused the test or wanted to leave she may already know what the result will be. I was pleasantly surprised at the interest the girls showed and the eagerness with which they took the test. None of them were the least bit hesitant. And the tests took less than 10 minutes. I wish I could get more of them. If anyone is coming from the states I'd like to know if you can bring some with you. Cheers, Elroy
  4. I bought 10 of these kits from a clinic on Suriwong rd. 7 years ago. Quick and easy to use BUT, MooNoi is spot on when he says there are issues to consider beyond whether the result is positive or negative. One must be prepared to direct people to proper follow up care should there be a positive result. Not just another test but Psychological help also. Those I bought were the Oraquick ones and did not say 75% accurate. Another poster said warts is a bigger issue and it is certainly important, and one that condoms do not always protect against. Incurable too. I wanted to buy more but they never got anymore. Will check again next time I'm over that way. All 10 results were negative. Cheers, Elroy
  5. elroy

    Pattaya Round Up

    In my opinion there is no better bar than "What's Up". It's next to Angel Witch. Always entertaining. Anyone else been there? Cheers, Elroy
  6. elroy

    Minor Scam

    Always good to have info. like this. Good post.
  7. Oops. I fell for the the phone trick the other night. Sounds like the same guy in the same location. Thought I was being helpful. Now I know.
  8. Uhh...no. They're sending it to me.
  9. Biggest bunch of BS I've read in a long time. The article listed 50 reasons why the authors chose Bangkok as #1. Among them: - Soi Cowboy - Scantilly clad promotion girls - It is slowly sinking - It has a really long name Wonder how much Bangkok officials paid the authors to name Bangkok #1 and Chiang Mai #2?
  10. Yeah, I heard it tastes like chicken.
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