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  1. Thong Lor Police "fined" the Santika Club 48 times in 4 years for operating illegally. Well, actually, they took monthly bribes for 4 years to let them continue to run this death trap. A high ranking Policeman then became a "partner" and the "fines" stopped...the club continued to operate illegally. After the 66 horrific deaths, the Thong Lor Police were then tasked with investigating this tragedy. Somethings wrong.
  2. UPDATED PHOTOS OF THE SCAMMERS WORKING OVER VISITORS AT THE ERAWAN SHRINE. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21533131@N06/ These scammers are working in view of the TAT Info Booth on this corner! AMAZING THAILAND.
  3. The TAT Official says the Gem Scam Con is their number one complaint... but then goes on to say there is nothing that can be done. If I were the TAT governer...I would have a plan to eliminate my number one problem. Someones being paid to ignore this.
  4. At the end of the Bangkok Post story, they recomend tourists contact the Tourist Police here: http://www.tourist.police.go.th/ I'm guessing 99.9% of the tourists don't read Thai.
  5. So, the TAT say this is their number 1 complaint but then go on to say, there is nothing they can do about it. Lame.
  6. Bangkpk Post story on the Gem Scam. http://www.bangkokpost.com/Perspective/10Feb2008_pers002.php SIRIPORN SACHAMUNEEWONGSE advises tourists to watch out for friendly strangers who loiter around famous Bangkok landmarks and try to coax them for a ride. Manoeuvring clients into paying top dollar for ordinary items is a common practice in the business world, but when there is outright trickery involved, as experienced by a large number of foreign visitors to Bangkok who have fallen victim to its infamous "gem scam", the question of legality comes into play. Typically, the s
  7. [Yes, we get the message, no need to repeat it on a regular basis - KS]
  8. My Erawan Con Artists photo site has well over 1,000 views so far. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21533131@N06/ I think it's appalling that dozens of professional con artists work like that in plain view at a major tourist attraction... Especially after I have written and supplied pictures to the TAT, TAC, Tourist Police, Erawan, Hyatt Erawan, Gaysorn, Amarin, Central World, BTS, Bangkok Post, The Nation and Thai Hotels Assoc.. Only the editor from the Bangkok Post responded to my emails. All the others ignored the emails I sent them. I drive by there now and then and still see them
  9. Good thing for me that Stickman was mistaken about my photos on the site. No pictures of me are available. The site only contains photos of the Erawan Con gang. I will be avoiding that area for some time though. At least we know the Tourist Police can't be trusted.
  10. The TAT Governer took $1,700,000 USD in bribes on just one deal. No telling how many more she swindled.
  11. My Nephews came to Bangkok and called me. I was busy and would see them the next day. They grabbed a tourist map and went looking for the Temple....... Yes, this was before my Bangkok Tour Co. was formed.
  12. 50 jewelry stores, systematically fleecing novice travelers for the last 30 years is different that a Dutchman looking for some beer money. Does that Dutch beggar have it's own Wikipedia page I wonder? :content: Browse around in here for some solid info on the scam. It's pretty interesting. If you take the time to read some of it, I think you will agree with me. It's way more than a few independant touts trying on a tourist here and there. It's big money. Thai Gem Scam info here. Wikipedia webpage on Thai Gem Scam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_gem_scam Gem Scam link: ht
  13. The Tourist Police and the TAT see the incredible profits to be made so their natural reaction would be..... how can I get a piece of the action? Not, how can I help these foreigners... They certainly have the budget and capability to warn visitors but instead, are indifferent to the plight of the novice tourist.
  14. Some good posts here. My Erawan Conman photo site has over 600 hits, so hopefully I have prevented at least a few people from having their trip ruined. I do think the Tourist Police are involved and most likely some at the TAT are letting it continue too. The TAT has 900 employees in a 20 story building. With the Thai Gem Scam being their #1 complaint, I would have thought sombody in a position of authority would order some signs erected at these places or a warning on that TAT welcome video played on incoming flights.Instead the video encourages tourist to look for the excellent deals on
  15. Whether I believe corruption "exists" within TAT ...or not..is a totally different issue to your "flash of brilliance" of the TAT being....."quote"... probably in on it.(The Gem scams' date=' that is) As others have correctly pointed out, scams exist all over the world....Suckers get suckered "somewhere" EVERY hour of every day.. Dumb Fcuks get ripped off, "usually" due to their own GREED...simple as that... No such thing as a "Free Lunch"....so any Fcukwit that thinks someone is gunna "Sell" him something for half...or a quarter of it's true value....deserves what they get....JMH
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