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  1. Trust me on this...there are lots of these out there. Maybe even hundreds or thousands. Pensions were never funded and city planners always assumed growth. Arizona is a good example of the kind of measures that are coming if you would be in the market to buy a state capitol building.
  2. No, the two lassies above. The bonnie lassie on the right, the blond one, I would single out for special treatment.
  3. That much money can overcome a lot of other issues. Let me be the first to say that LKs dick would look good in her mouth. Do I hear a second?
  4. Gotta disagree with you. California is cash strapped because of the obscene retirement benefits paid to state employees. Other things too....but the pensions are unreal.
  5. I am really looking forward to my Scotland trip this summer! Was playing around with searches for sex stuff in Glasgow and found this interesting link. I mistakenly thought Cent was stretching it when he said the men in Scotland love to receive flowers. Clearly the real situation may be even more disturbing. ......................... African Men Sold Into Sex Slavery Found in Glasgow At least two African men who were trafficked into Scotland to live as sex slaves were discovered by investigators, according to the Scottish Daily Record. The men are the first known male sex slaves brought into the country, according to the report. Typically, says antitrafficking advocate Julian Heng, African males are trafficked into Scotland for physical labor, and not sex. Approximately 700 women have been brought into the U.K. for sexual slavery. Of the two men, one was forced to take part in pornography, while the other was sold for sex. Both men were in their 20s and forced to stay in Glasgow against their will, lured there by the promise of work. http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2010/04/13/African_Men_Sold_Into_Sex_Slavery_Found_in_Glasgow/
  6. Thanks very much Cent. No question that Scotland, thanks to this thread, is way up on my tourism list now. Top priority for not only the literary and cultural contributions to civilization but also the raw physical beauty of the Scottish landscape. When it comes to poontang I guess I will insert my tourist baht elsewhere. Sadly, Sweden is now out also after the recent Wikileaks debacle with the gender equity officer and the payback for consensual sex.
  7. This Scotland thread is great and I now know that it is a place I have to visit, cool accent and plenty of comedians to make me laugh if the whiskey doesn't work. What about sex in Scotland? Are there any unique things a man must know before mounting a Gaelic speaking goddess? We saw the cool hats and topless girls in the Africa thread. Any similar rituals in Scotland?
  8. What about tossing the caber? When a Scottish man say he tossed the caber doesn't that mean he had sex? If this thread is an official Munchmaster endorsed Scotland thread this is exactly the kind of stuff that needs to be included.
  9. We aren't talking about fine dining here.
  10. I had a Scottish couple as neighbors once. The wife had fantastic tits.
  11. I wanted to post a story about the rape statistics in Sweden and how much different it is than the rest of Europe, and why Assange could be screwed. Do I need to create a Sweden topic? Or should it be in USA because it is mostly US diplomatic stuff being released? If it is in USA the Europeans will miss it...
  12. I would seriously think about Ensenada if I was moving someplace as an alternative to Thailand/SEA. Much cheaper than anyplace in the US last time I was there and it does have a sleaze street if you need it. Medical care there is probably as good as the US at a fraction of the price.
  13. "Some naked idiot stole the frat flag and my pal (a rugby player) chased him down and tackled him down the street on the asphalt. " The naked idiot with "your friend" right there on the street also sounds gay. I think you are both going to get OH rulings and they will be far, far worse than the Afghani dancing boy ruling I recently suffered from.
  14. "I remember guys coming to class in a t-shirt and swim trunks and leaning their surf board against the wall outside. Then Santa Cruz students actually got a letter from the rector telling them to stop kissing and groping each other in class. " That is great to hear and a clear statement of gay pride. What were the heterosexuals doing?
  15. Just imagine what we will find out in 45 years about 9-11. If wikileaks doesn't do it first...
  16. I went here: http://www.startingpage.com/do/metasearch.pl and typed in: Clinton lied under oath Do it and check the results. It looks to me like he lied but I did not read any of the links as Bill Clinton is ancient history for me...the last few years more concerned about other stuff.
  17. Clinton lied under oath in grand jury testimony.
  18. Ron is Ronald Reagan. If you have to ask that question clearly the terrorists have won. Why is this thread on thai360? Because we care about freedom.
  19. "Has any president? " Yes. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Bill testified.
  20. "....do you believe everything the government (regardless of side/party" Sometimes I don't understand people like you....so I suppose now you are going to say there were NOT weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
  21. Great! Hopefully when she comes back for her next flight we might get a few nudes.
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