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  1. Soi 33 has been dying on its feet since its expat customer base evaporated. Once popular bars of the Nanapong Era have closed for good (e.g. Santana, Papa) or merged (e.g. Monet and Dali, now both housed in a split version of the old Dali). Average age of the hostesses has rocketed into the 30s and levels of pulchitrude and education have nose-dived. Most bars rarely reach double figures of customers per evening; bar-fines still average 1,500THB (spot the correlation). Not recommended.
  2. More useful if it had named the BTS stations correctly ...
  3. Bummers has been like that for easily ten years. Try Samitivej hospital for a less Middle Eastern experience.
  4. I was greatly taken by the delicate placing of the vomit bucket: what a superb host ...
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