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  1. ...and you were in Recon Yea no kidding. How embarrassing is that?
  2. Black licorice' date=' please...[/quote'] Hahaha!! You know I never found that stuff? I will look again and see what I can get. Even the people that make it could not tell me where to buy it.
  3. Bars still open? Many farang or BGs about? Or has it calmed down some or are there early closings?
  4. Where were you when I needed you...? On the bright side, when I come back for a month in say August, you will get some business!!!!
  5. Do they want to charge $70us a night and still charge for internet??? Uggh!!!!
  6. Coming back but only for 10 days this time for the GF's BDay. Need a cheap'ish hotel near or on Soi 33 that we can stay in. I would like free internet but as long as the price is right around 1200bht that would be fine. Hook me up 360!
  7. How do you get the bar out of the girl??
  8. I would tell you Delta suffers from being staffed by Americans and their sense of entitlement. Most if not all Asia carriers the staff are "damn happy, who do I have to blow, to have the job" mind set. Delta people have the "you're lucky I'm here for you" attitude and it shows. Your flight will not be the worst in BC, but any asia group is better, IMHO.
  9. Not as good as any foreign carrier. If you can, fly Korean Air. They are a Delta partner and when I buy my tickets to BKK, I ALWAYS work it so I fly Delta only in the US if possible, and Korean over the Pacific.
  10. Someone must do this in BKK that you guys know of and find trustworthy. I only want it for about three days.
  11. Compared to where? Here in the states a night like that with NO GUARANTEE of sex would cost you over $500!!
  12. Me either, but the people in Ca voted on it, and it lost! End of story. They can vote on it again and if it wins, end of story. What kills me is how a lot of people really hate "democracy" when they loose.
  13. It would be difficult to do this with only a week in the US. Here banks report transactions over $10k and multiple transactions equaling $10k, so you cant just cash 50 checks for $9999. SO getting a good amount of the money out in cash is going to be your first problem. Cant go to just a ton of different banks because who is going to cash a big check from a sister bank without knowing who you are very well. So I think at best you may be able to get $25k out in a day if you are lucky before they clue in. Now you could tell them you are buying a house and get a certified check. They would buy that, but if they find out in time they will just cancel the check. With all the nigerian scams going on, no bank is going to cash a big ass certified check with out calling the bank directly.... and there you are in trouble again. Yea, so I would likely tell the bank and hope for a reward. I cant see a way to withdraw a good enough amount of it fast enough to live free for 50 years. ( Notice I am not saying anything about how to disappear! )
  14. Your an idiot if you think anything I said is an effort to "white wash" (Are you a raciest now?) anything. I am pointing out that this crap happens and is never right. In fact it happens all the time on just about every side. It is never pretty and never right. And that is why it is called "war." I am also pointing out that I am amazed anyone is surprised at it as, again, it is ubiquitous with war. And you can not deny that.
  15. Can some one show me the military invading a city that has not committed offenses? How about the defenders of a city that have not committed offenses? The only answers is the one where one group was whiped out before they had the chance. Its called "war" for a reason people. A lot of you have fought one. Some of you act as if there has never been one.
  16. And vise-versa. No one is clean in that fight.
  17. Of course they did. As much as I hate to say it, it is called "war" for a reason. This stuff always happens and there is no escaping it on any side. Ever. To say you can is pointless and stupid and has no respect for history . Why is this surprising anyone here?
  18. What do you mean when you say, "good at computers and video games?"
  19. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Funny and sad how that always comes up. It may in the end be the only thing that man is remembered for. No' date=' No, No! I was thinking about the Clinton bars area. What was that Suk 16-18 area?[/quote'] HA!!!! My best friend met his wife there!!!!! Damn.... your good!
  20. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Funny and sad how that always comes up. It may in the end be the only thing that man is remembered for.
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