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  1. Umm. I was extremely drunk last night. I feel as though i have got off scot free. Sorry about that mekong - genuinely. I was a complete pillock.
  2. KS. Agreed - that was a whole bunch of crap. Mixed too much wine with too much beer last night. Sorry to all.
  3. Yep, I agree. I also have been ripped off a few times. never for very much, but ripped off never the less, in my years. I have the same attitude; take it on the chin, and dont moan about it. That said, for all we know, this attitude may be common. "bugger it. It has happened now. Whatever". Maybe thats what many of the Erewin Shrine people think, who have been ripped off? Sure, i guess some of them scream and kick and they have a right to do so, even if it is futile.... but i would guess many of them just write it off as a learning experience. Either way... its not a good thing
  4. Lol, nope i just cant be arsed to hit the F7 key like the rest of you, and spell check. After all.... why clean up my spelling for a bunch of whore mongers? I will concede however that spelling neck with a k is asking for trouble...
  5. I dont understand. Are you insinuating that a 'newbie' tourist deserves to be robbed by a pack of money grabbing con merchant slags, by virtue of there 'newbieness'? Or the daft, love struck romantic newbie who buys a few buffalo and a new motorbike for number 162's father during week one had it coming? In both examples, they may have been rather clueless.... but surely they are entitiled to the right to stroll around Erawin Shrine with a $900 camera swinging around there kneck and a T-shirt that says 'I Love Thailand'? Thats there right. They should be free to enjoy that right w
  6. Suspect re-enacts shooting of 2 Canadians STEVE SANDFORD From Friday's Globe and Mail January 11, 2008 at 4:46 AM EST PAI, THAILAND â?? In a bizarre crime re-enactment, police officials in northern Thailand gave murder suspect Uthai Dechawiwat a plastic revolver to demonstrate how he was defending himself when he fatally shot Leo John Del Pinto and wounded Carly Reisig last Sunday. Standing on the dusty road, in front of the Ting Tong reggae bar in the northern town of Pai, Mr. Dechawiwat acted out a struggle with two fellow officers, who were stand-ins for Mr. Del Pinto of
  7. I guess ummm.... no one felt the urge to clear up the who face paint thing for me? I remain puzzled. Why would this be used as a pottential reason for attack?
  8. Im struggling with the 'painted' reference in both the news clippings, and this thread. What the fuck do they mean by painted? As in, one of those 'tiger' style face paints you see the kids with? Why would a woman in her mid 20's stroll the streats with her BF, face painted? And why would that antagonise a copper? Why would it antagonise anyone? Dont get it.
  9. The coppers story is like something out of a chanel 7 week night drama; 'Well, this ferang and his wife kicked the shit outa me! I was lying on the floor, gagging for air praying they would just go away when they went that extra mile and went for my gun!! They get my gun but despite my bloody state and lack of energy, i managed to stand up, overpower them both, grab my gun back and then bang!! The gun goes off three times and manages to hit them three times!" Cucking Funt. The Canadian may (or may not) have fucked up by pushing the guy over or something.... The Canadian may (o
  10. Not essentialy on topic, i guess, but i do know of an Australian guy in Ko Samui who was involved in an accident. He was riding his bike along the southern mountain roads recently and was hit by a pick up truck drove by Thais. Baddly 'bust up', he was left with a broken arm and leg, plus a hairline fracture to his skull. He remained concious for 5 minutes while the Thais stood around him, panicking, and then passed out. He awoke 1 mile away, in the middle of the jungle/forrest (jungle is a bit harsh a word, samui mountains are more like forrest). Completley alone and confused, he dragge
  11. "You guys swapping war stories about farangs getting killed by mafia wouldn't actually happen to have any news story links to support them would you? Right, thought not." I just googled 'Thai mafia web forum' in the hope that a few Thai mafia may be posting 'where to purchase the best pick axe' but nothing came up. Seriously though, i agree with you. Thats my whole point; this whole notion of ferangs burried alive courtesy of the Thai Mafia bores me. You here it too much. It does happen occasionaly of course, of that im sure, but i just wish it was not banded around so easily. We
  12. Yeh, possibly. I dont know. I guess Thailand is Thailand and things can happen. Maybe it could have gone down that road. Either way, im sure if i was him my arse would have been squeaking. big time! Not a situation i would like to be in. I guess though my general point is.... you know; does this whole notion of 'being thrown in the klong' not get over exagerated sometimes?' There was a ferang guy from Oz just 4 weeks ago - and this is 100% truthfull - who set up a jet ski business on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui. This is a well established business model of course, which has always
  13. In Kanchanaburi, yes. Shot by a drunk policeman. Unfortunatley, the Brit guy didnt know how fucking evil the Thais can be with a beer in them if you say or do the wrong thing. There are always exeptions to the rule. Not every guy in LOS is going to shoot you, because you told him to stop chatting your mrs up (as was the case above). This could easily happen in England.... but we dont speak of 'ending up in a river if you fuck with that English guy' at any given chance. If a Thai guy chats my GF up in an aggresive way for example - and this is a good example - i am going to politley
  14. My standard reply to the airport taxi guys, gem scammers etc etc is 'fuck off'. A loud, audible, fuck off. I almost enjoy seeing them aproach me at the airport, just so i can tel them to fuck off. Fuck'em. I hate the scummy bastards. The Kings's Palace scammers get me. Right in front of the staff, soldiers and security guards, at the gate to what is the symbolic palace to the King Of Thailand, these guys will declare the place closed in order to rip them off. The staff, guards etc.... like, 20 yards away, couldnt give a fuck. Is that not a blatent disrespect to the King? Would th
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