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  1. At least two bars there last night that had cigars in them. Didn't go in anywhere else and had a blast
  2. Old news. The guy on the American end was like 23 and lived a few hours from me. As I understand it he is in line for life in prison. Serves him right.
  3. Has anyone checked out the Bamboo Lounge at The Oriential? I will be pissed if i can not go have my traditional smoke there anymore.....
  4. With the ridiculous arguments you make, apparently that is about it. (sigh) Anyway, to the rest of you, how is the ban holding up? Is it being Enforced or is it still hit and miss?
  5. A car or simple breathing has a negative effect on those within the same airspace. (Diminishing of O2 in the area.) Will you ban cars? How about breathing or coughing?? That is an absolutely dumb argument for both a chemistry and a biology point of view. You are not very smart are you?
  6. PT me if you need to know when yer back in town mate! BTW, I've a few really nice Ramon Allones Gigantes (a 7 7/8" version of the Specially Selected), at least one with your name on it, to say thanks for everything. Cheers, SD Thanks SD, will do!
  7. I totally agree with this. I do not feel addicted, in fact I just now am having my first cigar in the past two weeks. It is the idea that there is not any choice in the matter at all I don't like; as you say, no freedom. Heck alcohol is addictive as hell, just ask AA.
  8. And you act like a retard, a bully with a keyboard. Enjoy your freedom and I will enjoy mine.
  9. 90% of the British and American army's smoked in wwii. They did pretty well as I recall......
  10. That is how I thought it would go; ie another way to make money via a license. I guess we will see. Now what is the number to report prostitution so I can call it.... You know, as a chemist I am surprised that the anti smoking people are not also the anti cars and, especially, anti-motorbike people? The chemicals coming out of those tail pipes affect us all and are 100x as deadly as secound hand smoke.
  11. DO you think this will blow over, or like pfp, just be ignored in the long run?
  12. So what happened to the bamboo lounge at the Oriental? God if they did not get around the ban I would love to have one of their ash trays!!!!
  13. Can someone explain the ban to me? What and where is smokeing banned now?
  14. I did not catch that part in the piece, but the question still stands.
  15. I wonder how orginised it was, the attack that is? Did they hurt anyone? If I or any farang had been there would we have been touched?
  16. Buying it is one thing. Flying and maintaining it another...!
  17. They would declair islamic law, nuke the UK, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Europe.....
  18. Nader has done that both in 2000 and 2004!!
  19. Sadly it is set up so that the average man has no chance to really even run. Oh and Ralph? Not a chance. Obama? Not a Muslem in the next 100 years. They are still blaimed (right or wrong) will 50% of American problems. Hilary? No, she is just too hateable. Gore? Likely not dumb enough to run again. Guli? Maybe, has a fair shot esp if he came out against BC and got the heart land voter. Romnie? Doubt it, though he may be the best choice GOP wise.
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