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  1. Spellbound is still a long way from really rocking: dropped by last week to find but three other patrons present. First dance shift average, second sponsored by Col. Sanders. One SML and out.
  2. Sod the wifi - when's the housewarming party?
  3. The world awaits the return of Suadum. Perhaps.
  4. checkbin

    No Brits

    Link works for me.
  5. It didn't go too well when the PLA was deployed to 'teach the Vietnamese a lesson' in 1978.
  6. ^^^ Source please. (Post 120)
  7. YTD downloader still working today
  8. Isn't the French geezer actually a Scot? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/thailand/11113268/Terrified-Briton-flees-Thai-island-after-mafia-death-threat.html
  9. And in the meantime, that Red Bull nipper is still too poorly to return to LOS from Singapore and face charges of dragging a Thonglor cop to his death with his car.
  10. Presumably Nanapong members will be given discount on drinks prices on production of their membership cards at Rififi? I've heard that Rodolfo will be at the Doll House event; doctors haven't yet decided whether Swissjoker can be released to attend.
  11. Soi Angel is flying in from Burkina Faso for a summit meeting with Farangman and Stef on Friday to fine-tune the arrangements. What could possibly go wrong? :grinyes:
  12. http://www.dell.com/learn/th/en/thdhs1/campaigns/distributors-partners Long list of Dell-authorised dealers here.
  13. I knew him when he looked like Pete Best.
  14. ^^ Yup - the image of carpet-crawling Suchinda and Chamlong lives on.
  15. "I didn′t offer my service because I′m drunk ..." Glad to read the ear problem has cleared up. edit: typo
  16. Hmmm...I'd like to think that The Nation is behind the news curve (again...). This from Richard Barrow: RT @RichardBarrow: 5:50pm The only demo in #Bangkok tonight is in front of Police HQ on Rama I Rd near Central World. Expected to be peaceful but steer clear
  17. Watching Bluesky now - looks as if the Suthepistas have brought in a bulldozer to have a go at the concrete barriers.
  18. Just called 1111. Chaeng Wattana is closed today, please go to Ladprao. Situation will be reviewed daily - please call again tomorrow morning.
  19. Local media (press/social media/twitter/radio/TV) is all over the place and foreign media have only deployed their 'B' teams. 1,2,3 or 4 dead at Ram?; Student(s) or 'Red(s)'. Some outlets reporting 'Reds' leaving for home on Jatuporn's instructions, others that they're moving out of the stadium to 'protect' the government buildings scheduled for occupation by Suthep's lot. Photos or it didn't happen....Apply salt accordingly.
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