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  1. Yes. I have heard these reports from Pai several times now. So background checks are being done on both the girl and the policeman. Sound logical that there was an incident in the recent past if not the immediate past
  2. Well I'm not reading too much into that. Leo, according to Ms C was merely a college boyfriend for a short period of time a couple of years if not more back. But they remained friends. Maybe the Thai guy though there was more there but from his conversation he did not seem to concerned. Miss C though I think has been a little high profile in Pai. Not always a good thing
  3. Ah well we have not quite got to the bottom of this. But time will tell I guess, or people in Pai will. I rather believe the girl's version of the shooting. But there is something missing about the original confrontation. As many of you have noticed. If indeed the police fist came out of the blue, the normal scenario in Thailand is that the victim has earlier upset the aggressor and the aggressor is lying in wait! Besides the Thai boyfriend merely said that there was nothing they had done which would merit the officer shooting the couple.
  4. Well i hope someone is brave enought in Pai to tell the truth. But giving evidence against a policeman in Thailand?!!! Three shots fired accidentally all reached their targets! His head. His heart. Her chest close to her heart. Some self defence.
  5. But on a point of law in the UK we have murder. Bugger the degrees. Murder has to be premeditated but that does not mean it has to be planned. If he went to his bike with the intention of getting his gun to shoot this couple - then its simply murder. Situational murder??? I like that one. I guess a lot of murder is situational
  6. I'm only repeating what the Canadian girl is saying Sua Dum. Dont think she is playing fast and loose with the facts
  7. It can be premeditated murder if there is an assualt, he then goes to his bike, picks up his gun, shoots Del Pinto in the head. Then shoots him again as he lies on the ground, and then turns on the girl and tries to shoot her through the heart.
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