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  1. Don't go for a Bangkaew! We had one, would not listen, kill the neighbors chicken when he managed to get out although we live within a closed perimeter (he escaped a few times when he was faster than ourselves closing the gate and it was very difficult to catch him) he would bite anyone coming close, not a nice dog at all. Got killed by a car during his last escape. We now have a bastard poodle that kills anything in his reach (a huge rat yesterday) but with the gate wide open won't leave the premises. He's a good guard at night (and day) We also have a Shi-Shu(sp?)small dog, very nice, sweet but not a guardian. Both dogs are sweet with our 17 months young girl.
  2. Been here (In LOS) too long, since Oct 29, 2010. Need a break, 23 days to go before I can leave the land of Pleasures
  3. tartempion

    Hotel Food

    LZ, thanks for the recommendation, but it is more complicated than that because I will have a one week stop over in Paris I might buy fresh or even frozen lobster in Paris but doubt it's worth the hassle, for smoked salmon it's easy, done many times, but then I eat so much when I'm over there I can do 3 months without Unfortunately though not a single shop around Udon thani has this kind of delicatessen. It's mainly wine I bring from France, unfortunately NG's wife Darlek drank most of it
  4. tartempion

    Hotel Food

    Hi TB, Thanks for all these nice reviews I was looking for a place where they serve green lobster and found Paris Bangkok Co.,Ltd 120 Soi Saladang 1/1 Silom Bangrak 10500 But now you mention the Peninsula at 1800 and Next2 at the Shangri-La where I see green lobster turned red after grilling at xxxxpp? (pic 41) I love smoked salmon, but that should not be an issue at any of these places isn't? My GF must try real lobster, I'll be in Montreal in May to fill my belly with lobster but can't imagine bringing some over I only have 2 nights stay in Bangkok, so my choices are limited, what (buffet) would you recommend? Money is not an issue. And I saw this strange tripadvisor review of the Peninsula dated 24 March 2011: All together, a very excellent, comfortable establishment. The catering arrangements however were very disappointing for a hotel of this standard. The buffet style breakfast with choice of individually cooked dishes was very good. Facilities and the offerings for light snacks during the day were poor. The Thai and Chinese restaurants were good with excellent food and attentive service but should you prefer 'international' or 'western' food and wine in quality surroundings, that's too bad as the Peninsular's beautiful 'international' restaurant is unfortunately no more. Today, one has to make do either with a few tables around the edge of an over-chilled room housing vast buffet spreads of (uncovered) salads, meats and seafoods or resort to the River Bar outside where a very limited number of western dishes are offered accompanied by river noise and unwanted piped music. Incidentally, has anyone stayed/tried the buffet at Pullman Khon Kaen lately? Rooms reasonably priced at 2600THB Thanks
  5. A reality check is needed: where do you find good Thai food and good Italian food? I live near Udon Thani and have NOT found either. And we have tried ALL "upper scale" and many lower level Udon Thani restaurants. I lived in Paris and have eaten top French food in a handful of places, so it goes for Italian/French/Thai restaurants I have eaten anywhere on the planet: one out of a hundred is worth coming back. That is very unfortunate. The best tom yam kung I eat is made by my Thai wife and I cook my own Italian food, not much other options available
  6. NR, thanks for an excellent/detailed review. A few months ago (low season) we stayed at Anaa resort on Klong Praow beach (1500b). Marvelous site, huge garden, unmaintained wooden walkways, huge wooden balcony, again all the woods in poor condition, excellent but pricy restaurant, we found an excellent seafood restaurant on the road to Kai Bae, free kayaks (5 minutes peddling) to the beach. Problem in general I found driving aroun Koh Chang is little or no access to the beaches. We might return, but not to Anaa resort. Ah, and the GF experience, I am lucky to have/bring my own, 9 years lasting GFE
  7. Night_Rider, please let us know your Koh Chang adventures, where you stayed etc. If you're coming over to Udon for dinner with a friend I am open to join with my gf, we live 40kms East. Re Patters, visited the cavern on WS and Bacara also, not impressed by both places. DS, you come over to Nervous God hideaway around Christmas? Sure we need to organise a drink session Sawan Daen and at the milk bar. I still need to fuck one of these milk girls, heard you managed that?
  8. I did the Silver Star last week (first gogo right hand side on WS) and was impressed by the quality/quantity of naked show birds in the thin and small category. There was one bird with huge Yanhee made tits though, oh horror :hubba: Was undecided because 5 birds where in my selection team and that's very exceptional. Noticed that Sharks has brilliant music set up: huge loudspeakers under your ass in the seats, but poor dancers, pity. Entering Baby Dolls got hugged 3 steps into the place, a bird form last year recognized me on the spot . Luckily she soon got help from a jealous colleague and then from a dek serve. Costed me 3 LD's for nothing before I went back to Silver Star to pick up first choice for the night. I did have more fun playinng with the SS bird than the Baby dolls, each to his own.
  9. For those living near Udon Thani there is a wine shop in Bang Chiang hotel and a French guy running a deli shop: www.udon-delices.com
  10. I brought my own wine: 2 bricks 5 liter each, one red one white
  11. used to pay 150 in airco barber shop near Udon Thani railway station (2008) then they increased fee to 200B, have not been back since. Tried barber shops around town, none do a decent job at 40/50B. Had a look in Udon's Charoensri shopping mall yesterday, found a place with menu painted on the window: 190B or 220B, that was for a hair shampoo at closer look : 190B for short hair, 220 for long hair Think haircut was 1000B to 1500B, but I ran away from the shop before a lady could grasp me inside. Think will return to shop near railway and pay 200B
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