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  1. 2 posts and we kick the guy - nice welcome, wonder if he'll stay?
  2. I'm leaving then. Think i'll go join a thai board.
  3. My thoughts - wow - she doesn;t do overnight Ikky - point though - she's obviously lying to him - is she to you?
  4. That's the aim! I have a few clothed arses I photographed at a morlam I;ll add
  5. And this is relivant to thailand because . . .
  6. I'm on record for saying sections i don't like and i start threads etc for sections i do like. Don't need to justify anything other than, keep posting ranma 5 5 5
  7. I think number of bars are run by amateurs, a number by professionals. Makes a difference.
  8. Great post ranma , nailed it. I vote delete most sections and the board will be better. Personally i'm up country finding that the fairy light places are easy and fun venues.
  9. Coss which ex maid? The cute deaf one or the ultra hot body one? Deaf girl is in bangkok madly missed by the family, working making clothes. Hot one is pregnant due to be married 31.st. I had 40 plus for x mas yesterday. Started at dawn with pancakes and yelling kids followed by a day of cooking and drinking. The mulled wine was a huge hit as i sold it as yah dong falang style. Hit of the night was plugging my cheap mobile into the sound system to play my down loads. The things my nephew teaches me! Food was thai along with lasagna, tender loin, olive's and nuts, aussie lollies for the kids, good whisky and gin for when mates arrived and a box of beer for locals. Locals arrived with more food, beer, lao kow, that rum like drink and other things to eat drink. Sadly my only mate did a runner from his wife at dawn leaving me the good booze for my self. The locals drank 5 litres of mulled wine with wicked results. Night ende at the local resort parting with the staff.
  10. CTO

    January 15th

    Cool Weird - Good BB -
  11. Interesting question - I was seeing a Uni grad - pharmisicst - fark spelling - hot though - VERY hot - a few attempts at Thai marriages failed before the ceremony - then suddenly - she;s working rainbow 4!~ To boot making more money than in her whole life - finds a cute wealthy farang - exit's a loaded - highly sexed lady. NO IDEA how she found Rainbow 4 - but she was dong up to 10 (TEN) fucks a day a her peak moments.
  12. Older pictures postded a while back of yong arses - FARK
  13. CTO

    January 15th

    I'll be there seeing as your bringing me something too, you are aren't you?
  14. No, you can get satellite internet, but that's a different satellite and company than true as ubc is now called. He's better off getting a dsl connection from true, same family of companies, or from a competitor.
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