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  1. SurinBum

    Thai people, pls forgive ignorant Farang ....

    Mindless consumption and accumulation = civilised development? If this is what passes for standard, I'll take a rain check.
  2. SurinBum

    50 Years In A Thai Jail - No Thanks ....

    Farang. Sometimes there are advantages....
  3. SurinBum

    Retiring In The Provinces ....

    Yep. Another in the great divide of country and city mouse.
  4. SurinBum

    Johnny Was

  5. SurinBum

    Johnny Was

    Let this be a lesson for all you wannabes and thinking of hooking-up [marrying] a bg.
  6. SurinBum

    Retiring In The Provinces ....

  7. SurinBum

    Top 10 Myths About Thai Bar Girls

    Yes. Generalisation usually constitute along the lines with myths and stereotypes. Most, of which, is directed towards the subject matter at hand. Thai girls - bargirls or not.
  8. SurinBum

    50 Years In A Thai Jail - No Thanks ....

    And for those in true higher circles don't even receive a conviction.
  9. SurinBum

    Funny How You Feel This Way

    Life is how one makes it...
  10. SurinBum

    Thailand Internet Screwed Up - Again!

    Well...imagine that. Those of us that tire of this highly common [and frequent] activity just go with it. There's nothing one can do, aside from not participating or complying. It's so bladdy universal - the f*ck ups. I reside in Thailand, yet commute frequently throughout Asia and America. Doing extensive online work with Thai-related or Thai-based sites, regardless of where I am, I find that they are the most inconsistent working systems around.
  11. SurinBum

    50 Years In A Thai Jail - No Thanks ....

    To be expected, yes? Universally understood. Not what you know, but who you know.
  12. SurinBum

    Warning to expats

    It's more than crap....it's purely imaginary.
  13. SurinBum

    Thai stand-up comedian

    Thai comedy...? Life in the countryside will suffice.
  14. SurinBum

    I need to find a *pro* in Pattaya ..

    You obviously don't spend too much time in the 'provinces', do ya?
  15. SurinBum


    Oddly enough when I came to LOS in the early 1970s many rural villages had no electricity or running water. Hospitals were few and far between. Upcountry roads were often unpaved. Rural children usually quit school after the 4th grade. Thank God good old Thaksin changed all that in the 1980s and early '90s! :content: The absence of electric and running water is still a common item throughout much of the countryside.