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  1. Excellent, thanks, really appreciate it! According to the Pickled Liver newsletter it'll be on at theirs as well, so I'm spoilt for choices it seems! Anyone else around and planning to go?
  2. Quick question lads: where to watch tomorrow's Manchester derby in Bangkok, preferably within a walking distance from Asoke if I get to be picky. Someone suggested Scratch Dog at Windsor Hotel for eyeballing the 2am kick-offs but that doesnt sound like a fun and wholesome environment to enjoy/agonise over your footy. Thank you ever so much for your kind responses and/or pisstake.
  3. Jogging and pumping iron are not mutually exclusive; I might do some of the former, but will definitely do a lot of the latter. The gym&spa at Grand Hyatt seem to have a membership promo, 12,000 Baht nett for 6 months. Seems reasonable. From what I've understood, it's not too shabby a place to exercise at either.
  4. Hi, looking for a gym, the closer to Chitlom/Grand Hyatt the better. I'd go for Fitness First but they don't seem to have a branch in the immediate vicinity... How much do these establishments charge per month, by the way? In Jakarta it's about 500,000 Rp. a month, give or take some, just wondering whether this rings true for Bangkok as well. Thanks in advance.
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