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  1. Hi Anyone stayed in Nova Park Pattaya? ....any thoughts about location, pool, cleanness, food, ect ? ...I've RTFF, very few posts about it, plus one poster said that it was somewhat run-down ....this is not the feeling that gives their site. The ground floor Garden Suites seem to be especially enjoyable. So is it a nice place for a two or three weeks stay ? Thanks.
  2. Happily, there is still not in Romania, as each year as in Thailand, 15 millions inbound tourists spoiling the whole place.
  3. Romania is by its history not the happiest country in the world. But its definitely by its culture, its natural wonders and its women beauty one of the most enthralling.
  4. The very good Romanian movie "4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile" (a movie about the illegal absortions during Ceaucescu era) that was Palme d'or at Cannes two years ago. Grim, but only recommended for those who are not into Hollywood shit.
  5. Agree on that. In the provinces your "exoticness" is attractive to some females ... but it also makes you stick out like a sore thumb and you will make some of the local flatheads jealous if you are hitting on "their" women. That being said, going to the source does makes sense. The reason why there's so many Russian (or Ukrainian, Belarus, ect) women available is simple. So many FSU men are just gopniks -sort of white trash. Gopniks are uncultured, badly dressed, broke, violent, dumb, they drink and smoke in the corridors of their Soviet housing blocks and they live in cramped 3-room flats with their mothers and sisters (and sisters children) until they are 30. The reality in this part of the world is that the "eligible male" to female ratio is something like 1:10. And the farther away you get from the big cities cosmopolitan bowels the more gopnik the guys get. In fact it's a wonder that provincial FSU women don't throw themselves at ANY foreigner. I say, long live the gopniks !!!
  6. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Even US Americans or British have already focused on Ukraine or Slovenia. Furthermore,Ukraine's relative proximity to southern Europe make it a very very popular destination for sex-hungry Italians and other Europeans. Not even talking about the Turks, who are there en mass. Those countries have been on the "sex tourist map" for many years now. They aren't a secret destination by any means. Provincial Russia is all different. Very few mongers are ready to go through all the drawbacks, absurd situations, hoops, hurdles, discomfort, disappointments, and the immense moments of solitude, of boredom and of doubt that implies a trip to provincial Russia (or to Tashkent). How many sex-hungry tourists each year you think in Khabarosk, Petropavlovk-Kamchatskij, Murmansk or Krasnodar?..and have you ever heard of those cities?
  7. The greatest show of power is in restraint, but to definitively close the matter : http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=438893&postcount=537
  8. With about 3 millions people, Tashkent is the third largest city in FSU (after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and before Kiev) by the way, which ain't nothing.
  9. Pailotte, your ridiculous failures - fiasco - in Romania had as a consequence drunken jokes (i.e the statement that I've never been to Moldova and Romania and consequently couldn't be a good adviser, so not responsible for your pathetic debacle) I made with Kojis, our mutual friend. A trip to less-travelled areas needs not only sens of adventure, initiative and imagination, but also self-confidence, discernment,poise and cultural awareness,all things that you obviously miss. Franckly, you'd better stick to Thailand, where none of those things is required, and which seems to be a better hunting ground for a disappointment monger such as yourself. And about my contribution for mongers eager to travel to Tashkent, please check the ISG (the best resource on the net) Uzbekistan threads. I have maybe 100 posts on this thread. Prosal.
  10. I couldn't say it better, indeed, especially about historic standing, demographics varieties, and women's beauty. Thanks. Gonna be there July 8 - Sept 7. PM if anyone in town.
  11. Hum .... from what I remember, wasn't the former name of this board after one of the most famous red light district/mass prostitution place on this planet? Things have then THAT changed ?
  12. I'd have the same question for the Suk 24 branch. Location can't be beat, facing Emporium.
  13. found it ! Former Soviet Union...... :content: :content: :content: +1. Former Soïouz Sovietskikh Sotsialistitcheskik Respoublik. Which covered sixth of earth landmass (the Russian Empire was also almost that size BTW), and where lived 250 distinct ethnic groups (160 now in Russia). A fascinating region in many respects (history, culture, demographics, nature, ect), and a true mongers paradise, still not on the "sex-tourism map".
  14. Agree on that. FSU girls drink like cossacks. The fact is that finding a sober girl in a FSU bar or club, although presumably possible, is difficult .... not that I am personally looking for. This reminds me a gorgeous long-legged russian-ethnic "occasional" I picked-up at Diplomat Club in Tashkent. When I met her at the bar she was obviously in a party mood. We immediatly meshed well and after some drinks (vodka) and a witty and flirtatious chit-chat, we made the agreement that if I paid for her drinks (we downed a whole bottle of Stolishnaya), I could fuck her for free till the afternoon. Which I did.
  15. What is great in Tashkent is the mix. During Soviet times, and particularly during WW2, there has been *massive* forced migrations to Uzbekistan from Russia, Poland, Caucasus, ect. Add that to multiple generations of blends between Ottomans, Central Asians, Tatars, Koreans, Persians, and other indistinct ethnicities, and believe me, the product is a throng of absolutely exotic beauties. The Uzbek hoes you see in BKK are FSU "C Team". They wouldn't fit in (I mean just fit in, not even stand out) in a bar in Tashkent. And you are right, Silk Road cities are true wonders. Hurry up to visit them though, Uzbekistan is becoming a VERY fashionable touristic destination.
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