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  1. Headed to Lop Buri for a couple of days next week. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find some female companionship for the night and what is the going rate there? Thanks!
  2. I will be staying at the Pailyn so will check out the little clubs. Any particular one you would recommend? Have a great weekend
  3. Thanks for your response. Have a great weekend
  4. Thanks for your response. Have a great weekend
  5. Thanks for your information. Any hotel nightclub you would recommend? What Thai Knock shop would you recommend and where is it located? Have a great weekend!
  6. You are at least giving me some hope that at least I can fall back on the MP. Will try that if I don't find anyone in my exploration of the city nightlife. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your response. I appreciate the info. If you get any names for places in Phit and Sukhothai from your Tilac please pass them along. I speak a bit of Thai and am looking forward to the trip and seeing what kind of evening companionship I can find there. Have a great time with your Tilac.
  8. Going to Phitsanulok and Sukhothai next month. Will be in each city a couple of days. What is the best place in each city to find companionship for the night? What is the going rate in each city for ST annd LT. Appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thanks! Chalawon
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