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  1. Huh? But you just said you never go.
  2. I was out with mates till about 5 am.... needless to say, I am not moving very fast right now. So I am sitting by the pool whimpering to myself.
  3. That is Joker'esk at best. Fool hardy at worst.
  4. I disagree with this one on a scientific level. My evidence is 10,000 years ago sea level was like 100 meters lower than it is now and and great ice sheets covered most of the globe. All of which we had nothing to do with. Do we have some impact? Sure, probably a little as we cover the globe. But it is nothing compared to the change brought on by the spinning bobbing planet we live on.
  5. I will try to be there. If not, Kong maybe we could catch up some other time in the week when our England traveler is back.. I will pm you my phone.
  6. Your telling me. You should see the trouble they had (have) with Thai.
  7. It's funny you say something like that.
  8. Thanks for the PM. I will try to be there... but 2pm....??? You kidding me??? It's the day after Saturday. Some of us stay up pretty late those nights.
  9. I think it is both depending on the model you have and the iOS you are running. But here are the instructions: http://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html
  10. Yes it comes with the phone but you have to turn it on.
  11. Cav is right. Whoever wrote that know nothing about physics.
  12. Well, it's pretty important since it totally shoots down any credibility she has.
  13. The call to put on life vest and STAY IN YOUR ROOM was moronic at best and criminal at worst. But I disagree with Cav. I think the captain should be dragged back inside the ship. Once he gets to one of the rooms, they can hand him a life vest.
  14. My old group bid on a job doing that back in 2005 and 2010.
  15. I will be there again tomorrow and try to have a look. (Fish shop that is) I did not notice it was closed but it is not gutted out like the other place was this time last year.
  16. A failed state compared to who...? Somalia?
  17. Baking soda is a good one. But salt will go into solution and have no "grit" to clean well before too long. You could easily make your own paste with BS, a bit of fluoride, and peroxide and do just fine. You would miss out on the tater control agents though and some other stuff.... Which just made me think, some of that stuff (the tarter control) might (likely) taste horrible by themselves. Which could explain the stack of sweeteners in OTC paste....?
  18. An embassy guy i knew in the old days (2001) is doing 5 years in the USA for bringing in watches. Normally I would feel bad for him but he had like 300 of them.
  19. So people like the taste better. And it is cheaper than using good stuff like peppermint extract.
  20. That was an interesting article. I know of only three farang in LOS that own personal guns legally. I know a few that have them illegally and a who shit ton of Thais that have them both ways!
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