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  1. The Center of SEA Film Culture is not Japan?
  2. Wow! Where do I send my campaign contribution to this statesman!?
  3. I am confused, are you saying one hospital said he had it and another said he did not? The answer seems obvious: go to a third and see what they say. Then proceed as directed.
  4. LK was just there in the past 12 months for a while, he should know a few places.
  5. You bought it in MBK and worry it might be a cheap knock off??
  6. I could bring one from the US if anyone wanted it. I will be at the apple store tomorrow.
  7. If you sit in "Premium Economy" or better you can just use your standard plug on just about all Thai Air flights.
  8. Well, the big stink was they did their numbers wrong. Also, they did not take in to consideration Thai culture. Its a bit long to get into here but the real success rate was about 10 to 15%. But still, that was 10 - 15% better than ever before. So there going to work on a new one now. We asked for like $110m (US) to do it.
  9. Well, at least one of you got it right!!
  10. No I would never do that!!! But it is from "bung hole confectionaries" so I am not sure if it needs any extra flavor...!
  11. I have been to LK's appt many times. It is a pretty nice place. I would describe LK as a jovial personality and easy going; a grommet, gourmand, and off time hedonist with a fondness for good libation and cheroot.
  12. Yes, it was not a good experience. Even a buddy of mine who did not take my advice agreed.
  13. TheCorinthian

    Heist Near Nana

    A planned job by me and you would have never found me and any pictures you would think I was a different race.
  14. If a worker is paid by the hour and works over 40 or so hours a week, is there any stipulation in Thai law that says you have to pay them overtime?
  15. Want to host it here? I got TONS of space.
  16. When I typed in his name I got all kinds of hits on our NCIC data base. Further looking showed it is the dead guy.
  17. Repost. But as I said in the other thread, judging by his size, smoking is only one of his problems.
  18. And in the US, even then it is not valid. Esp with ATMs
  19. I should be coming back in mid July if that helps.
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