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    OK, swallowing your load then and not mine. Hows that for a scene for the wank bank
  2. frede

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    Imagine thoose two with their makeup smudged all over their faces, eyes watering,noses running, milky stretchy spittle, chocking for air and swallowing the best part of me.....hooooooooyaaaahhhh Proper messy facials for those two dirty vixens.
  3. Listen to you.........hows about me and and ur 29th clan turn up and take you up on ya Cubans???? Go on, chidman, I double dare ya. Ive got a wee greenback that says ur no where to be seen. In fact, Ive got 10 grenbacks that says u r strictly hotel room that night and your wee litle 'I know the owner possy' is nowhere to be seen. Cause, lets face it, some chap that rarely, if ever, fucks the help is ever gonna be a hit in that bar..................
  4. ghelseth , ou are wasting your breath. Fat people are rarely wrong, especially gay fat people. Ive nothing against either, you understand but fat people usually have to make up for their disgusting bodies by always being right and gay men tend to be extremely arguementative and sometime bitchy.
  5. What is it with you guys that anyone who employs a view or attitude that doesn't agree with your own fixed & firm views is a troll? Fuck it, dont answer that.
  6. Bloody good idea. Its a filthy habit. They should only be allowed to smoke buds. Atleast there's a good reason for that.
  7. Ok, let me rephrase, diverse and dull! Have a great weekend and may the days pass quickly and be washed down with cold beer.
  8. Ive lots to post about, check out the nightlife section whilst I was posting and your constant moaning at said posts. And check it out now without me posting. yaaaaawn
  9. Yes, I am. Anyone that doesn't conform to your way of thinking, you label as a troll. I consider that in itself a trollish response. What's more, your posts are lifeless and rather dull. But then again, I like the nightlife section and you have no interest in those women, so that's likely why I find your responses flat and lifeless.
  10. Bellend my old china. You're back.
  11. No man, Im not into all that. Old Hippie shagged a bird with a bigger dick than him and has been on his own Quest to attack'em ever since. hahahaha
  12. Aaaah, the memories.....money well spent and will remain in my wank bank forever. I need a new quest
  13. That would be an idea. 'Surin Gag girls' - A pukefest on the Pong. All I need now is a bloke with a big cock.
  14. But not with Tussinee, well maybe. Na, she's too cute to be gag. Thats for the star of love
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