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  1. No man, Im not into all that. Old Hippie shagged a bird with a bigger dick than him and has been on his own Quest to attack'em ever since. hahahaha
  2. Aaaah, the memories.....money well spent and will remain in my wank bank forever. I need a new quest
  3. That would be an idea. 'Surin Gag girls' - A pukefest on the Pong. All I need now is a bloke with a big cock.
  4. But not with Tussinee, well maybe. Na, she's too cute to be gag. Thats for the star of love
  5. Very kind of you .... watch this space. I intend to get me some white sports socks, a cowboy hat and make maak Harcore movie!
  6. Ah, a man after my own heart. Its the celebrity factor. I also want to fuck that Khun Ying CSI bird, she a minger.
  7. It isn't an and/or mateyboy. I fuck them as well. Its only money and I have loads of the stuff. Aint life grand.
  8. She's 24....I tickled the ID out of her just to make sure and cause she kept on telling me she was 18,which is obviously bullshit.
  9. I dont mate, sorry. I dont own a camera, what pics I am gonna take in Thailand after 20 odd years. Hell, maybe Im just fantasising to a bunch of vertual, slightly overweight, balding middle ages farangs. Then again, who would bother?
  10. What's so unbelievable about shagging a Thai hooker, mate? It isn't hard you know even for a laaw luwey chap like me with 25K to blow on it. ....COme to think of it, it was a lot more when you factor in CM2, shopping and all the tucker that little vixen put away.
  11. Dear All, You will be glad to know that I just returned to the sand after 9 days in THailand. And YES.....I tracked down Tussinee, we settled on 15K and I fucked her senseless in every hole and dropped my man milk in her arse over a night and 2 days The lucky winner was a Pattaya secrets reader and he is 10K better off So, was it worth it? 25K. Well, I could have gone to Eden 7 times, but sometimes a man's just gotta follow his horn. PS to the previous poster who stated she looked about 15...well, she didn't look quite so sweet when the bitch was gaped . hahahahahaah
  12. Say that again No chance, she'd call a policeman if I want anyway near her bum.
  13. So who's your Mrs boning on the side, Fred??? If you're whacking off so much she can't be getting much at home! :grin: I don't know who's boning her but as long as its not a black man or a herpes ridden Thai, I'm cool. As for wanking, na that's just a waste when there are so mnay other ways to extra satans seed ;-)
  14. Yes' date=' indeed [/quote'] Well, monogamy is an over rated concept. Its for the judgemental. I'm not worthy Citizen Teddy PS I'm exactly where I want to be :smirk:
  15. Aaaaaaaah, fuck it . I just got one off to her anal video and now satan's seed is all spent. When it's gone, it's gone and with it goes the urge to hunt her down and knock one in her. 20,000THB is now withdrawn.... and being readvertised as a few cold beers if you give me her number so I can anally abuse her if the thought takes me fancy at a later date. Don't you just hate it when that happens.........that's why I've never enjoyed a regular squeeze, once Ive done'em, I've done'em ...even it is a self induced BIG wank. :content: And not the fuckfest Ihad planned for that little vixen who is, actually, a bit of a tree swinger hahahaha. Still, I'd like to have gaped that wee ass of hers. evil: :evil: My poor Mrs........
  16. Well, I missed all the fun!!! I log back on and look what happens? So, can I still bone Tussinee then without going to nonce heaven?
  17. Come on ladies, someone must have an idea. Im committed to not having a wank over the website and saving myself for the real deal.........but my hand keeps grabbing my nob anmd once satan's seed is released, I'll lose interest.
  18. Well, I want to blow my muck in her
  19. No chance matey .....Im gonna employ #Stickman to sniff her out :-)
  20. Specimens better canalso be found in Angel Witch my old Fruit but that does help me any!
  21. Man, I want her minge not my fist..........I need contacts, man ....CONTACTS! :-) upped to 15K
  22. hahahahahah Na, a bloke in a frock never did it for me. However, Tussanee in a suite could work. lol
  23. I got loads of the stuff......I dont mind!
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