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  1. Yep. I ended up not going but I was supposed to be in Phuket this week. So I got a bout 15 phone calls from people when this story came out. $20 says when they catch this guy he comes out of Thai prison with a size 10 asshole.
  2. Well, had he had a gun we would have been asking what to do with this pistol I now owned and could not take home.
  3. The report has a fair point. I know at least four die hard Dems in my home town that are pissed at him for one reason or another. The main focus seems to be trying to go "to far too fast." Americans traditionally dont like change until change become academic. (Think "New Deal" in 1934.) His main problem, and what in my opinion will make him a one term Pres, it the forcing down the throat of too many programs at too much cost while almost ignoring things like illegals killing people in the south make the press. (As they always have.) Removing the US military from Iraq and Afgan and deploying them to the border seems a "no-brianer" to me and would be the biggest ratting booster I can think he could yet have. But we are no where near that kind of decision. What truly shocks me about him is it is still more of the same. Almost nothing has changed since Bush and everything is going to cost more in the end.
  4. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you can get a title?
  5. Hey tim, glad you are still out there. And no, I got no reply from you either via email or PM here. Odd, but could be a problem with t360. Also, only one of the six hotels I sent inquiries to replied, but that was directly to them and not through you.
  6. TheCorinthian


    Why not put them all in the same thread?
  7. ...which is about half true. (All of them did not jam, they killed over 50 before being over run, and if she was knocked out she would not know if they did anyway.) We use it in training as an example of what happenes when you do not clean a rifle. No, NOT that gal. I said Desert Storm ... 1991! The SGM said she went to see if she could make a call. His words, not mine. He served there, so it must have been at least talked about. Jessica Lynch was less than 8 years old when that happened. No problemo.. but remember, you could not make a call in Iraq in 1991. Cell phones were the size of a briefcase and about $2000... and as you know, we 86'ed there entire infrastructure before the invasion. So I would say you source was.... misinformed.
  8. None taken, it is mostly the "buddy hook up" as we say in the US. The guy I PM back to Werth is on the down low money wise too, so with nothing to do I think he would led a hand again for likely a 12 pack or so and maybe the promise of something on the back end when business picks up..
  9. No kidding!!! See below! I got a taste of it myself! http://www.thai360.com/fbb/showtopic.php?tid/538125/
  10. Except this wasn't a "decision". It was a protest vote' date=' and was non-binding. Designed to drum up teabagger votes and dollars.[/quote'] Which makes it even more funny when the Dems bitch about it if you ask me.
  11. If you mean this girl, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessica_Lynch ...yes she was raped to pieces over about 10 hours. And no way it was to make a phone call. If in Desert Storm, cell phones did not exist then that an E-4 would have nor would work in Iraq as we killed there systems. Same for Lynch... they did not pull over for a phone call. They could not have made one. Oh, and about that Army Group, she testified to this: ...which is about half true. (All of them did not jam, they killed over 50 before being over run, and if she was knocked out she would not know if they did anyway.) We use it in training as an example of what happenes when you do not clean a rifle.
  12. Only if he blows it up! But you proved my point that these things use such a low dose (The x-ray ones.) that you get more from a cell phone and the sun at noon.
  13. Yea, I got to admit, if anyone this guy seems to have known what he was doing. Which is also my point: he knew what he was doing and was an expert at it. And he still got chopped to bits and got his team killed. So the absolute no nothings that I had to deal with were infuriating....
  14. http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/08/07/afghanistan.americans.killed/index.html?iref=obinsite#fbid=6tx_ltebB1f&wom=false I spent a year rescuing NGO (Non Government Organizations) in Africa. Baptist Missionaries were the worst, Peace Corps not much better.... Nothing wrong with "Do Gooders" per say. It is just some of them will go places no one in their right mind would go and then act surprised when they got raped, killed, beat up, all three. And why is rape never mentioned in the news? I know for a fact the Korean women were repeatedly raped while they were held. I would wager good money the women killed above were too before being shot about 30 times.
  15. Decisions are made by the people that show up. Dems are shooting themselves in the foot. Again.
  16. I sent about four or five emails to various places through links from that site and even emailed and PM'ed Tim last month and.... nothing. Tim ok?
  17. TheCorinthian

    August 6

    Around 6:30? I should be there about that time.
  18. I would wonder how they calculate federal $$$. For example my state of NC is in the red to the Fed. I have not looked as I type this but I think it was something like $1.07 fed to NC vs NC to fed. But lets think about NC. Three nuke plants and the two largest military bases in the world. What do all those things cost to run? And lets not forget the inexplicable subsides paid to of all people, tobacco farmers. (What sense does that make anyway?) I would be interested in how they get the numbers they do is my thinking.
  19. Lets take a look at a map of state debt and see if looks like any other map we may have seen say... during the last election. http://www.mcwetboy.net/maproom/2010/08/mapping_us_stat.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ElectoralCollege2008.svg
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