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  1. ^^ my expiry date leaves me with no choice but to give it a try in mid-week. I'll sms you with the outcome (no internet where I'll be staying). Not sure what colour shirt I'll wear, but I'll get to work on Kumbaya.
  2. In the meantime .... is Immigration at Chaeng Wattana (still) open for business?
  3. Flashermac is dead right: it's the equivalent of GCSEs (UK)/US high school diploma. Questions of funding aside, it qualifies the holder to apply for a university place. Happy memories of one ex-Soi 33 bar girl who went to a school in Bangna on Sundays for three years and succeeded in getting the diploma (or whatever it's called) and used it as a bridge to a vocational tertiary qualification - now has her own financially viable non-sponsored business. Another was in the process of applying for university when she died at the age of 32 :-((( Huge boost to self-esteem and village esteem when they received their official certficates. Just a thought, but maybe the British Council in Bangkok could produce some sort of validation letter for OP? http://www.britishcouncil.or.th/en Apologies for lack of paragraphs here - indentation him not working today.
  4. Not sure if it's still operational, but have you thought about the Thai bar in the basement of Thai Square in Cockspur Street (near Trafalgar Square)?.
  5. Is the site sponsored by Red Bull?
  6. checkbin


    Anyone here been to Rutnin Eye Hospital? I binned Samitivej as an option after the opthamologist fumbled the equipment badly during diagnostic tests. Bumrungrad better, albeit expensive (had cataract surgery there a couple of years ago). It worked at the time, but vision is now fading in one eye. Maybe time for a re-bore. Any other suggestions in BKK most welcome. Thanks
  7. Not guest-friendly. A friend worked there until recently. The drill is that uniformed security guards intercept resident + new friend just inside the Soi 11 entrance. Joiner fee is taken and (should be) logged in a notebook. In practice, unlogged joiner fees are shared out between the guards and night reception staff. One night an Indian resident paid joiner fee and went upstairs with his plat du nuit, only to re-appear about 20 minutes later demanding a refund. His 'lady' had turned out to be a 'man', so he wanted his money back. As the receptionist said 'Joiner is joiner Sir; no refund'. No idea what the current joiner fee is
  8. Let us never forget the Nanapong calendar .....
  9. UK rather than US: Hair loss in patches the size of a ten baht coin. Wife's patches grew back over the course of a year; a male student pal went home bald. Dry itchy skin, red rashes - none of the Uk-prescribed meds worked, but two weeks back in LOS cured it and it never recurred.
  10. Lots of lazy/ignorant errors and inaccuracies here, e.g. the capital of Jiangsu is Nanjing not Suzhou. But the story of Lin Zhao is basically correct. Some of her writings from prison are now lodged at the Hoover Institute at Stanford Unie, though the Shanghai authorities are still hanging on to some. Wiki entry isn't too bad: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lin_Zhao
  11. Please, let it not be another 'Arab' acquisition.....
  12. The gates are there now but .... several left open and thus still allowing two-way traffic. Never seen the point of taking a taxi there - save the 50THB surcharge, risk a meter being 'broken' etc.
  13. And the PRC has just introduced a capital gains tax ....
  14. Preparations have begun already. Last week MASH gogo in Pattaya closed and is rumoured to be relocating in Pusan. Q: Are you still a reservist? :-)
  15. Off topic: Late 1980s: what was the name of that outdoor restaurant built over a large pond, all dishes delivered by uniformed waiters on roller skates; fishes went wild for bread chucked in from the walkway bridges? Central-ish BKK, but I'm darned if I can remember where. OP: Imperial was the first hotel I stayed at.
  16. Back to the thread topic. Who can recall the bar line-up at Nana in the late 1980s? Nothing on the ground or top floors, and only (?) DC10, Sexy Nights, Hog's Breath, Farang Connection and Woodstock on the middle floor. I can remember meeting a pensioner called Flashermac there, but not much else.
  17. DCXV was for newbies, as I recall. Fancy some specially-cooked gravy and a tumbler of Ricard? (Wonder how old Chunky is these days - great dancer....).
  18. Take a look at Le Premier II, Sukhumvit 59 [Thonglor]. Medium-sized/Middle-aged block now under refurbishment; pool, gym etc. More than OP's 200 metres to the skytrain - about a ten minute walk to Thonglor. Soi doesn't flood in the rainy season. 24/7 security. Plenty of taxis pass by. Don't bother with agents: go to the condo office to find out what's on the market in the block. No problems with expat quota - mainly [quiet] Thai middle-class residents with sprinking of Japanese and Caucasians. Apartment configurations vary from 2beds up. Pal has lived there for five years - no complaints from him.
  19. Be blunt: standard Chinese negotiating tactic in play, i.e. create a deadline, engage provider but then hold off from closing the deal as the deadline approaches. Claim that it is the other party, not them, that's failing to demonstrate sincerity/genine interest in closing the deal. Once the provider is on his back foot go hard to insert additional requirements at no extra cost, knowing that the provider has already invested time and money in the negotiation and contract preparations. Free e-book on Chinese commercial negotiating style here: http://www.rand.org/pubs/reports/R2837.html
  20. Still broken in Thailand (Readers' Rants pages). Weekly opens on the secondary link. Galt's revenge?
  21. Are the meetings still held at Woodstock in Nana Plaza? Haven't been for a while.
  22. Are Stickman's sites having a problem? I can access the entry pages of each, but clicking on the forward link produces 'Internet Explorercannot display the web-page'.
  23. Very vague memories (happens a lot these days...): perhaps it was a show called HOW? screened by ITV. Three hosts: Fred Dinenage, a forgettable woman and Jack Hargreaves, pic below. Hargreaves did the science stuff - the other two were lightweights.
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