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  1. Mekong's post (No. 21): The "On yer bike" quip was by Norman Tebbit, then Employment Secretary. The exact words were: I grew up in the '30s with an unemployed father. He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking till he found it.
  2. I use AVG (cleans up and then runs in the background, free package at first, then pay for full service) + Spybot, a free package that the user has trigger. Both suggested by professional computer chappie at work. Sympathies to Flash - seems like only yesterday that he posted his first computer whinge on Nanapong - I'll commiserate with a drink at Woodstock later tonight. [Er ... something not quite right here....]
  3. http://www.burmastar.org.uk/stories/escape-from-bangkok/ (Too long for cut and paste)
  4. Police Constable Keith Palmer RIP
  5. Thonglor Optical, just inside Soi Thonglor from Sukhumvit, left side Place to the right of where Check Inn used to be between Suk Soi5 & 7 - 'Swiss Optician' maybe.
  6. Yes - I've done my last four 90 day reports online. See https://extranet.imm...7/TM47Action.do * ignore the site security warning on the first page; * seems to only work via Internet Explorer .
  7. On what criteria were the universities assessed? - The ranking is meaningless without that information. EG: Research output in peer-reviewed journals? External assessment of courses/teaching/examinations? Assesment by discipline (not spanking, Flash - by course subjects) - even the best unies have some crap departments and vice versa.
  8. Stop wearing checked shirts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgaRd4d8hOY
  9. Wasn't the money owed to *NYS* repaid after a rather large Nanapong moderator from Scotland paid a call on Graham? I don't think the young guy ever saw his money again - just like our old pal Somchai? On a brighter note, Jools was the first Thai bar I visited on my inaugural visit in 1988. Fine establishment, with a very kind bartendee called Dao (Star). Happy days...
  10. Retirement Visa duly extended yesterday. No form/questions about social media usage, visits to Woodstock bar etc.
  11. No grilling today - all Chiang Mai appointments allocated by the time I arrived at 09.00hrs after a two hour drive. (Online appointment system crashed last July ...) Early night tonight ....
  12. Thanks Flash. My extension rite is due this week (at Chiang Mai). Will post here details of any additional forms and income validation required if/when I survive the grilling.
  13. Flash: Was your pal applying for a retirement visa ad novem or for an annual extension?
  14. Ah ..... I don't do Farcebook.
  15. Then there was the Brazilian joint in the basement of the Intercontinental....
  16. How many times did Sinatra & Streisand announce farewell gigs?
  17. I liked the section about the shocking Wednesday Woodstock Incident...
  18. Nothing to get excited about - it was only another "my puter, him not working" post.
  19. Could somebody please paste in here the full text of Section 44 - searching so far only produces extracts ? Thanks
  20. Just a thought: why not change the name back to Nana Plaza .....?
  21. Not the first time - Chaturon Chaiseng announced similar measures about ten years ago (vital anti-terrorism measure blah blah). Quietly dropped.
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