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  1. It not the size of the penis but the size of the wad of baht in the hand that counts around here!
  2. We could not take and hold it. Too big for anything other than a professional military.
  3. If you get hit in the head with a rubber bullet form a conventional rifle it can kill you, esp at close range. I think the idea is to be less lethal than a real round, which will sure enough kill you. But google "rubber bullet" and hit the "images" button. Plenty of pics of the damage they can do. (Personally, I would be doing other things to break up the protest if I were in command. None of which call for shooting at anyone.)
  4. We have stuff like that. It is a sticky shit that is not soluble in water. Makes a hell of a mess and is just hard as crap to get off. And it glows!!!
  5. Yes, there are rubber bullets for just about any fire arm these days. They are simply regular rounds with a rubber projectile instead of a metal one. (They do gunk up the barrel a bit though.) At close range they will really hurt you, and just like a bb gun, a hit in a soft part like the eye, ear, mouth, ect., will draw blood. I cant get a good enough look at the other weapons from that link to tell what they are, but could be some sort of LTL gun.
  6. I cant speak for the rest of the post but I watched the one from France today. On a list of firearms experts on Thai360 I would have to be near the top, and I can tell you there is no way to tell if the troops in that video are shooting metal or rubber bullets. In fact there is next to no way to know with out taking the weapon and unloading it and looking.
  7. So the fact that he removed the nuke threat to just about everyone else doesn't count, huh?
  8. Try Java Joe's on Main St. 28645. (Which is another way of saying I have yet to find good coffee in BKK!!!!) They are building an "Au Bon Pain" on Suk Soi 31 but you got some waiting to do for it to open. The only other one I know of is on 24, about 1000m (Yes, 1000!) from Suk on the right.
  9. April 10th 2010 First time I have ever seen that.
  10. You got a sex "sort of" change?
  11. What produced America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, (lesser) Taiwan? Oh thats right, Colonialism. And Hegemony is what is currently in practice in LOS. And most of the world to include China and Japan, Mexico, all of Africa, ect.
  12. You must be looking forward to China ruling you.
  13. What an idiot. True Story: A person I personally know was sent to a foreign country and gave the ruling big shot an ultimatum. Resign and we would send him into exile or a new president would preside at his execution... if he made it that long.
  14. How does that mean that there are not fewer of them in Cowboy?
  15. The only go-go I know of that plays exclusively classic rock is in Soi Cowboy.
  16. I cant tell anything has changed except the number of farang tourists is noticeably down. Which is a good thing if you ask me!
  17. Short story: Avoid! Dirty smelly moldy rooms. Longer version: I checked in today. 30 min later, I checked out. I am back in town for about 45 days, a buddy and his family are coming in tonight as well and they found a good deal on the web for the President Park BKK http://www.presidentpark.com/ Wanting to be close I book the first 7 days of my stay there as well. I got here 12 hours ahead of them and getting off the elevator on the third floor I was at first hit by the smell. Mold and wet wood. Not a deal breaker for me as I know most places here only A/C the rooms, and I have never had trouble with it before. However get to the room and it is that much worse. They show me my buddies room and it is bad in there as well. Best I can tell is the A/C vent has a bad drain (or no drain) as the "dry" wall around it is just sickening. Also, they have the standard "power up the room by inserting key" thing on the wall. But in this place, when you leave, the refrigerator shuts off as well. I noticed it when I opened it up. And that was what did it. I walked to my old stand by on Soi 20 and got a room there. I'll let PP charge me for one night as I know I can never explain why I am leaving to them well enough, but if they charge for anything else, I will sick Amex on them. I took photos of the mold, ect. I got here 12 hours ahead of them
  18. In the cost vs time, still nothing beets chlorine but a salt system. (Which is still chlorine in the end.) But as far as I know, you can not switch from chlorine to the polymer with out a flush of the system and complete water replacement. Also, there are a few more things you have to do to a pool other than chlorine to keep it fresh and clean. If you have serious concern and still want to use the pool, I would just buy your own 25k bin of Calcium Hypochlorite and dump it in your self. Go in with your neighbors, with the number of pools in LOS, it cant be too expensive.
  19. Compared to where? Here in the states a night like that with NO GUARANTEE of sex would cost you over $500!!
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