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  1. Umm. I was extremely drunk last night. I feel as though i have got off scot free. Sorry about that mekong - genuinely. I was a complete pillock.
  2. KS. Agreed - that was a whole bunch of crap. Mixed too much wine with too much beer last night. Sorry to all.
  3. Yep, I agree. I also have been ripped off a few times. never for very much, but ripped off never the less, in my years. I have the same attitude; take it on the chin, and dont moan about it. That said, for all we know, this attitude may be common. "bugger it. It has happened now. Whatever". Maybe thats what many of the Erewin Shrine people think, who have been ripped off? Sure, i guess some of them scream and kick and they have a right to do so, even if it is futile.... but i would guess many of them just write it off as a learning experience. Either way... its not a good thing and it damages the reputation of the country. Albiet in an incredibly tiny way. And its fucking wrong. Still, these people remain complete fucking scum bags and i hope they all have children who grow up with infested bollocks. Take it on the chin or not - they are scum who generaly loath Ferangs and enjoy ripping them off. Conversley, the ferang who gets ripped off is probably the same guy you would enjoy a beer with, chatting about the footy. Ah. Whatever. Its all part of Thailand I guess. I have no inclination to do anything about it as i believe in keeping myself to myself. Just looking at it objectivley; i think its scummy and fucked up, thats all.
  4. Lol, nope i just cant be arsed to hit the F7 key like the rest of you, and spell check. After all.... why clean up my spelling for a bunch of whore mongers? I will concede however that spelling neck with a k is asking for trouble...
  5. I dont understand. Are you insinuating that a 'newbie' tourist deserves to be robbed by a pack of money grabbing con merchant slags, by virtue of there 'newbieness'? Or the daft, love struck romantic newbie who buys a few buffalo and a new motorbike for number 162's father during week one had it coming? In both examples, they may have been rather clueless.... but surely they are entitiled to the right to stroll around Erawin Shrine with a $900 camera swinging around there kneck and a T-shirt that says 'I Love Thailand'? Thats there right. They should be free to enjoy that right without some fucking little monkey who cant be arsed to work ripping them off. I occasionaly find myself sucked into one of the most common bar stool discussions amongst ex-pats; the story of the latest poor sucker who got ripped off in Thailand. I am always suprised just how cheery and almost gloatfull these seasoned ex-pats are, relaying the story of Bob from London who lost it all to an Isarn BG after just 4 weeks here. The story is usualy acompanied with a big cheesy grin and a feeling of superiority. Kinda like 'ha ha, they had it coming.... but i know the score. I live here. Silly fuckers' Almost like they are glad it happened - as it reinforces there belief that they are more wise and clued up.
  6. Suspect re-enacts shooting of 2 Canadians STEVE SANDFORD From Friday's Globe and Mail January 11, 2008 at 4:46 AM EST PAI, THAILAND â?? In a bizarre crime re-enactment, police officials in northern Thailand gave murder suspect Uthai Dechawiwat a plastic revolver to demonstrate how he was defending himself when he fatally shot Leo John Del Pinto and wounded Carly Reisig last Sunday. Standing on the dusty road, in front of the Ting Tong reggae bar in the northern town of Pai, Mr. Dechawiwat acted out a struggle with two fellow officers, who were stand-ins for Mr. Del Pinto of Calgary and Ms. Reisig of Chilliwack, B.C., both 24 years old. It was a clumsy affair and several of the officers laughed nervously while trying to re-enact the crime over a blood-stained section of the road. Mr. Dechawiwat was sweating profusely and appeared confused as officials ordered him to repeat several parts of the re-enactment. It's customary in Thailand to reconstruct the crime scene of high-profile cases for the media. In this instance, there were just two members of the international press present. Related Articles Recent Thai cop on duty despite charge of killing Canadian Woman wounded in Thailand says slain Calgary man saved her Canadian killed by Thai police officer The officer maintains that the shootings were accidental and he was simply responding to a food vendor's request to investigate a domestic disturbance she heard near her restaurant. Ms. Reisig says she was the victim of an unprovoked attack that began when she was punched in the face and ended with Mr. Del Pinto, who tried to defend her, shot dead in the street and her in hospital recovering from a bullet wound in the chest. Owner Saijai Gawin, who operates the late-night Pea Dang eatery, said Mr. Dechawiwat was picking up a take-home food order at her roadside stand when the commotion occurred nearby. Mr. Dechawiwat told Ms. Gawin he had just finished a police shift at a border post 40 kilometres away. However, bartender Jarupong Sintop, who was serving cocktails at the outdoor counter at the nearby Bebop bar, says he saw the officer drinking beer at the bar earlier in the evening. "I saw the policeman come into the bar around 10 o'clock and he appeared drunk. He kept asking me the same questions over and over again so I told him I was busy and ignored him," the 22-year-old explained. Mr. Sintop finished work just before 1 a.m. and says he saw Mr. Dechawiwat again, this time drinking at the Don't Cry bar where Mr. Sintop had gone for last call. The bars are within walking distance of the Bebop, where Ms. Reisig and Mr. Del Pinto, a former boyfriend, last drank. Many aspiring musicians and weekend jammers congregate at the lively roadhouse, including 19-year-old Matt Ward, who arrived in Thailand last October for a holiday. The Winnipeg native remembers passing Mr. Del Pinto and Ms. Reisig on his way home. "I couldn't believe in such a peaceful quiet, music-loving town like Pai, that something like this could happen." Many patrons of the Bebop, as well as the nearby bars, described Ms. Reisig as speaking loudly and in an aggressive manner. But as one expat Swedish musician, who didn't give his name, commented, "Carly didn't fit in here in Pai with her hostile attitude, but nobody deserves what happened to her and John." In contrast, Mr. Del Pinto was praised by most people in the community for his peaceful attitude and respect for the Thais. Guitarist Pu Ekkarat, who befriended Mr. Del Pinto just before the new year during a music session at the Bebop, was shocked by the news of the shooting. "First of all, they should train the police how to control their temper and use their heart before they make any decisions," the 33-year-old said. "Too often they use violence to stop a problem." Pai police chief Wanchai Suwansirikhet said he expects the investigation to be completed this month. Regarding criticism of excessive force used by Mr. Dechawiwat, the chief responded that he would have to wait until the forensic report is finished before commenting. "We have temporarily transferred the suspect to work outside Pai district," the chief said. "We don't want his case to affect tourism in [the] area." However, after the crime re-enactment, the accused returned to the police headquarters about 30 metres away, where he is purportedly still working. Special to The Globe and Mail
  7. I guess ummm.... no one felt the urge to clear up the who face paint thing for me? I remain puzzled. Why would this be used as a pottential reason for attack?
  8. Im struggling with the 'painted' reference in both the news clippings, and this thread. What the fuck do they mean by painted? As in, one of those 'tiger' style face paints you see the kids with? Why would a woman in her mid 20's stroll the streats with her BF, face painted? And why would that antagonise a copper? Why would it antagonise anyone? Dont get it.
  9. The coppers story is like something out of a chanel 7 week night drama; 'Well, this ferang and his wife kicked the shit outa me! I was lying on the floor, gagging for air praying they would just go away when they went that extra mile and went for my gun!! They get my gun but despite my bloody state and lack of energy, i managed to stand up, overpower them both, grab my gun back and then bang!! The gun goes off three times and manages to hit them three times!" Cucking Funt. The Canadian may (or may not) have fucked up by pushing the guy over or something.... The Canadian may (or may not) have fucked up a little. However, the copper shooting them both is pure and utter murder. Yet again. Sadly, my guess is the coppers boss will accept his version and he will be 'permanently' on bail. There is a rumour - and i stress rumour - flying around on another LOS forum initiated by a guy who lives there who claims quote; Last night Janurary 5th a little after Midnight a forgien tourist was shot through the mouth and died instanly by a Thai man with whoum he was earlier arguing. Witnesses earlier saw the Thai man and the Tourist arguring on the street and the Thai man drove off shouting in english 'I'LL KILL YOU' shortly after the Tourist was eating at a resuturant and the Thai man came in and stuck a gun down the forgienners throat and shot him dead. It is also thought the forgineers girlfriend and possibly another was injured. As for RUMORS there are two corrurent rurmors circulating: THE OFFICAL REPORT: There were two falang fighting and the police came to break up the fight and the falang attacked the police and the police had to shoot them in self defence. THE STREET REPORT (From the Local Thais) The man who shot the tourist was an Off Duty Pai Police officer who was drinking.
  10. Not essentialy on topic, i guess, but i do know of an Australian guy in Ko Samui who was involved in an accident. He was riding his bike along the southern mountain roads recently and was hit by a pick up truck drove by Thais. Baddly 'bust up', he was left with a broken arm and leg, plus a hairline fracture to his skull. He remained concious for 5 minutes while the Thais stood around him, panicking, and then passed out. He awoke 1 mile away, in the middle of the jungle/forrest (jungle is a bit harsh a word, samui mountains are more like forrest). Completley alone and confused, he dragged himself a painfull half mile to an empty hut, crashed out on the porch and was woken by the Thai couple who lived there, when they returned from there farming duties. The Thais who hit him obviously thought that he had died. The best option for them it seemed was to get rid of the evidence, rather than alert the MIB. So they threw him in the back of the truck, drove off the main road, through the forrest, and left him there. That didnt make the headlines. Didnt even make the news. Yet the guy is there, in samui as we speak, lying in hospital able to recount the story - which has been verified by the Thai couple who found him. Its not always possible to provide links for events such as this, as they get burried under the carpet.
  11. "You guys swapping war stories about farangs getting killed by mafia wouldn't actually happen to have any news story links to support them would you? Right, thought not." I just googled 'Thai mafia web forum' in the hope that a few Thai mafia may be posting 'where to purchase the best pick axe' but nothing came up. Seriously though, i agree with you. Thats my whole point; this whole notion of ferangs burried alive courtesy of the Thai Mafia bores me. You here it too much. It does happen occasionaly of course, of that im sure, but i just wish it was not banded around so easily. We do not live in Sicily for fucks sake. I had a typical beer bar conversation with a bloke from London in Samui last week. He was banging on about the jungle/mountains and how it is, in his opinion, full of dead ferang who fucked with the Thais. Sure, it happens from time to time i would guess but not anywhere close to the levels that some people go on about. This guy at Erewin shrine is a prime example. He openly photographed a few dozen Thai con merchants and even dedicated a fucking website to them. Whilst his actions are somewhat bold and not reccomended; is he burried in the jungle or sleeping in a klong? No.
  12. Yeh, possibly. I dont know. I guess Thailand is Thailand and things can happen. Maybe it could have gone down that road. Either way, im sure if i was him my arse would have been squeaking. big time! Not a situation i would like to be in. I guess though my general point is.... you know; does this whole notion of 'being thrown in the klong' not get over exagerated sometimes?' There was a ferang guy from Oz just 4 weeks ago - and this is 100% truthfull - who set up a jet ski business on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui. This is a well established business model of course, which has always been a Thai market. He was warned by fellow ferang not to venture into it. 'Bollocks, i dont believe all this rubbish about Thai jet ski mafia. They are ONLY Thai kids!' was his frequent answer. The Thai's gave him a chance and warned him on the first, second and third day. He didnt listen. The next week, they found his motoribike on its side early in the morning, on the mountain roads in betweek Chaweng and lamai, on the edge of the jungle. He, however, was not with it. He hasnt been seen since. Now... that would be a prime example of when to listen to the old chestnut 'dont do that, or they will throw you in a klong'. He was rather daft and kinda asked for it. On the other hand, there are times when you here this kinda warning and you just think 'dont be silly. We dont live in a bloody mafia movie here'. Well, at least i do. Just my opinion. Im not an expert on Thai ways.
  13. In Kanchanaburi, yes. Shot by a drunk policeman. Unfortunatley, the Brit guy didnt know how fucking evil the Thais can be with a beer in them if you say or do the wrong thing. There are always exeptions to the rule. Not every guy in LOS is going to shoot you, because you told him to stop chatting your mrs up (as was the case above). This could easily happen in England.... but we dont speak of 'ending up in a river if you fuck with that English guy' at any given chance. If a Thai guy chats my GF up in an aggresive way for example - and this is a good example - i am going to politley ask him to leave it alone. if he still dosent drop it, ill tell him to bugger off. I dont expect for a second to get shot. There are ways in which you can stand up to a Thai without causing them to loose face. Im only using that as it is a good example. Many long termers may say that this is a bad idea as 'you will end up in a klong'. I may be wrong. Im only stating an opinion here and either way it dosent matter, as i never find myself in confrontational situations with Thais thankfully. Im just saying, that point of view gets rather cliched sometimes, imho. You know... 'dont do that mate, you will end up burried under the new footbridge'. I just get tired of the stereotype. What are they, ninjas with attitude? How many of us (hands up) ACTUALY KNOW examples of this. First hand examples where they know a guy who ended up in a klong over something trivial? I would bet not many, if any, if none. The guy outside central World would not have 'ended up under a klong'. In all probabilty he would have had his camera smashed and taken a good kicking. Of course, i do not know this for certain. Just offering my opinion.
  14. My standard reply to the airport taxi guys, gem scammers etc etc is 'fuck off'. A loud, audible, fuck off. I almost enjoy seeing them aproach me at the airport, just so i can tel them to fuck off. Fuck'em. I hate the scummy bastards. The Kings's Palace scammers get me. Right in front of the staff, soldiers and security guards, at the gate to what is the symbolic palace to the King Of Thailand, these guys will declare the place closed in order to rip them off. The staff, guards etc.... like, 20 yards away, couldnt give a fuck. Is that not a blatent disrespect to the King? Would the entrance fee that these guys deny some tourists from spending not have gone into the upkeep of the palace? Is that not stealing from the King or something? If i was to remain seated at the cinema during the national anthem, i would draw a much more negative response than these cheating cunts recieve at the gates to the Kings very own gaff! By the way, as a foot note.... All the talk of 'you will end up in a klong'. You know... the whole 'Pattaya High Dive' thing. Does anyone actualy know anyone that this has happened to? I mean, a real story of a ferang insulting/disrespecting a Thai and winding up dead? These warnings get thrown aroung way to casualy in my humble opinion. I wouldnt fuck with a Thai - of course not - but lets be realistic, we ferang ex-pats to seem to issue these warnings quite readily, dont we? I always get the impression that many people tend to walk on egg shels around Thais, in terms of confrontation.
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