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  1. So true. I have been holding back on posting exactly the same. All the doom and gloom. Bar4's profit was up about 40% yr/yr for Jan and the previous months not far behind that. But it seems from reports bar owners are ready for a mass suicide. And before somone asks it - "If it is so good why don't you drop your prices". Forget it. Cheers, Mark
  2. Nice one: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/429649 Clearing out the LB's at last. Cheers, Mark
  3. Bar4

    Vietnam (Hcmc)

    There are bars right outside the hotel. As for action I am not sure. There are girls riding by on motorcycles that will stop and see if you are interested. I think the best bet is the bars over near Apocalypse Now. This site might help: http://www.saigonbarsonline.com Cheers, Mark
  4. I was working in Bangladesh for Ramadan. Couldn't help it - ordered pizza for lunch in the office. Smell went through the whole floor and drove them crazy. That was a bit nasty on my behalf. ;-) Cheers, Mark
  5. Could not agree more. Hope they make a cleanup run down Soi4, Bangkok soon. Cheers, Mark
  6. Bar4

    Vietnam (Hcmc)

    http://www.lacvienhotel.com/ is quite ok. Cheers, Mark
  7. The way these clowns are behaving would it be possible if they worked on a new Thai genome strain? Cheers, Mark
  8. Somewhat rotten, mildly rotten and really rotten. It's a bit like kindergarten the way these clowns carry on. Cheers, Mark
  9. Could not agree more. Lived there for 18 months. Complete shit hole. Cheers, Mark
  10. Thanks mate - appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  11. Beer is just as you like in Cent, nice and cold. Cheers, Mark
  12. Everything is open as normal. Just a brief blip on Friday night when bars were shut. Touch wood it stays that way. Cheers, Mark
  13. There was a lot of rain in the morning. Pic of Soi 4 attached. Unusually it took some time to drain away. Cheers, Mark
  14. Are you sure mate? To the best of my knowledge the beers in most of the beer bars in Soi 4 go to around 120 thb after happy hour. Hillary 2 is the exception I believe at 140 and that is because "have band". The exceptions will be Golden which is 75 thb all day I believe and my joint, Bar4, which is 105 thb after happy hour. Cheers, Mark
  15. Still available here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=560999673938374&set=vb.100000850404970&type=2&theater Cheers, Mark
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