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  1. Very sad news So young too. Rest in peace mate
  2. Nana has become horrible, ok it was already, but its worse. Went there for the first time in 2 years a couple of weeks back, wont go again. Haven't been to Cowboy in a year or two. Pattaya was its usual trashy self last visit (late 2015). And yeah prices are up a lot. Not sure why as the quality certainly isn't.
  3. I've not been there and doubt i'll ever go there, but I know a lady who worked there. She's already gotten herself the ultimate long time. Married some dodgy american chap…..who she met in Hooters. He's rich. And significantly older than her. I predict many years of shopping to be had by both.
  4. Back to the OP. I haven't had anything to do with a BG for a very long time now. Lost all interest due to the fake nature of it all.
  5. ^ What he said.... The bars like to get the girls lubricated. You see some get in to quite a state.....and then some guy takes them off someplace......
  6. I don't go out as much as I used to, but going purely in looks, Nana has the better lookers and there isn't a difference in price. Sad really....Cowboy is a victim of its own success. I used to love it, now I avoid it.
  7. Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 : National News Bureau of Thailand Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 BANGKOK, 10 January 2012 (NNT) - The Public Health Ministry has made public the number of HIV/AIDS patients in 2011, saying over 10,000 new patients were found last year alone. According to the Public Health Ministry, over 1 million people were infected with the deadly disease in 2011, with nearly half still alive. The statistics from January to November 2011 shows more than 10,000 new patients. 25 percent of the patients are working people aged between 30 and 34, followed by people in 25-29 age range, who account for 22 percent. The tendency of people dying of AIDS has reduced from the past as the medicines and medical technology have improved. The Ministry has set strategies for national AIDS prevention and resolution in the years 2012-2016, including reducing the number of new patients to only 6,700 in 2016, reducing the death of HIV patients down by allowing them better access to anti-virus, and improving their qualities of life. The Ministry has been providing free blood check to people twice a week at hospitals under the social healthcare program, which, therefore, enables new patients to receive treatments at early stages. It has also been encouraging people in the society to treat AIDS patients with the same respect as with other people.
  8. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    Cheers, was hoping for a restaurant recommendation, but none were forthcoming... never mind.
  9. Yes, MICT were blocking this site on TOT for a couple of days. It has returned. No idea why they blocked it, the reason is usually supposed to be due to illegal or offensive material. Anyway, you are back and working...coolness. Lets hope so over-zealous cyber-scout didn't get carried away...
  10. There are a lot of really bored people around.... Can't wait for the next one...any bets on..... Sphinxing? (where you pose like the sphinx in interesting places, like, ummm, Egypt....errr) Arseholing? (where you pose like an asshole, although that one may have been done ... to death...) Follow-throughing? (where you pose like someone who has just shit themselves) Baccara-ing? (where you sit, staring upwards, mouth open, eyes wide) Nana-Plaza-ing? (where you sit head in hands, realising 756 million Baht wont be beat) And on...
  11. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    I have an urge that I need to purge... Anyone know of a restaurant that produces a fine Beef Wellington in Bangkok please? Done a Google search, but nothing much comes up. Cheers!
  12. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2011...-30160068.html Next PM expected by mid-August By The Nation Published on July 12, 2011 By mid-August, Thailand is expected to have a new prime minister, officials from the Secretariat of the Cabinet and from Parliament said yesterday. A Cabinet meeting has been scheduled today as the last meeting for the outgoing Abhisit Vejjajiva government. Among items on the agenda is the preparation for the opening of the House of Representatives, said a source from the Secretariat of the Cabinet who asked not to be named. The Election Commission is scheduled today to endorse the first batch of successful candidates as members of Parliament. Only winning MP candidates who are clear of complaints or opposition related to the July 3 election can be endorsed. The EC has 30 days for investigation of challenged cases. The Constitution requires the first House convention within 30 days after the election with at least 95 per cent of the total MPs attending. "From its initial meeting, the Election Commission had informed that the endorsement of the second batch of MPs would be on July 19 and the third batch on the 26th. However, the Secretariat of the Cabinet asked the EC to approve at least 475 MPs in the second round, as July 26 would be too close to the deadline of August 1," the source said. PM's deputy secretary-general Panitan Wattanayagorn said the Cabinet would approve the preparation in principle, but it would be for the EC to designate the date. Cabinet secretary-general Ampon Kitti-ampon will coordinate with the EC, Panitan said. A Parliament source, who also asked not to be named, said the EC would approve the election results and endorse at least 475 MPs by next week. Abhisit is expected to submit documents for the royal command for the House of Representatives' opening ceremony by July 20, then the first House convention can take place in the next few days. The MPs will vote to select a House Speaker and deputies during the first House meeting, the source said. The Speaker can call a meeting to select the prime minister in the following week. A senior source from the EC who asked not to be named said more than 300 MPs were expected to be endorsed today. The EC will follow the advice of its legal team in first endorsing Pheu Thai MP-elect Jatuporn Promphan, a red-shirt leader now detained in jail and whose qualification is controversial. The EC can later ask the House Speaker to file a complaint with the Constitution Court to consider his qualification. The election has passed so it is beyond the EC's authority to consider Jatuporn's qualification, the source said. Election Administration Office director Metha Silaphan said the difference between constituency and party-list ballots was actually 167,000, not 80,000 as previously said. "After examination, we found 90 per cent of the difference came from advance voting, both abroad and outside constituency voting, as the ballot cards were put in envelopes. An extra ballot card was mistakenly given to a voter," he said. Metha said errors also occurred while recording voter-turnout information. A number of 11,681 was recorded while it was actually 101,681 voters. Of 46,939,548 eligible voters, 35,220,370 voted for party-list MPs while 35,220,537 voted for constituency MPs, Metha said. In a separate development, Democrat deputy spokesman Boonyod Sukthinthai filed a complaint with the EC to investigate whether the Pheu Thai Party violated election law by giving benefits to the media, as claimed in an e-mail to a former Thai Rak Thai executive. He also asked the EC to verify qualifications of Pheu Thai MP candidates including Jatuporn.
  13. Looks nice http://travelandlife.net/resorts/saigon-phu-quoc-resort-396
  14. She is 16???????? Good lord! Maybe it is just the photo, but she looks a lot older. I guess she wont age well.
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