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  1. The only time I was stopped on the street it was a east-euro trash saying he was a thai cop. (uh-huh) But I was in the car once when my friends Thai wife was stopped. 1st one I pulled out my id and badge, off he went. (fast) 2nd time, i pulled out my embassy ID and badge, accepted my salute, and off we went. If you are still sweating it when I get there I could maybe get some one from the embassy to go with you for a few beers in payment.
  2. He is a highly ranked black belt. He used to do a trick blowing out the bottom of a bottle by striking the other side with his hand. That is generally worth a couple beers so I get him to do it about once a year. But he claims to be able to cut one in half! For that I tend to offer 20 beers. But i have never seen him do it.
  3. Last I saw him was a year ago and he was in better shape (mentally) than I had seen him in a few years. I sometimes bet him a few beers to get him to do his karate chop bottle trick.
  4. Unless this device is connected to a tank of o3 (which would be hard with out some other stuff in the tank to keep the ozone ozone as o3 QUICKLY degrades back to simple o2 ) it is not making ozone. Making ozone with electricity at normal pressures either takes some catalysts which are rather expensive and tend to poison you and a LOT of electricity or it can be done with electricity and a shit ton more of current. With out seeing one, I suspect this thing is just making oxygenated water like a fish tank bubbler. Which would be easier to make (and cheaper) by putting your water in a bottle and shaking it a good bit. Either way, a lot of o2, like a lot of co2, in a drink are not really going to do any thing for you but flavor enhancement and make you burp.
  5. Just for arguments sake, if your a chemist then you know that device can not be making ozone with out a stick of graphite and some platinum.
  6. Thanks. That is about what I expected.
  7. Sorry this took so long to get back to , but I think you are right. He's in his 70s now and still puttering about.
  8. You got me again Mike, what pray tell is "oxygen water?"
  9. Yea you got that right. I have a photo somewhere from a Big C I think of pool chlorine on a shelf above motor oil. (For the non-chemists or pyros out there, this stuff spontaneously combusts violently when mixed in very small amounts.)
  10. TheCorinthian


    I am trying but cant find it or anything like it in the stock list. So please post NSN of military use. (National Stock Number) My unit MD has not heard of it. Could it be under a different name? Also, anything in the kit has to be approved by NIH and CDC, and it is not showing up. Please post official links. I wil be interested in the analytical and the double blind test results.
  11. We should move this to the silver thread.
  12. Dont worry, I would not remember me either. (It's one of the things that made me so good at my job before I moved into research.) Either way, I can get the photos a good spot at a new British club on 24 if you are dead set on them being in a bar. People there would know them, too. But it is semi private so you would have to PM me for the details. Otherwise, I would still like to have them if you ever get tired of the things.
  13. Oh.. In that case I bought Windex with Ammonia at Villa a year ago. That is about 1% They also had Parson's which is about 3%.
  14. Huh??? I totally admit we use silver nitrate gel. Have a tube here somewhere. It is a wonderful topical antiseptic, is well proven, and that is not in question. It is your claims of ingested silver curing everything from AIDS, to Cancer, to the common cold I call into question. As for the Lone Star, I was often there with Al Eberhardt, Dean the author who once lived there, various crews from The Londoner and embassy personal. Mike, you and I met there once at a book signing of Deans in I thin 2009. I met Tony Po at the Royal Sports Club (Also with Al who was a member.) on several occasions in the early 2000s. The last time we met was just after my first trip to Afganistan in early 2002.
  15. Incredible! Those were some of the items I actually wanted. So if you decide you can part with them, I will take 'em.
  16. It's still not as bad as it was when I first started coming to BKK back in 1999....
  17. Answer the question please: Is just flat out impossible that the cancer of the 70 people on that ship could be unrelated to the accident in Japan?
  18. Let me guess.... It is just flat out impossible that could be something unrelated, right?
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