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  1. ...short of freelancers that is (I don't know if the risk is worth it). Or should I look in other areas too?
  2. AD1985

    Heffner (84) To Marry Playmate Harris (24)

    Seems a bit ridiculous to me. This is his 3rd marriage (& divorce rates go up on every subsequent marriage) The generational differences between being born in the 20's vs the 80's are going to play a significant factor once the realities of marriage settle in for them. Hugh has many strengths but putting some thought into long term relationships is not one of them. I guess because of his path in life he's been trained to follow his emotions
  3. I'm still fairly young (25) but I've been wondering about what life is like as an older guy, single vs married. I don't see a reason to get married before 35 but after that my general conception is that single life is still probably better between 35-45. But after a certain point, marriage becomes more favorable. I imagine that life at 60 or 70 may be quite empty without a family. I'm interested to hear what the older guys have to say (good and bad) especially if you're single.
  4. I've heard that thai people are more passive and afraid of confrontations. After watching some videos on youtube I have to wonder if this is accurate; from what I've seen, Thai people are quite lively and not fitting the "quiet submissive asian" stereotype at all. Hopefully someone can help me understand the picture better!
  5. AD1985

    Day time availability

    These questions are troll-like. You'll need to explain your situation--how can you possibly not know the answer to those questions? The only scenario I can fathom would be a person who has never been to Pattaya and is too lazy to read a little bit about the place. Oh' date=' yeah, there's also the troll scenario. [/quote'] Sorry, didn't realize my questions would offend.
  6. AD1985

    Day time availability

    In that case maybe I do need to take a girl before work. How late are most places open? Do the stunners tend to go quick?
  7. AD1985

    Day time availability

    Since I must answer the phone during US hours, I'll need to be awake during 12:00am to 8:00am every day (I don't like making drastic sleep cycle changes on the weekends). Bringing a girl home before work hours is probably a bad idea, so I'm left with going out after, which is roughly 8:00am to 11:00am or so. Is there any action around this time? If so would a daytime girl expect to stay for a "long time?" (This wouldn't work well unless she wants to go to sleep at noon)
  8. AD1985

    How common is plastic surgery?

    I usually don't like the enhanced look but I notice one thing that drives me wild is a perfectly round set of enhanced tatas (especially if they're "just a little to big" for the girl's frame) How popular are breast implants and other cosmetic surgeries in Thailand?
  9. Although I am moving elsewhere as a semi-vacation I will still work quite a bit online (the nature of my gig) so taking the time to practice another language will not be possible. This language issue may sway me towards the Philippines. I know they all speak english over there, but does anyone know if their signs, menus, etc generally have English captions as well?
  10. Hmm. Some of what you said puzzles me further - I've read that Thai is a relatively difficult language to learn. I Guess I could learn basic phrases in a couple days, but conversational Thai? - Why did you call an expat area a "ghetto"? I assume they would be the nicer areas. - Living in an expat area may be more expensive, but for an extended stay it helps to be around others who you can talk and relate with. I'm not saying I don't appreciate Thais but the ideal is to have a social circle of both.
  11. Hi all, I'm curious what it's like to live in Thailand without speaking Thai. I'm planning a 6-12 month long stay somewhere outside the US, most likely Thailand or Philippines. I'm a simple guy and don't care about many of the usual criteria (beer prices, shopping, restaurants, tourist/travel areas) so the choice is fairly close for me. The big differences I see are big language barriers in Thailand vs unreliable electricity, higher crime, less expat community in the Philippines. It would be nice to hear how current expats are doing out in Thailand especially if you're getting by without speaking Thai.
  12. AD1985

    The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women

    I wonder if western women feel the same way that western men do (ie Amercian men are arrogant and spoiled, and men in other countries make better husbands)
  13. I know there will be some bais but I wanted to ask anyways... has anyone here been to brazil or the other latin american countries? What do you think of the latina girls vs Thai girls?
  14. The more I read about Chiang Mai the more it seems like the place for me. Only thing I haven't gotten much info on is the availability (or lack) of bar girlies 1. Are they there? 2. Are they still pretty decent looking? 3. Prices higher or lower than bangkok, pattaya etc?