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  1. Don't go for a Bangkaew! We had one, would not listen, kill the neighbors chicken when he managed to get out although we live within a closed perimeter (he escaped a few times when he was faster than ourselves closing the gate and it was very difficult to catch him) he would bite anyone coming close, not a nice dog at all. Got killed by a car during his last escape. We now have a bastard poodle that kills anything in his reach (a huge rat yesterday) but with the gate wide open won't leave the premises. He's a good guard at night (and day) We also have a Shi-Shu(sp?)small dog, very nice, sweet but not a guardian. Both dogs are sweet with our 17 months young girl.
  2. Been here (In LOS) too long, since Oct 29, 2010. Need a break, 23 days to go before I can leave the land of Pleasures
  3. For those living near Udon Thani there is a wine shop in Bang Chiang hotel and a French guy running a deli shop: www.udon-delices.com
  4. I brought my own wine: 2 bricks 5 liter each, one red one white
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