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  1. but we are not talking about the USA ,but a supposedly cheap destination where you can get a woman for the night for very little.thats the way it was some years back until they got greedy . i can screw thai gals in London for the 3rd of the price of a gal in thailand. nice lookers with good bodies and no stretchmarks . for 30 pounds you get a screw and BJ .
  2. it gets worse .2 days later i went back to the same bar and spoke to anther gal and the BF had risen to 800bhts and she wanted 3000 ST !they dont appear to know there is a global economic crisis ! lady drinks are 200 -250 depending on bar .
  3. lets examine the prices, theres 700baht bar fine ,thats 14 pounds ,then 45 -65 pounds for the gal ,then drinks on top ,you wont have much change from 100 pounds .er thanx but no thanx . thailand the cheap destination ? excuse me while a stifle a hollow laugh ...
  4. cruising cowboy last nite and the bars are empty, few punters around,the prices are a major obstacle in these hard imes of poor exchane rates.the whole system was evolved in the boom years but now its so seriously out of tiuch with reality its hard to see how they can prosper,if prices were reasonable i wiuld have spent 1000s but its just not possible now
  5. a pal of mine has a GTG she is in the property business ,she has been to the UK embassy and easilly gets trip visas without any trouble . she has done this 3 times and every time she delays her visit for some reason .she has just done it again from January to February . it doesnt look good for him ,a sex worker would have done the trip and been and gone but he is stuck with this curious and strange woman .
  6. a GTG i once knew a few years back was just as bad a nuisance as a sex worker ,she works as a sales manager for an insurance co in BKK ,drinks a lot and confessed to masturbating a lot too. can do the business but highly unreliable and tricky.has conned me for the taxi fare and done the run without a shag before . has had numerous blokes in the past but now seems to prefer just jerking off and drinking chang, nice looker too but loves herself to mut. i still keep in touch in case she is horny but its hard work .
  7. agreed -crazy and insane for money ,lazy and useless . the better looking they are the worst their personality disorders
  8. Family upset with Thai murder trial KRISTA SYLVESTER/ METRO CALGARY January 08, 2009 05:06 http://www.metronews.ca/calgary/local/article/163769 Just a year after Calgarian Leo Del Pinto was killed in Thailand the trial is still in limbo, and the suspect has been released, a family spokesperson said. While progress has been made in the case against off-duty Thai officer Sgt. Uthai Daechawiwat, the fact he has been released due to a â??procedural errorâ? has the family frustrated, brother-in-law Ross Fortune told Metro. â??They have assured us it was an honest mistake (the error) and weâ??re disappointed,â? he added. â??Itâ??s been tough on the family.â? Del Pinto was killed on Jan. 6, 2008, and the family is holding a memorial tonight in his honour. â??The first year was tough because there are a lot of anniversaries and reminders,â? Fortune said, adding the family would like to have closure. One Year Anniversary Of Leo Del Pinto's Death CHQR Newsroom 1/6/2009 January 6th marks the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Leo Del Pinto in Thialand by a police officer. But Leo's dad Ernie is still looking for closure. He says the police officer who shot his son was arrested and sent to jail for the crime, but he was released soon after because some evidence was missed. He says he was not told what the missing evidence is, but he plans to ask the Thai ambassador when the two men meet on Friday in Calgary.
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