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  1. Yea, no kidding. Thanks to LK for taking me in in my hour of Scotch and Solace need.
  2. It is flat out the first time crime, all be it bad stupid crime, I have experienced. I am almost insulted that this punk even tried it....!
  3. I was almost so flustered by the balls on this guy I did not react more than I did. (Which i think was pretty good!) Had it ever happened before I would have asked to hold his ID and kept it.
  4. Just now on Soi 20 walking to my Hotel!!! 0100 2Aug10 This idiot on a motor scooter, maybe Italian with ok English pulls up in his blaze orange slicker, pulls out some sort of badge and asks if I am, of all things, Irish! He says he is tourist police. I say, "No you are not..." He: "Ok, you show me your pass port now." I have to go to the Embassy for a meeting about this Wikki Shit so tonight to make sure I am ready I actually have my id, badge and credentials on me. Me: "No you are not...." pull out my badge and ID "...because I am US Police." He: "errr ok err you follow me now...." and turns the motor bike around and takes off. Ok, this was surreal to me. Never even heard of that happening before. The balls on this guy!!! Anyone ever here of that crap before, esp with a non-thai guy!!!!
  5. It's not. And there are degrees of DADT. We had so far two MArines that were pretty much at least a little openly gay. But they were not only excellent Marines but really great guys too. So, the unit or at least the ones that knew protected them. If this guy was alright among his colleagues, then a lot of stuff can be and often is over looked.
  6. It is no lie to say it is not a massive transfer of moneys in and about the country. However, I am willing to guess it will either be over and done in 4 more years, or something else will happen to move our attention elsewhere. Like North Korea.
  7. Is this the place on Soi 7 at Star Inn??
  8. Yep, been there in October - November 2008. You are right, the road would be a bear but it would be "doable."
  9. Simpler than that. I even got CUSSED the FUCK out for proposing it. I may need to write a letter to the editor about it now. Short story, @piece talks with Generals I said, "How about we (The US.) buy it?" "We will buy it for say $3m. We administer it and stick a company of Marines there. We will build you a 1st class road from the Thai side and the Cambodia side to get to it and throw up a good fence. Anyone that wants too can come and pray or whatever and we will open the gates at dawn, close it at sunset. We will settle any trouble and I highly doubt either of you want to take on a company of Marines." My inspiration was the Waqf that keeps the Temple Mound open in Jerusalem for the past 1000 years or so.
  10. I imagine a few videos from Aljizera showing families pulled out of their homes and hacked to pieces will change that. Also, I see that Assange fuck may be charged by Australia! http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/assange-may-have-committed-offence-ada-20100728-10vp8.html
  11. If there is a large % of jesus freeks in the Military it is not represented at all in my unit. We have one. But only one out of about 400.
  12. There are millions of documents. There is no way to see what they got till we see what they got. When I went to their site and looked at what they have the info was shocking!! Next to nothing in them is military sensitive to the US as it is front line stuff from 2007 at best. What is sensitive is the names of the Afghan's that helped us. The last count I got was about 400 who still live in Afghan and are now targets for revenge killing. This is the blood on WikiLeaks hands.
  13. Some rich white kids go to dispel that. We even get interviewed for stupid book on it and then our interview nuked because it does not fit the authors agenda.
  14. I agree. Also want to point out how did she pay for the ticket? Some cards like AmEx give you free bag insurance to about $2k if you use their card. And mine does $500 per day you do not have your luggage!!!
  15. Oh yes they did!! We've id'ed over 100 people just Monday when I last checked in. And they did not redact by far all the names. Heck if every document only had one name on it one time at one document a secound it would take you a month to go through them!
  16. {Sorry, I cant link to The Times article.} http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/27/leaked-afghan-war-files-expose-identities-informants/ We are pretty upset about this as there are more than a few local people I personally worked with out there that are still there trying to make a better world. I hope that Julian Assange jerk can sleep.
  17. Good to know you. Now that I know who you are your emails will be easier to block. Welcome to my spam folder.
  18. Got a line from the Embassy Guard a few were just killed outside a polling place near central world.
  19. I can think of several thousand US Marines that would rather be securing our border than beating up on Afgans.
  20. Oz, I'm talking about Flashermac's friend. This "In response to..." auto linking thing on Thai360 is a real pain!
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