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  1. Don't go for a Bangkaew! We had one, would not listen, kill the neighbors chicken when he managed to get out although we live within a closed perimeter (he escaped a few times when he was faster than ourselves closing the gate and it was very difficult to catch him) he would bite anyone coming close, not a nice dog at all. Got killed by a car during his last escape. We now have a bastard poodle that kills anything in his reach (a huge rat yesterday) but with the gate wide open won't leave the premises. He's a good guard at night (and day) We also have a Shi-Shu(sp?)small dog, very nice, sweet but not a guardian. Both dogs are sweet with our 17 months young girl.
  2. I do remember the Seafood market where the Exchange tower is now, say 1990 Do they really have lobster there? Seems so from their marketing blabla: http://www.seafood.co.th/index.php Suk soi 24 they are, but 1500 seating
  3. Indeed, I don't think much of the Express rail link: every 40 minutes to Makasan, every 20 minutes direct to Phaya Thai, cost 90B, difficult to get taxi at Makasan, long walk to MRT. In May I took the city line to Phaya Thai at 45B and transferred to BTS without luggage in the heath. No thanks, decided on door to door by taxi since. Especially if you are two people traveling, rail link is not worth the hassle. Note last week I paid 290B from airport + 25B toll. Down town toll is 25+45 I think. On the way back from hotel on Ratchadapisek to airport meter showed 210.
  4. Flew in last week, no waiting lines taxi stand lowest floor, paid 290Bto driver including 50B airport surcharge, 25B toll way because early exit and small tip, hotel on Ratchadapisek, downtown near the river might cost you 400B. No shared vans or airport rail link for me.
  5. Cav, You got that wrong, it's the mother who dumped the father and the baby. Both are back at the father's parents house, since the house they lived in was paid by the mother's mother. Thus yesterday the baby spent the day at our house, family working on the field. Quite baby, GF nevertheless felt tired at the end of the day when the father came to pick up his child. I am sitting alone here at the keyboard, GF is off to her parents place to take care of the baby again. Not sure how this will evolve, I don't like the GF to spend all her time there, in a few days rice field work will be over, what will the father do??? Or the father will have to find a real job somewhere and we will take care of the baby 100% or the father will need to take full responsibility of the child. (I understand he does the laundry all by himself) My house or GF is not going to be a free nanny place.
  6. I have an ipad 2, two in fact, one with G3 (it will take ages before Thailand will have country wide G3, but am traveling to Europe next month and test G3) and a wifi only one. Thus I am eager to pack my G3 in my small carry-on. Results of tests late August. I consider it a funny gadget item, I browse the net from my sofa on the terrace, read ibooks and play games. I like the on-screen keyboard to reply to mails but would not use the ipad for serious work (I don't do serious work anyway...) I always loathed laptops, refusing to carry them around. I still use my two main PC's a lot. Your solution might be to buy both???
  7. Update: Not so many reactions on this board anymore, 5 years ago this would have been a hot topic, no more. I understand most of you (few replies) vote against for many reasons, to which in general I agree to. Anyway, my first reply to the GF was: Think this over seriously and if you find that the way to go for you and the kid is that we should take care of the baby 100% then I will go along for 100% also. Now we don't work, live a sweet, calm life 1km form the village and GF's house/parents where the oldest daughter plays dictator. I have plenty of time on my hands and still don't mind raising a 5 months old baby for the next xx years, depending on the time I have left. The kids future will be brighter anyway than live at the family house, unless the father stays there being responsible for his kid. There is a kindergarten in the village, guess kids go there as of age 3, there is a college type school at 8km providing schooling until age 18. I could teach the child English, French, German before she reaches 15, insist on reading, learn computers early etc. So decision is in the hands of GF, who is busy thinking and maybe deciding how the brother should handle his life. So I hear I will finance the cost to get him to Taiwan or Israel to make real money, she will control the money he makes feeding a bank account etc. Seems we will visit one of these shark companies who play middle man for overseas jobs. If anyone has exposure with such companies let me know. I am glad all options are still open, and that the brother needs to get his act together in the first place. Thus the GF is still spending most of her day at her parent's house "educating" the baby, taking over the mothers role I guess. What will happen? I don't know really. As for KS feeling insulted by my side remark, lets make this clear: People who take responsibility in educating the children from previous parents in a new relationship are magnanimous, noble people. (Most certainly considering I might become so myself Some 101 basic logic: Proposition "All humans are stupid"= False "All humans are intelligent"= False "All farangs who educate children from a Thai woman issued from a previous relationship are stupid"= False. Thus feeling insulted on a false proposition is not very smart, you are ITer isn't? I did use a double proposition, thus implying the logical AND between the propositions and I did not use the word stupid, but referred to "having a nut loose, or more than one nut..." Thus Thai abandoned woman with children are most likely to be the lowest people on the Thai social ladder (an educated Thai will not come near, let have a relationship with such a person) thus being trash for Thais. Now take your average farang (expat or even living in the West in a relationship, cream of the cream isn't?) I am generalizing? Well ya, still what I see in the shopping malls, on the streets are mostly farangs with ex-BG and their Thai kids. Exceptions do exist, I know a few. The kids are compounding potential problems between cultures so far away. Thus I still shake my head and think about loose nuts, but yes, they still are righteous people nevertheless. We all are entitled to have a few loose nuts.
  8. And where does the lobster come from in some Paris restaurant ya think??? and they come cheaper than 25 euro/kilo???? So much good tasting food in Thailand, you must be joking. Do you mean Thai food??? I have eaten at each Udon Thani restaurant and NONE serves decent food, Thai or Western. And please don't say Mc Shit is food. OK, there's an Oishi Shabushi in Udon I visit once a month and enjoy for fun I guess. All farang food is blant. Strangely enough Thai Paris restaurants or France or Belgium serve better tasting/quality Thai food. Maybe you can recommend some Bangkok places for me? But I have now reduced my Bangkok stops to 2 nights/year, thus eating something special at any price is something I am not entitled to according to Preahko? I do live in a village 40kms from Udon and there is 1 eatery, not "digne" (worthy does not sound right as a translation) to be called a restaurant. But I do enjoy some of his Thai food, honest food, but nothing to write home about. 5555, did you know we flew in Dutch tulips from South Africa on Sunday night, just in time to truck them to Amsterdam's fresh flower markets and a plane load (110 metric tonnes) of fish from Chili?
  9. Julian, You're probably right. KS, my aversion is composite. I find some aspects of Thai society disgusting. Too many farangs jump with eyes closed into Thai mud pools. There is lack of thinking, lightly said, not unlike sponsoring bar girls. Sure in the West man have "mistresses" or "Mia nois", sure in the West men Marry divorced women and raise their kids as their own (I know a few), Sure in Thailand a few farangs know what they are doing, many don't: that's the difference. They need to think more, but they think less, if they think at all. You might also want to consider most farangs take up BG's, that's not the smartest thing to do, BG's with kids? Increasing the odd's against you. Thus Julian I need to think this over some more, might be better to live my life as I do, without a small kid to raise, not sure yet though.
  10. OK, here comes the story: GF's not-so-young youngest brother (he is 30) gets involved with a 15 year young bird, gets her pregnant (surprise-surprise) They don't marry but the girls mother works in Taiwan and builds a house on family land around Nong Bua Lamphu, the brother gets himself into working, running a drink cart with a motorbike I sold to the girls mother. 4 months ago a baby girl gets born. So far so good, both families are happy, the lazy youngest brother who used to do nothing except sleeping on the rice field guarding the buffaloes got a life at last. Thus two weeks ago the brother comes home here to help the family planting rice. He gets informed by the GF's family the mother of his baby got off with the ice delivery boy and there is no one to take care of the 4 month old baby. Thus the brother is back home with the 4 months old, has no clue how to feed and wash a baby (I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean), neither did the mother it seems...) GF's parents are old folks, a sis is too busy running her business. Thus my GF spends her time at the parents home/rice field together with surrounding folks all crazy seeing the little dumped. Thais are crazy when they see a few months old child. So she is considering taking charge of the baby. We have room and money. She talks to the father every day, pushing him to decide his future and that of the baby. She suggests he should seek real work (Taiwan?), save money to buy land, build a house, marry a real woman. In the meantime she (we) would take care of the child, but only if he does whatever is needed to ensure an education for his child and thinks beyond age 15 not her responsibility but his. Indeed, here in the villages too many girls get pregnant around 15, puritan Thailand, no pil, no condom, no brain. So far the baby stays and sleeps at the parents house with the father. I don't mind raising a kid not my own, but do have issues with farangs falling for Thai women with kids from Thai men. Something is amiss with a society where the kids (and the mother) are thrown away in the trash bin that easily and farangs who pick up the trash must have a loose nut in their head. But your opinion might differ
  11. Probably not easy to find in Bangkok, but they have them at Paris Bangkok restaurant, a stone throw away from Lumpini MRT station, at Saladaeng soi 1/1. Price 2100THB/kilo, they have Belgian draft beers: Leffe blond and Hoegaarden and a nice wine list. We had a Gewurztraminer Alsace. Total bil for two beer, starter, 2x700gr lobster, desert, wine +-6K. And I was impressed by the service: waitress, manager and chef cook, a rarity treat in Thailand. http://www.parisbangkok.com/index.htm Anyone knows an other restaurant anywhere in LOS serving lobster every day??? Next2 at the Shangri-La seems to run a seafood buffet on fridays at 2100THB++ with some lobster.
  12. When you're the boss of IMF you don't fiddle with room maids, stupid idiot, get a brain.
  13. Mr Abhisit said the red shirt protest last year was different from the one in 2009 in that there were mysterious armed groups who mingled freely among the protesters. Whoever organised this was very clever. As it stands the reds say government thugs (army, infiltrators) made the killings and burnings. Don't try to say to a red that occupying Raprasong for weeks, burning tires and tessabaans (Khon Kaen, Udon Thani) is wrong (tax money, who cares I was told) Unfortunately the yellows by occupying the airport with the army/police closing both eyes gave the reds an excuse to do the same. The villages here around Udon Thani are definitely very red and people are really afraid the army might take over if the reds win. Interesting times ahead
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