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  1. But ....but...but.....didn't they insist that Merrick Garland's nomination by Obama in 2016 should be held over until after the Presidential election that year? Surely the Reps wouldn't backtrack on those arguments this time round??? I'll get my coat.
  2. ^^ The hire was probably as a "locally engaged employee" i.e. not a career foreign service employment.
  3. Krungsri not charging either.
  4. checkbin

    The Covid-19 thread

    I guess it clicks in at midnight tonight.
  5. checkbin

    The Covid-19 thread

    Prayut devolved power to order closures elsewhere to provincial level. Chonburi provincial government has ordered closure of all entertainment venues 18-31 March 31st, 2020. Pattaya go sleep now.
  6. We need it! 😩
  7. First went to 33 (Renoir) in 1988. 33's problems began with the financial crash of 2007-2008: many expat regulars repatriated, leaving a slim customer base for the expanded number of bars. Add in greedy landlords hiking up rents. No marketing strategy to attract new punters and, especially, short-term visitors to LOS. Reputation for high prices - bar-fines were north of THB 1,500, though Happy Hour drinks in many 33 bars were cheaper than in Nana or Cowboy. And a less obvious reason: some of the older bars, all technically loss-making, had washing machines in the back room connected to football gambling outfits. Once a lot of that cash-flow went on-line, no call/input for the washing machines.
  8. Still there and now called the Lotus. Stayed there many times: great service. Once left an external back-up drive with about 4 years work on it but the maid kept it for me (and I had great difficulty getting her to accept a decent tip on my next stay).
  9. Goya Bar was still open in August, but struggling.
  10. Yup, remember him well for selling a share to a young Scandiwegian, wheelchair-bound after a car crash. The Scandiwegian paid for his share with his car crash compensation, assured it was a good investment..... Flash, can you remember the other conman of those days? Clue: New York Saint, received a refund after intervention by Gringo?
  11. Same vein as Cav's "pin drop" post above. Told to me by a journalist on The Guardian. Scene: London reception to mark a visit to the UK by a big cheese of the German Axel Springer press group. The German visitor is getting on everyone's nerves, particularly by braying about how wonderful everything German is. At one point he's extolling the beauty of the Black Forest, suggesting everyone should visit. He asks one of the British guests: "Have you ever been to Germany?" The Brit replied: "Yes, I visited Germany 18 times in 1943 - mainly at night". You could have heard a pin drop.
  12. Please check your PM box. TVM
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