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  1. Saw the crane. Seen the Karaoke guy.
  2. I am going to try to do this tomorrow. Can some one tell me which of these forms I need to fill out? I think it is "Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom Application Form (TM. 7)" but am not sure. Thanks http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/en/base.php?page=download
  3. Fat guys are a sore subject for the Army. They got into a lot of trouble for sending people like this to war.
  4. I think he is talking about Villa Market about Soi 33/1. Upstairs they have a limited selection of cubans and (very) low end USA cigars. The shop across the street is Named Pacific Liquor.
  5. They bitch about it now. Wow, 8 week boot camps? Damn. I have never understood why the Army, ect., does not teach and keep teaching its men to shoot. It just seems, well, stupid.
  6. 440bht whisky?? Living rich there!!
  7. Like much else, all it takes is practice. US Marines all train with the weapon at a max of 500m every year. In fact, Rifle Range is the single longest event in Boot Camp. I have hit targets at 600m often and once had an estimated 750m shot. "Kentucky windage," though still taught, went out with the new easy adjustment knobs on the weapons with the a2 model in the 80s.
  8. From wiki: Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire 700-950 round/min cyclic[1] Muzzle velocity 2,970 ft/s (910 m/s) Effective range 500 m (550 yd) (I can do lots better!!!) Feed system 30 round box magazine or other STANAG Magazines.
  9. Oh hell yes! We captured them all the time. Let me see if I have a few other photos of stuff we got off AQI....
  10. I dont doubt it! I love the new m4s. you do have to clean it but I can drop you at 600 meters with out a scope all day long with it. AQI would come out to play and I have video I took of one idiot shooting at us out in the street from about 400m. You can see the bullets hitting the ground in front of us cause the weapon just would not reach out much past that distance, and by then you could almost catch the round like a cricket ball!!
  11. News France did the same thing with the video "proving" soldiers shot live bullets at the crowd. Funny, I actually know one of their reporters here in town and he hung his head in shame when I brought it up. He said someone needed to be fired for that crap.
  12. We brought back the M-14! Wonderful weapon. We use it in a shockingly successful program called "Designated Marksman."
  13. Just got the call from the Embassy. Damn. Looks like I may be packing for the next few days.
  14. Getting reports of a bomb going off at Silom from friends...?? http://www.nationmultimedia.com/home/Bomb-blasts-hit-Sala-Daeng-skytrain-station-30127752.html
  15. Strike one up for the good guys. If they had wanted to beat him up, he would have been beat up... BAD! http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/04/22/seal-trial-judeliberates-iraqi-abuse-case/?test=latestnews
  16. I sent an email to the address provided requesting more information. But just an FYI, here is a recent photo.
  17. Oddly enough, I look exactly like a US Marine.
  18. That sure is a hodge podge of weapons. And a few ancient M-16s!!!
  19. I guess you missed 11/Sep/2001, huh? Deaths 2,973 victims and 19 hijackers Injured 6,000+
  20. Over staying is not illegal up to a certain point, esp if you had a valid ticket to return home and can show you intend to, like a reissued ticket, with in the next few days.
  21. Is this where I can go to get the 30 extension to my tourist visa?
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