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  1. 2 posts and we kick the guy - nice welcome, wonder if he'll stay?
  2. My thoughts - wow - she doesn;t do overnight Ikky - point though - she's obviously lying to him - is she to you?
  3. Spankies - took a board member there and had fun even if it was BYO.
  4. I don't think they can even handle my sordid lifestyle
  5. I would but I don't want to close down the Board
  6. So when is the Pattaya report? NZ is great place to visit - great place to die - between that be somewhere else
  7. another great little advetnure! Hat off you to you Ikkie!
  8. Well - monitoring would involve seeing if she'd still fuck you wouldn't it
  9. I don't know the places well enough - I get lost with the names
  10. still in the big smoke? I arrive tomorrow
  11. The girl from Suzies had the best implant's - well worth a second visit! Reason as we discussed is that they didn't look "perfect" they look a little saggy etc - great implants - I didn't believe at first!
  12. Ikki I am disgusted - so far I have enjopyed all these reports of your adventures but this one frankly leaves me cold in the stomach. I thought you - a vereran - a man who know's Laos/Issaan and Thailand better than most would never never Drink Singha! There - I've said it - I hope it doesnt come between us. I alsao find they "need" someone to get jelous - it's a soap opera thing.
  13. Type in your web browser www.Thai360.com It has phantom postings and a dead Prime Minister giving speachs - and that's just today!
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