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  1. What happened Spirit, no one up for it, or did you not organise anything!
  2. We don't use them Mekong, Drop me a PM if you need the name of the company we use.
  3. Mekong great info but the Certificate in the UK only costs £25.00.We get hundreds a year for the Oil and Gas lads
  4. From Sunbelt Asia - Nana go-go bar How do you get a valuation of 22,000,000baht on profits of 300,000 to 500,000baht Located in a key location in the busiest entertainment district in Bangkok, this go-go bar has been in business for 15 years and has many pretty girls as dancers making it a popular destination. The premises has 250 sqm over three shophouses with nice decor and a good ambiance. There is a 3+3+3 lease and a monthly rent of 660,000 Baht. There are over 40 staff with total monthly salaries at 280,000 Baht. Last year saw sales of 21 million Baht with profits around 300,00-500,000 Baht. The owner is forced to move overseas for family issues and so must sell the business. ASKING PRICE: 22 million Baht
  5. Watched the Dammed United the tribute to Brian Clough, the best football Manager England never had, quite good!!
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