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  1. They are getting better since the last one I worked in BKK.
  2. Google still works though... http://tech.thaivisa.com/technical-glitch-leaves-3bb-customers-unable-to-access-google-services-on-saturday/21462/
  3. Same here.... Same here. I wish him well.
  4. Who were the Americans? edit. never mind, I read the article. Damn, I think I know them! Pretty sure Gerald is dead.
  5. FYI: Bleached corals continue to live. They are not dead. Just not as pretty. Per Wiki: "In 2016, bleaching hit 90 percent of coral on the Great Barrier Reef and killed more than 20 percent of the reef's coral."
  6. First off, that chart is seriously flawed. Citrus fruits on the chart as more basic? No way. Ph Neutral is about a 7. Pineapple juice has a acid level of 3..!!! Same with grapefruit. Don't believe this hype. You are placing a burden on your system trying to maintain homeostasis. Also, your stomach is now having to produce extra acid to break it down, further taxing your system. ^^^ this is the key.
  7. I agree with some other comments made here. I enjoy Sitckman much more when in the states than when in BKK. It's kind of a nostalgia thing
  8. Been that way for a few years at least. Me wonders how the travel expert Bkk Missy (drew) does not know this....?
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