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  1. Ramkamhaeng or one of the Technics, sure. If you've seen the curricula at those places -- it's like junior high in the non-yellow-shirted world (well, maybe with a bit less independent thinking than junior high). And no one at those schools is from anything other than very humble origins, nor will they break out of that stratum (unless they win the big white lottery). Must be hiso -- especially if she doesn't just work there, but is employed! Fucking old farangs is a shit job, and anyone who does it doesn't have many other options in life. Those "educated girls" are pretty much at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder (where, by the way, most Thai people are, so no shame in that). Same goes for many of those "office girls" you guys are into, but that's a whole nuther story.
  2. Even in the case of MP girls having a real daytime job, there is often more to the story -- i.e., how she got or keeps that job making it not too different from her other profession.
  3. He was specifically talking about bargirls. And if I were to specify further why it's so funny, I guess it's so funny when people don't see the firm inter-class walls in Thai society, and that it's highly unlikely that a bargirl studied in Canada (other than by marriage to sponsor) or even worked at a hotel front desk (requires college degree). Being oblivious to those same class walls is also why it's hilarious when a well-meaning customer takes his bargirl to Emporium, and it's an uncomfortable situation for everyone but him. In situations like that, do you ruin someone's fantasy? Everybody funny (now you funny too).
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