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  1. Happily, there is still not in Romania, as each year as in Thailand, 15 millions inbound tourists spoiling the whole place.
  2. Romania is by its history not the happiest country in the world. But its definitely by its culture, its natural wonders and its women beauty one of the most enthralling.
  3. The very good Romanian movie "4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile" (a movie about the illegal absortions during Ceaucescu era) that was Palme d'or at Cannes two years ago. Grim, but only recommended for those who are not into Hollywood shit.
  4. The greatest show of power is in restraint, but to definitively close the matter : http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=438893&postcount=537
  5. With about 3 millions people, Tashkent is the third largest city in FSU (after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and before Kiev) by the way, which ain't nothing.
  6. Pailotte, your ridiculous failures - fiasco - in Romania had as a consequence drunken jokes (i.e the statement that I've never been to Moldova and Romania and consequently couldn't be a good adviser, so not responsible for your pathetic debacle) I made with Kojis, our mutual friend. A trip to less-travelled areas needs not only sens of adventure, initiative and imagination, but also self-confidence, discernment,poise and cultural awareness,all things that you obviously miss. Franckly, you'd better stick to Thailand, where none of those things is required, and which seems to be a better hunting ground for a disappointment monger such as yourself. And about my contribution for mongers eager to travel to Tashkent, please check the ISG (the best resource on the net) Uzbekistan threads. I have maybe 100 posts on this thread. Prosal.
  7. I couldn't say it better, indeed, especially about historic standing, demographics varieties, and women's beauty. Thanks. Gonna be there July 8 - Sept 7. PM if anyone in town.
  8. Quality russian pussy runs from nothing (if you mesh well with the girl) and 100us$. Which is IMO dirt cheap for a 8+ slavic girl that here in Europe could do the cover of a fashion magazine. What immediatly strikes is that the hookers are not jaded. The Uzbek hookers in Dubai and Bangkok (most of the Uzbek hookers in BKK come from Fergana valley and could not even fit in at a club in Tashkent BTW) are just as cold blooded and morally spineless as one would expect from any hooker. But once they cross the border they seem to become “requanited†with their Islamic and Central Asian hospitality. I don’t know how to describe it but there is GENERALLY less bullshit here with prostitutes that I have encountered elsewhere. Yes, they ask for any take money for sex but they seem to care about the client as a person as opposed to just seeing him as a someone to take as much from in as little time as possible. For success with local freebies, there are 1000 variables that are going to determine who will be successful and who will not. As everywhere else, it requires initiative and imagination, but also self-confidence, charm, discernment, poise and time. That being said, Tashkent (as all second-tier FSU cities) is still very much a dating paradise for a well maintened mid-aged gentleman with average to above average "game", some cultural awareness and a bit of cash. About targets, I am myself 50 and feel no shame hitting on 18-22 year olds in FSU. And get very little negative response. The girls themselves aren't surprised at all. And if you're a party goer, wild and drunken girls are a commodity in Tashkent (as in whole FSU). If you go to a late night, face-controlled, high end (non pro) bar, you will find very very good looking women all dressed up (and I don't mean in opera gowns) with wild partying on their minds, and looking for similarly well-appointed, heavy drinking and generous men with the right "look" to provide the drinks and company to get the job done. If you can fit in and keep up, is up to you.
  9. I'm not really "back", but thanks for the feedback. If you ever plan to go to Tashkent just PM me here or on ISG, I'll be happy to help and meet if I'm on site (which arrives quite frequently).
  10. Uzbek bellydancing The singer is rather average but the dancers deserve a closer look. Typical Uzbek assets. There's bellydancing floor shows, with generally outrageously hot tall and curvaceous girls, at every club in Tashkent. Truly exotic. One of the bellydancers at Diplomat Club is my goddesse.
  11. I have been to Tashkent four times in the past year or so. The variety and beauty of the women there is unparalleled. Tashkent bikini/pool outfits show (Uzbek designers and models) : Many people refer to the Islamic character of Uzbekistan, but I personally can't agree to any of that for Tashkent.
  12. JKT - Bali : Jakarta - Surabaya by the north (9 hours) or south (12 hours) route. Surabaya - Banyuwangi by non-aircond train (8 hours) Banyuwangi - Gilimanuk in west Bali by ferry (30 minutes) Gilimanuk - Denpasar by bus (1 hour) Denpasar - Legian/Kuta/Seminyak by taxi (30 minutes)
  13. My bad also for the sanguine answer. We lurkers can be a bit touchy about our first posts. :smirk:
  14. I would have liked to have known the late 80's/early 90's Golden Days of old style FSU simple life of debauchery. Those days are happily not totally over in Uzbekistan.
  15. You're wrong. Tashkent, which has a remarkable P4P scene, is an anomaly in "untapped FSU". Once you arrive in remote destinations you most often realize you have to do everything by yourself, there is no structured P4P scene and there is no one to help you. Sometimes even getting hot water in your apartment can be a challenge... not to mention finding good pros to fuck. Anyhow which monger in his right mind goes through all the hoops and expenses (letter of invitation, visa fee, expensive flights, registration, etc) that implies a trip to provincial Russia, Moldova, Caucasus or Stans just for "whoring" ? The only "good" reason to embark for 2nd tier FSU cities is that the supply of available, sexually adventurous, passionate, intelligent, conversant, fun, charming and sensual 8's and 9's freebies there is enough to keep a monger with a bit of "game" busy for the next 40 years. Nevertheless, as I said above, yeah, every new destination is a challenge.
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