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  1. This has been asked a few times. I personally know two lads who did it. Neither of them had GFs when they got back to the states. (And with in 24hours, one had a ticket back to LOS!!!)
  2. I took about three months off. Mostly due to work. ;-)
  3. Not that I looked hard, but I dont remember having an Napalm in Iraq or Afgan. But we had other stuff that did the same thing.
  4. I would be interested to hear this myself.
  5. That's an oddly written article. 1) "The Constitution Project" is NOT a government agency. It's a company. They would not have access to classified information as the article says. 2) "The report, authored by members of both major US political parties...." does not mean anything. Cav and I writing a birthday card would have the same weight. Neither party wrote it. The company did. But I found this even more interesting: "The report is 560 pages, but much of that is taken up by references and an index. It is literally repetitive in parts, with entire pages and paragraphs included twice or more."
  6. You're right. Guy is a citizen. Also, there is a provision under what I found called "the public safety exemption" that allows 48 hours before Miranda has to be applied. (I sure never heard of that when I was with APD back in 1996!)
  7. You only have to inform a suspect of Miranda rights before questioning. And the suspect must be able to understand them. So you can totally skip it until you are ready to question, or the suspect gets well enough / calms down enough to be questioned. It varies by state, but I do not know any exemption to the right to council. Oh and where did you see he is a US Citizen? I missed that and cant find it.
  8. Interesting photos via 4chan (amazingly.) http://imgur.com/a/sUrnA
  9. Everyone? Obviously this is not the case or you failed for the past several years to get the word out. You might need a bigger sign.
  10. As far as I can tell, you are safe even in Cowboy now.
  11. I have to admit even on Suk, the number of people driving around throwing water from the back of trucks was WAY down. It was near constant last year, this year it was about two of them that got me!
  12. AQ-A and AQ-P keep denying involvement which I find interesting. The PLO and Hammas did the same thing in 2001.
  13. Cowboy has been closing at 3am already every night I have been there this month. Dont know about other areas.
  14. I was not commenting on the morality of people throwing water on those who do not want it. I was commenting on the futility of the "mai mai mai" defense and thinking that will keep you from getting splashed by the drunken masses. and that IMHO is like walking blind into the street and not expecting to get hit. No, I dont KS, but i dont make the rules. We just live / visit here. Yes, "idiot" was too strong a word to use. Sorry for that but it was in the title so it sounds like the tone of the OP. However, after 6 Songkrons in LOS, I just can't get past not expecting to get wet. I know it, I expect and plan for it, I DONT want it. But it is just the way of the Thai and the drunken mass. Though I too dont like it after a few days and would very much appreciate civility and respect, I do not expect it.
  15. ^^^ Why not get the motor bike, sell it even if at a loss in some other city, and offer the money to the family of the departed?
  16. Som na na... He's an idiot to be out on Songkron and not expect to get wet. (you too)
  17. Reportedly there were two explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line today, with several injured. This is bad news, to say the least. Two huge blasts rock Boston Marathon finish line | Boston Herald graphic images Explosions Reported At The Boston Marathon; Dozens Injured [updating]
  18. Free from us to anyone in need. Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions Let your friends and family know you're okay or locate your loved ones: Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions Our hearts go out to everyone affected.
  19. Back in 2000 the only ATM that would take my card was Thai Military Bank.
  20. Was the friend who was on the bike hurt?
  21. For more from Street view.... Go here: www.streetviewfun.com Some of these are awesome!
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