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  1. Very sad news So young too. Rest in peace mate
  2. Nana has become horrible, ok it was already, but its worse. Went there for the first time in 2 years a couple of weeks back, wont go again. Haven't been to Cowboy in a year or two. Pattaya was its usual trashy self last visit (late 2015). And yeah prices are up a lot. Not sure why as the quality certainly isn't.
  3. I've not been there and doubt i'll ever go there, but I know a lady who worked there. She's already gotten herself the ultimate long time. Married some dodgy american chap…..who she met in Hooters. He's rich. And significantly older than her. I predict many years of shopping to be had by both.
  4. Back to the OP. I haven't had anything to do with a BG for a very long time now. Lost all interest due to the fake nature of it all.
  5. ^ What he said.... The bars like to get the girls lubricated. You see some get in to quite a state.....and then some guy takes them off someplace......
  6. I don't go out as much as I used to, but going purely in looks, Nana has the better lookers and there isn't a difference in price. Sad really....Cowboy is a victim of its own success. I used to love it, now I avoid it.
  7. Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 : National News Bureau of Thailand Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 BANGKOK, 10 January 2012 (NNT) - The Public Health Ministry has made public the number of HIV/AIDS patients in 2011, saying over 10,000 new patients were found last year alone. According to the Public Health Ministry, over 1 million people were infected with the deadly disease in 2011, with nearly half still alive. The statistics from January to November 2011 shows more than 10,000 new patients. 25 percent of the patients are working people aged between 30 and 34, followed by people in 25-29 age range, who account for 22 percent. The tendency of people dying of AIDS has reduced from the past as the medicines and medical technology have improved. The Ministry has set strategies for national AIDS prevention and resolution in the years 2012-2016, including reducing the number of new patients to only 6,700 in 2016, reducing the death of HIV patients down by allowing them better access to anti-virus, and improving their qualities of life. The Ministry has been providing free blood check to people twice a week at hospitals under the social healthcare program, which, therefore, enables new patients to receive treatments at early stages. It has also been encouraging people in the society to treat AIDS patients with the same respect as with other people.
  8. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    Cheers, was hoping for a restaurant recommendation, but none were forthcoming... never mind.
  9. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    I have an urge that I need to purge... Anyone know of a restaurant that produces a fine Beef Wellington in Bangkok please? Done a Google search, but nothing much comes up. Cheers!
  10. I've read a lot of pieces on the "bubble" in the Chinese property market and economy and how the entire country could go 'pop' at any second. Still waiting. If it happens, the effects are going to be interesting!
  11. Stick, liked the piece, it explained many things I had heard part of. I hope you can get some closure. There are a lot of really f*cked up people in this world, it is unfortunate when we run into them. I speak from experience. Thailand certainly attracts a lot of weirdos...and they get online and 'act out' their shit upon other people.
  12. ^ Yeah, that also made me laugh out loud too Blimey! What a read.... NR, Thanks for writing it all. The enormous effort is appreciated. Enjoyed it immensely. Hope you have a great final night.
  13. District 9 is worth a view I'd say. The script and acting, by the human cast, is a bit lame at times, but a nice non-standard flick. 3.5 stars I'd say.
  14. What happened to the members that lived there? Wasn't it Limbo who resided on Samui? No one seems to go there much anymore from here. I think it's a safe bet it will be pretty slow. Everywhere seems to be at the moment. Lots of storms around that way too lately.
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