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  1. Fair enough.....wondered if you had a Russian article on that. I fear this is going to backfire on Israel. Called my Congressman and they have not had a single call in support of action on Syria to the local office and they've had a lot of calls. For Michael Savage to turn against Netanyahu is huge. Mega. Earth shattering. Listen to his program if you can and then post your opinion here.
  2. Plainsdrifter, That is not a personal attack. It is a legitimate question. Where do you get this stuff? Your post on the poor woman forced for decades to dress in head-to-toe black to renew her Iranian passport was great! But red line? Is there a source you can quote for that or a link where you read it? This is not a huge struggle against Islam. This is a single nasty regime in a civil war in a region filled with nasty regimes. If not for Israel the US would not care and I find it very disturbing that the US finds itself “serving as Al Qaidas air force†as Congressman Cruz said.. I did start the thread because I'm interested in the topic. Although that was not a personal attack I find your response amusing - you are the victim of a personal attack when asked for a source. If there is something you read on that please post a link...if it is an opinion please say so.
  3. Mac, Getting tense here....this might be a good time to break for some hijab porn. Certainly some of these women are probably Syrian. http://www.bravoteens.com/vids/arab.shtml
  4. Red line? Where do you come up with this stuff?
  5. As usual Ron Paul has some points worth thinking about. http://www.ronpaulchannel.com/video/ron-pauls-syria-petition-sign-up-to-tell-obama-to-stay-out/
  6. Interesting to watch the news here...that Syria did or did not do this is a quesiton that can't even be considered. One of the saddest parts is that Syria has a better record of protecting Christians than many other countries in the region.
  7. You're completely correct. Coss....I am sorry for taking your thread off topic. It was thoughtless of me and any stress this caused to you or Plainsdrifter was unintentional. I have nothing to add about Vietnam other than to say that the women can be extremely hot. Plainsdrifter....check out the new Syria Thread. Thread hijacks are welcome there....thread hijacks of a sexual nature are strongly encouraged for those who have nothing to say about Syria.
  8. Michael Savage, who has proposed bombing Mecca in the past, seems to feel that the US is being played and sucked into a war on false pretenses. On lies. He is American, Jewish, a friend of Netanyahu and in the past one of the strongest radio supporters of Israel. He thinks this is about Syrian natural gas and natural gas pipelines...one is Shia and one is Sunni. Some of the stations that carry his program do work overseas: http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/wp-content/themes/savage-theme/affiliatesmap.php Do you agree with him? Are we being lied to?
  9. Of course you've correct. ANY news source that does not want to bomb Syria must be ignored.
  10. There is a very good article on RT today about US soldiers not wanting to fight in Syria. "Many US servicemen are against the looming strike on Syria, Republican Congressman Justin Amash said on Twitter, in an attempt to counter the idea that the country might be overwhelmingly in favor of military action." http://rt.com/usa/us-against-syria-strike-313/
  11. Mac, Do a search for Michael Savage. He has a talk show in the US and a few years ago it was one of the more popular. Interviewed the Israeli PM many times on the radio and has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Even banned from the UK for talking about bombing Mecca. For years he sounded like a Likud Party spokesman. The rush to war for Israel in Syria is so blatantly obvious to him he said: "Dr. MICHAEL SAVAGE 5th Ranked Radio Show Host in US , Author On Syria: "Who’s behind this? Who’s pushing it? Well I suspect that it was Israel all along. "It’s Israel pushing the United States – and England and France and Italy and Germany — to strike Assad. "What we know is true is that Israel is deeply involved in the war drum beating,..... Israel is "pulling Obama’s strings," "If you can get America and France and Italy and Germany to act for you and they're foolish enough to risk a third world war, why not? Put your own interests ahead of the world, what do you care?" "I'm sick of this slavish worship of Israel. No, it's America first and Israel's the tail, not the dog. We're the dog, they're the tail. And I'm sick and tired of America being yanked around like we're the tail and they're the dog.....Whoever put him (Obama) in power wants their payback." . The Michael Savage Show August 28, 2013"
  12. Its funny! Relax!! You have to be able to laugh at this stuff. I know living in Japan can be super high stress compared to everwhere else I've lived but what Mac posted, and his comments, were absolutely not offensive. It doesn't make Thais look clueless...English as a second language often has light moments. Deal with this every day in marriage and work and the first time I have ever heard pointing out interesting mistakes and misuse of English as making people look clueless is in this thread.
  13. Last week former US President Jimmy Carter said we no longer have a democracy in the US. I tend to agree with him.
  14. Cav, The sarcasm in this article will appeal to you. In fact, we are now on the side of Al Queda in Syria. "On Monday, the European Union formally labeled Hezbollah a “terrorist†group. Why? Because Hezbollah has gone to war with al-Qaeda. But wait a minute – wasn’t al-Qaeda supposed to be the worst terrorist group in the world? Isn’t the West leading a “global war on terror†whose main target is al-Qaeda? Shouldn’t the West be thanking Hezbollah, and showering it with rewards, for turning against global terrorist enemy number one? Apparently not." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/07/24/hezb-terror/
  15. They despise other Asians for sure but not really westerners. Japan is in terrible shape as far as national debt goes but it is all held in Japan by Japanese. The US is lucky in that a default can be somewhat isolated to certain countries. The Chinese for getting involved in some US action somewhere, or a default on a country like Saudia Arabia for "supporting terrorism". This fact is not lost on central bankers.
  16. Famous Grouse? Pretty sure it was a whiskey brand. Thai360 and the Drummond site are the two Thai sites I check most often.
  17. Pretty sad video here. http://rt.com/in-motion/thailand-oil-spill-evacuation-840/
  18. waerth, These claim issues have been going on for years and it is sad to think that somebody could be so ignorant to actually deny that these policies exist. Extremely sad... In many countries insurance has had better protection from government than banks have. “IN 1916 William Elsas, 32 years old and a member of a well-off Jewish family from Württemberg, took out a life-insurance policy worth 70,000 gold marks...†http://www.economist.com/node/369353 “Prior to and during the Holocaust, members of the Jewish communities throughout Europe purchased insurance policies, including life, education, and dowry, to provide for their families.†http://www.naic.org/...aust_claims.htm “Thousands of aging Holocaust survivors in the U.S. want Congress to clear a path for them to sue European insurance companies they contend illegally confiscated Jewish life insurance policies during the Nazi era and have refused to pay an estimated $20 billion still owed.†http://www.boston.co...i_era_policies/
  19. “.....but some gals are actually quite young, some 19yo and 20yo alongside some 26yo....†Boy...this is EXACTLY the type of thing the owner wishes to NOT be commented on. Your effort to post a report is admirable. Not nice of you to say the owner is mostly drunk as you also say you hadn't been in a long time and the owner was not there. Then how do you know this? I don't think you even consider that other people have feelings. Of course, standing up for someone, in this case J, makes me a bully, right? Every life has value...not just yours. You are not better, or worth more, than any other person on this board.
  20. Boy, Bully? I think you are..... Should we do a poll? If people vote that I am bullying you then I will leave. But if the vote does not go that way and the victim status you seek to present and so desperately crave is not upheld, will you leave? I mean really leave? Can still read the board but the name acockasian or the name Belgian Boy does not post again on Thai 360, depending on the vote. The only vote that counts is KS, of course, but a poll could be good fun. So, do we do a poll?
  21. Several months ago while on a United flight, with every overhead shelf and all the seat pockets filled with toilet paper, I sat next to a beautiful blonde woman with stunning Mediterranean features and we started to chit chat. When the time came to fill out arrival immigration cards I noticed that she took out a passport with Arabic writing and I commented on it. She looked Western and spoke English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and Malay quite well. It was a Jordanian Passport she told me, but all her life she never traveled to Jordan. You know what they say about strangers traveling together exchanging life stories so I learned her story. She was Palestinian and was born in an occupied area to a prominent family. Settlers wanted the family olive groves so her family was forced to move. Her father, the leader of the Palestinian community, died when Russian settlers burned their family home because the land her family had been on for generations had been given to these Russians over a thousand years ago. Her family only had a few rocks and the heavily armed settlers were backed by tanks and helicopter gunships. The final humiliation was when she had to translate Hebrew, Arabic, English and Farsi back and forth to Russian as the Russian settlers only spoke Russian and the soldiers protecting them only spoke Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, German, Czech and Farsi. She was forced to work as a belly dancer. Now she is the last person in her family with a Jordanian passport and she is tired of the treatment she receives whenever she shows it. The staff at the embassy want free dances. They force her to wear revealing see through black clothing. Some staffers make her go into private interview rooms for private dances. I had to choke back tears when she told of being forced to belly dance topless. Whenever she tries to transfer tips to her family, Western banks will not allow her because she is Palestinian. But she keeps plugging along grinding those hips to that exotic Middle Eastern music at Arab restaurants all over the world. I asked her why she didn't apply for an American, Canadian, British, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Turkish passport as a refugee. She replied that she didn't know that America, Canada, the U.K., Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Turkey gave passports to refugees. I thought about asking how much for a private dance but didn't...
  22. Clearly if you say it it must be true! Something must be wrong with Ura Dick to even consider the remote possibility that you could be even slightly incorrect. Clearly something is wrong with me too as I can recall many great flights and many fuck ups on both airlines.
  23. If you care one bit about the Jews who live in Iran you would not make up stories like this. There is a Jewish member of Parliament in Iran: http://www.iranjewish.com/qAsE.htm You can contact him above. He is bound by law to follow Iranian foreign policy so bear that in mind with what you write - but questions about passport renewals are straightforward. He or his staff will confirm that what you wrote is not true and that passports would not be issued for someone who has never been to Iran. Jews in Iran do not need to hide and are even allowed alcohol. See the vodka here: Either you are lying or you repeated an untrue story. It is horrible of you to cheapen the suffering of so many legitimate victims by making up such an offensively untrue story. There is plenty of tragedy to go around without your creativity, embellishment and fabrication. What you are doing is very, very wrong and I bet people who really have suffered hate and despise you for it! This has nothing to do with politics in any form. This is about honesty in general and the fact that you think the readership on this board is stupid enough to believe garbage like your post.
  24. But that does not make for a good story! Not only are they mean to her at the Embassy but she "has to dress in head-to toe black robe". Iran has not issued passports overseas since the Shah fell except in very rare circumstances. Same with so many Iranians in Japan....can't get a passport without going back.
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