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  1. Of course they can. In fact, you can go and download for free a program that will allow you to give commands to the ARM (free). (It's called the man in the middle hack.) The cpu reports to the device things like the size of the memory. So, for example, you could easily tell the card to read 3gb when the actual size is 6gb. Thus leaving the 6gb for whatever other work you want the card to do. Load your code there to be run in the background doing what you want. All via the internal cpu. This in fact is what a lot of companies do with defective runs. Example: lets say your fab is making 20gb SSDs. But the process is not exact so you end up with 50% bad cells. Simple to fix, you tell the ARM7 or the 8051 to just report the card as 10gb and that is what you sell it as.
  2. Not quite. Every SSD you own has a small microprocessor installed on it that runs the drive. It is continually running many complex algorithms that keep the drive operational because use use of flash kills the drive a little bit at a time. You can hack that to do... different things. Here is a photo of an opened SSD drive showing the ARM7 on the upper left.
  3. TheCorinthian


    Plenty of AIDS out reach groups and Hospice's in BKK. Find one. Cure ANY of them. You will profit beyond the dreams of Avarice.
  4. I tried and failed to rescue some items from the bar. Not much, a photo or two that was on the wall really, couple of other items. Missed it by a little more than a week too. I could just slap his wife.
  5. 70.... out of 6000...? wow... (kind of... well maybe a little "wow")
  6. (a public service message) No kidding. SSD, Micro, thumb, just about any flash memory drive, can be gotten into. All flash memory utilizes a small CPU on the device (like the card in your phone) to run it. That chip can be hacked in fun and dangerous ways. We can spoof data use, and even copy data to be sent out at other times. The most useful way to exploit this would be to make hundreds of them (take about a day) and then just offer them for sale cheep and see what they report in after someone buys them. I only bring it up because we are seeing an ASTOUNDING rise in this in Asia. TC
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    Simple then. Prove it.
  8. TheCorinthian


    How does it do against AIDS infections?
  9. Good for them! Maybe they can help Healthcare.gov!
  10. Sounds like he is just crazy. It's not just a western disease, you know.
  11. Taking too much of any analgesic will put you in hospital. I dont care how much silver water you drink.
  12. I ran a D&B for a few years before the war while I was in the reserves. The money was astoundingly good but it did not make up for dealing with a staff of 50 18 -25 year old girls. I swear, all of their periods would sync up and last only 12 months a year. As you know, he war took me away from all that and got me back into chemistry and which was always a love. And that got me to where I am now. I would love to meet up with all of you that I have not met at the friday happy hours, but unless you do it next year, I doubt I will be in town!
  13. Radicalism 47.25 Socialism 12.5 Tenderness 21.875 These scores indicate that you are a tough-minded moderate; this is the political profile one might associate with a jaded materialist. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have a pragmatic attitude towards humanity in general. Your attitudes towards economics appear laissez-faire capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as right-wing. To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, a pragmatist with many strong opinions.
  14. Thanks for proving my point. Enjoy the bar!
  15. And here I thought we could have a decent conversation. I did not need to point it out, most people here know already from the Friday get togethers and the member deliveries. Now this thread just serves to point out you did not know anything you were talking about. So cheers and good job. Have fun at the bar!
  16. {quoted in case of editing} I thought it important to express your actual experience with Google DCs, or any DCs for that matter, as you keep bringing them up as if you have intimate knowledge of them, which is demonstrably not the case. I wanted to have a good conversation with out insults but it is important to know where you stand because most of the "information" so far presented is pretty much bamboozling to match a Louisiana politician. As for me, feel free to ask those that know me. KS for one, Mekong, Cav, a few others who have met me face to face. Yes, I work there ever since I left government service several years ago, as many here know. As yet another gesture of good will, I will pm you my contact info. (though it will be tomorrow before I can respond as I need to get some rack.) And no, I dont fix pipes. Though that would be nice since my pool needs some love. As for your, sort of.. facts. I could not tell you who has the SINGLE LARGEST DC, (probably the NSA :-) ) but Google's total MgWt is are easily larger than American Express, AT&T, NTT, Deutscshe Bank combined. (No idea about China Telecom but just by user count it cant be very large compared to the rest of the world and as I understand it, it is not even 20% online yet.) Feel free to look at some recent news for confirmation. (Sort of a riddle, but you can find it.)
  17. This was about our #1 complaint at the embassy. The conversations with the local cops about it were just funny. (And infuriating.)
  18. http://acidcow.com/pics/8389-bucket-wheel-excavator-vs-caterpilla-d8r-dozer-19.html ....wow....!
  19. Damn she's cute. Lucky guy and a very good girl.
  20. Trust me you're not. And come on bro, i'm offering an olive branch here. Tell us about your real life experience in a Google DC? Cause it sounds like none at all.
  21. Rembrant was re-done last year. I stay there everytime I go. A 1br will cost you about 40kbht and comes with daily made service and internet. I love it. Been staying there 2 or 3 times a year for the past 6. If you do go, pm me for some tips for EXCELLENT service.
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