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  1. Lots of laughs ... However, it's funny how those old adages ring true ... you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Good to see an old familiar poster ... I remember when you were a nervous first timer, but a constant poster (as one can see from 10,000 excess posts). Maybe they should do a sociology review as to the changing faces of forums in geograhphical regions to to review social norms of old forums. Although, it seems a shame, there has been a lot of wisdom posted here, maybe in jest or in forethought. I did note that an old timer has since gone Eyebee ... RIP So, the count so far is 1 ...
  2. It's been awhile, but who is left on this board? Last time I was shooting out dribble, there was alot of debate about the significance/tenure of this/the board. A quick glimpse of recent posts reveal a lack of vigour - is it that bad or did I just get back to base during a holiday period?
  3. I, am so tight, that I could step on a quarter and tell you if it's heads or tails. If it ain't licking my dick, it should be walking so I can check out its ass (free of course, as I can get this on any free beach back in Oz). I can never understand why working girls should get a free deal, if she works it right, she gets paid, if not, keep walikng.
  4. Watched Blade Runner again last night, I find it one of the best movies of all times if not the best Sci-Fi film (up their with the original Time machine). The movie has one of the best near ending lines, "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." Ps I would add 10 stars but the new board won't let me do so ... I get a "You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message" message
  5. Sure is, I said it But should we feign any admiration for their made up worlds? ... if your a good singer, great, a nice way to make a living, but they are not gods or spiritual leaders of great thought. Also, a self addicted drug addict who acts like a whore is not what I would consider a great fantasy world. Would you want your daughter to live the life she did, I don't think I would want that for my daughter. She had one big hit, and has been described as a great singer but for what - dead at 27? I do like my music, and it is sad when those who you grew up with pass away, but of natural causes. I have never been one to put up rock stars as some form of demigods. But yes, a sad end to a short life
  6. oan_WhqoD10 It is sad that anyone is dead before their time, but those who want to live in a fantasy world, take drink and drugs to excess, well, go figure
  7. The article is absolutely boring. He is still fighting battles which ended many months ago. I almost feel sorry for him. Yes, I concur, almost Shakespearean, Much ado about nothing
  8. Yes, cash is king Any link to the article?
  9. Watched it last night, yes, a very good film, and the trigger that brought down the American mafia
  10. Maybe, he is now being sued by his lawyer - nothing amazes me in the adventures of Mekong
  11. I was wondering what 'bump' was referring to
  12. In Europe, some battle in France, I cannot recall the name of the battle or the place, but have heard about it many times ... whilst there is no argument that the Americans forces, through their numbers and skill, eventually won the war in the Pacific, and the English and the Yanks eventually won the war in Europe, it was those two battle that gave the allies the belief that the Germans and Japs could be defeated and turned back
  13. PNG actually ... we turned them back on the Kakoda trail (track) with help from the fuzzy wuzzies
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