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  1. once a cowboy: I tried the Bamboo Massage and it was pretty good. Really nice place and cute girls there. I still highly recommend the massages parlors on Soi Sukhumvit 23 around the Soi Cowboy area; many good ladies on that strip of real estate. I had to pinch myself on an occasion or two when the lady was incredibly good looking. I met so many great ladies at various massage parlors this time around. I even seen one from 2014 that I saw. I find it uncommon if the same girl stays at the same place for more than a year, but it is nice when they stay. Instant connection when it happens.
  2. I have one more short-time room hotel to add to the list. I don't know the name of the hotel, but it is right around the Check-in Bar, a ladyboy establishment, on Soi 7. I was in the Beer Garden and the lady I got into conversation with knew of a short-time room hotel very close by. She was not kidding. We just walked south-west'ish towards Sukhumvit Avenue a bit and then I saw signs for the "Check-in Bar" in a side alley to the right. The short-time hotel is a little hole in the wall place. It cost me 400 Thai Baht. The place was clean and had two towels, etc. I liked it and so convenient being so close to the Beer Garden. Especially nice for the daytime mongers.
  3. Thanks for all the tips! Bust: What bars do the Khmer girls hang out? Jitagawn: Yes, I can speak, write, and read Thai. Flashermac: Thanks for the link!
  4. Does Bangkok have any occult shops? I would like to see what a Thai occult shop looks like (if there is such a thing) given I enjoy going to occult shops in my home city. In particular, I would like to buy some I Ching yarrow sticks in Bangkok and see what type of Thai occult books I can find. Maybe even see if I can find a Thai tarot desk or get a Buddhist astrology reading. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.
  5. baa99: I stay with a Thai friend in the suburbs of Bangkok and then we come in together when she goes to work. She drops me off at a BTS station and I head to a yoga class in Asoke. I usually have an hour to burn before yoga class starts, so would like to do some meditation in a cool environment. waerth: thanks for the tip. I will check it out. My Thai friend said she would look for some temples too, but I wanted to get some tips from this group too.
  6. Thanks, StoneSoup! My practice will be about an hour, so I don't know if that will work. But I will check it out nonetheless and see if I can get away with it. Oh, I whisper my mantras, so I don't make a lot of noise. In my home town I do them on the bus everyday and no one bats an eye. There is even one guy on the bus who has followed my lead and started doing mantras after he watched me for a few weeks. Another guy was intrigued by my devotional practice. Another fellow who is familiar with the Asoke lay of the land recommended I try walking into a hotel like the Westin and act like I belong there and go to some floor and find a secluded spot. He said, once I become a fixture, no one will bother me. Radioman. I am cool with a temple as long as it is cool inside and they just let me do my own practice. Do you know any open temples in the Asoke area around 7 a.m. in the morning?
  7. I was trying to think where to post this post in the forums. I settled on accommodation. Please move if you feel there is a better place to put it. Does anyone know of a nice, cool (temperature-wise), inside meditation place I could go in the early morning around 7 a.m. to sit and do some mantras and do some meditation. I don't need meditation instruction, but simply seek a place to do my own personal mantra and meditation practice. I have tried to do it outside in the morning in the past years, but it is still a bit too warm for me; especially since I go to a hot yoga class in the morning after my mantras and meditations. I don't mind making a donation for the use of a space. Any leads would be welcomed.
  8. Thanks for the comments! I will check them out. Stranger: Yes, please report back on the short time situation when you hit Bangkok in a week or so. Oh, I remember World Inn. They had a great massage place in there too. One lady in there was amazing. They shut the massage department down when they did the remodel.
  9. I tried a search of short time rooms on this site, but it seems like the posts are a bit dated. Could I get a list of current short time rooms in the Nana Plaza and/or Soi Cowboy area. Any links, advice, rates, etc. would also be appreciated. I stay with a friend in the suburbs in the Bangkok area, but come into the city during the day to have some fun. Thinking about going to a couple of pool bars and getting some afternoon delights in. Thanks!
  10. There are two Chinese college students who live above me. One day I got a look at their place and we shocked on how filthy it was. The landlords now require them to have a maid clean it once a month at their expense. I think it is mostly the young, immature, spoiled men and boys who lack basic hygiene and manners. Most of the Chinese women and some of the Chinese men are very clean and well mannered. I also got the impression from the Chinese women that I dated that they did not have a lot of respect for their Chinese male counterparts given their horrible manners and hygiene. I also with a lot of Chinese people and feel they become more accustomed to better hygiene and manners when they are in a more hygienic and well mannered atmosphere.
  11. Thanks for all the tips guys! I will definitely check out the links and report back when I hit Bangkok this spring and check the places out. Cavanami: I know how you feel about the acronym; I have had to do that more than once myself.
  12. For my last two annual trips to Bangkok, I have tended to go to massage parlors in Bangkok. I have gotten tired of Annie's Massage given the hit or miss service. BJ Nuru is a solid bet; I have always had a great time there. I tried Tulips once a few years back and it was good. I got a good DATO experience there. Last year I focused solely on the line of massages parlors on Soi Sukhumvit 23 around the Soi Cowboy area. I was satisfied with the massage parlors on this Soi. Anyway, I wanted to get some recommendations from the board on good erotic massage parlors in Bangkok, especially around the Nana or Asoke area or a place located near some BTS line. If you know of any places where the ladies give DATO or are open to giving prostate massage that is a plus. I usually allow a budget of up to 3,000 Thai Baht for a two massage session with everything included. Any information would be helpful and links if they provide good information. Thanks! It has been a while since I have been on this board, but I saw post from familiar names.
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