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  1. Is this the place on Soi 7 at Star Inn??
  2. I imagine a few videos from Aljizera showing families pulled out of their homes and hacked to pieces will change that. Also, I see that Assange fuck may be charged by Australia! http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/assange-may-have-committed-offence-ada-20100728-10vp8.html
  3. If there is a large % of jesus freeks in the Military it is not represented at all in my unit. We have one. But only one out of about 400.
  4. There are millions of documents. There is no way to see what they got till we see what they got. When I went to their site and looked at what they have the info was shocking!! Next to nothing in them is military sensitive to the US as it is front line stuff from 2007 at best. What is sensitive is the names of the Afghan's that helped us. The last count I got was about 400 who still live in Afghan and are now targets for revenge killing. This is the blood on WikiLeaks hands.
  5. I agree. Also want to point out how did she pay for the ticket? Some cards like AmEx give you free bag insurance to about $2k if you use their card. And mine does $500 per day you do not have your luggage!!!
  6. Oh yes they did!! We've id'ed over 100 people just Monday when I last checked in. And they did not redact by far all the names. Heck if every document only had one name on it one time at one document a secound it would take you a month to go through them!
  7. {Sorry, I cant link to The Times article.} http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/27/leaked-afghan-war-files-expose-identities-informants/ We are pretty upset about this as there are more than a few local people I personally worked with out there that are still there trying to make a better world. I hope that Julian Assange jerk can sleep.
  8. Good to know you. Now that I know who you are your emails will be easier to block. Welcome to my spam folder.
  9. I can think of several thousand US Marines that would rather be securing our border than beating up on Afgans.
  10. Oz, I'm talking about Flashermac's friend. This "In response to..." auto linking thing on Thai360 is a real pain!
  11. I am confused, are you saying one hospital said he had it and another said he did not? The answer seems obvious: go to a third and see what they say. Then proceed as directed.
  12. LK was just there in the past 12 months for a while, he should know a few places.
  13. And in the US, even then it is not valid. Esp with ATMs
  14. Welcome to Thai360!!! How did you miss 250k leaving your bank account via ATM? Mine only allows me to withdraw 15k a day, but even if you can get 30k a day this took the guy over a week to do.
  15. And why did I just get this 7 times in my email box?? Any one know of them?
  16. In the cost vs time, still nothing beets chlorine but a salt system. (Which is still chlorine in the end.) But as far as I know, you can not switch from chlorine to the polymer with out a flush of the system and complete water replacement. Also, there are a few more things you have to do to a pool other than chlorine to keep it fresh and clean. If you have serious concern and still want to use the pool, I would just buy your own 25k bin of Calcium Hypochlorite and dump it in your self. Go in with your neighbors, with the number of pools in LOS, it cant be too expensive.
  17. Compared to where? Here in the states a night like that with NO GUARANTEE of sex would cost you over $500!!
  18. What do you mean when you say, "good at computers and video games?"
  19. Old news. The guy on the American end was like 23 and lived a few hours from me. As I understand it he is in line for life in prison. Serves him right.
  20. I did not catch that part in the piece, but the question still stands.
  21. I wonder how orginised it was, the attack that is? Did they hurt anyone? If I or any farang had been there would we have been touched?
  22. Buying it is one thing. Flying and maintaining it another...!
  23. They would declair islamic law, nuke the UK, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Europe.....
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