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  1. This is strictly my opinion (but there's plenty of rather obvious evidence to back it up): The most creative minds today are not in music/film. They're in tech. Music and Film in pop culture is now being managed by accountants and marketing. There aint't no real 'rebellion' or social turmoil like you saw in the 60s/70s. Or the raw new innovation of the 50s. The stuff being put out now has a much more derivative nature (but better effects). Nobody is going to look at the last 10 years and call it a great decade of pop art. Unless maybe video games. Hopefully that will change.
  2. Many thanks. That worked. A lot of material covered going back to '96, the first piece I read had bullet points at the bottom of the article with updates from around town and the nightlife areas. One of them said: "A few tattoo parlours have opened, females getting them as well as men." haha.
  3. Looked for it, the CHEAPEST copy I could find was $60USD for used. I guess it now has rare status. Too bad, from your description it would be a very interesting read. I wish there was an archive of the OLD Trink pieces. Looking at my bookshelf I just realized I have a small T360 corner. All of these were purchased based on recommendations or input from ppl here.
  4. Just FYI for future reference. It took me a few minutes to figure out what's going on here. This is something for everyone (at least I wasn't aware of this prior). If you embed a video make sure you're not linking a youtube playlist. Unless you want to show a mystery video that will change as the playlist does.
  5. Trust me SJ, this wasn't tourist stuff. Ping works alone on commission and spends weeks/months on a single piece. The day were were there he spent his time molding clay in that first piece for just a corner. I don't understand the whole process, but the patience and skill involved left a distinct impression. I almost felt embarrassed to be there. The bar combing tourist who in reality hasn't even scratched the surface of the life going on around me. I am, and was, a poser. Working on that. Take care.
  6. Time to get back to the basics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUntPFyL178
  7. So the lady who cuts my hair in LA is from Bangkok. I ferry over stuff for the family on every trip. Her brother worked in a factory for the vast majority of his life and sculpted on the side. One day he sold a piece. Two months later he quit his job (in his 50s) and has subsisted on his artwork ever since. He originally studied under a guy named Ping who lives in Nonthaburi. Ping does work for temples from Chiang Mai to BKK. One day we spent at Ping's workshop. It was on that day I knew that next time I came to Thailand, it wouldn't be on a 3 week tourist stint. Fuck no thank you very much.
  8. All the expat political shit I know nothing about (other than factions here get interesting at times). And I think people could come up with legitimate criticisms of stickman that I would respect, like Wendella's comments above on promoting a quasi-charlatan without questioning his credentials or claims. And the website is awful. Pure, horrific, awful. I used to NOT read stickman on that principle alone. I fucking absolutely detest his homepage. Not kidding. At all. That said, I've come to really like reading his commentary. Never met the guy but I definitely DO respect the body of work he's created. On the flip side of that, have also dug up some old Galt stuff to give him the benefit of the doubt and was left with one conclusion only: "Please dear god, don't EVER let me become like that. Castrate my sorry ass first. Anything but that."
  9. Have you ever tried the audio links - it's freaking weird, like traffic noise with some zombie woman saying random words in a low tone every 5 or 6 seconds. I wasn't sure what to write, eg, 'ambient noise - popcorn - traffic noise - steeple.' Bah. Anyway, try and register a new logon here. Or gmail. They're all getting very difficult, not just TV. Hopefully this isn't a case of a pissed off BM being passive-aggressive with the whole register at TV thing (eg, fuck it, i'm going over to ThaiVisa). If that's the case you'd be missed GD.
  10. Ahh, I stand corrected. The book should arrive any day now. You found the time magazine piece and I was a bit off. Interesting that the book was written by a woman (didn't fully pay attention to that either, just glanced at the piece - wouldn't weigh on my decision to buy, but it is worth noting). "But Trink's view of prostitutes changed, Bliss writes, from sex objects, to victims of society, to women who have chosen an easy but hazardous way to earn an above-average income. In one excerpt cited in the book, Trink describes the women as meretricious, avaricious, mendacious and bone lazy. Never give your heart to a demimondaine: she'll chew it up and spit it out. Nonetheless, Bliss argues that Trink is no misogynist."
  11. I always see references to "Trink" here, but I have no idea who the guy is - and it's a challenge to find his old stuff via web searches. I actually just ordered an out of print book on Trink that I found on Amazon, had to buy it used. There's nary a review of it to be found anywhere except for one in Time magazine. I can't remember it verbatim, but the magazine summarized Trinks perception of Bargirls as originally he saw them as victims of society, then something like predators, but the final analysis was that it was women from a range of backgrounds that made a choice to work night life because it was a simple, quick, effective way to make money. If it was legal in the states you can bet a lot more women would also make that choice (see Heidi Fleiss and her friends, all middle/upper class - did it for the money).
  12. btw - I lied earlier MM. Going to hijack your thread for a wee bit. Just a wee bit. Dreadfully sorry. First 3 songs I learned to actually play on the drum kit were Judas Priest 'living after midnight,' ACDC 'you shook me all night long'- and... this one. Those were the days of wine and roses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF4MvVgmHSI
  13. All the stories WERE good, but 'doing time' packed a wallop. Author is quite good. Set it up like yet another cliched tale and then... whoa. Better than the vast majority of published short stories I've seen in Expat books. All of em were well done.
  14. Spencer Davis Group. 'I'm a Man.' Beautiful thing. "Well my pad is very messy And there’s whiskers on my chin And I’m all hung up on music And I always play to win I ain’t got no time for lovin Cause my time is all used up.." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzN0mMx-sJg
  15. So after I posted prior I dug up some old Galt stuff at his site out of curiosity. I made it in about 2 paragraphs on and old post and just closed it and several other links I had open in a queue. Was just annoying. I feel even more sympathy for stickman now. Dude was just off, in his own little mental playground sucking in the attention like a junkie. And his writing is terrible to boot. This guy literally got attention from rabidly attacking stickman, and that's it. Period. Nothing else. wtf? Long story short, I'm going to have to agree with you on this one.
  16. Awful, and yet you feel compelled to read it, an ego train wreck in perpetual motion. The tragedy here is, this fella obviously spends a large chunk of his life fixating on perceived wrongs and how to get payback against these other fellas, along with the delusions of grandeur. Were talking years of your life. I did feel a little empathy for Stickman in this. To have some guy fixated on you and defining his life through attacking yours, even if most don't take him serious, he can do some damage And yet we're curious to read it (including me). And yep, I'll probably get a couple chuckles out of this video evolution if it ever sees fruition. Crazy mixed-up world.
  17. So is it true then what the headlines read ---> Flash single-handedly fought the flames, probably saving hundreds of lives in the process???
  18. What was interesting about that - I don't remember the exact specifics - but I do recall that 'someone' deposited something like 3 million baht into his bank account (the account of the MMA murderer prick). He had people looking out for him and offering assistance. Which is too bad. They also just lost the case to extradite the coward. I'm glad they got this one. It was undoubtedly a crime of passion, but to repeatedly stab a defenseless woman... Lot of people have been played a lot worse than this in a relationship and still manage not to brutally murder the person who wronged them. (What, she accepted his money then eventually rejected him? Or saw a guy on the side?) Whatever he gets, deserves worse. That's an absolutely horrible way to suffer and die.
  19. Calling oneself Kong, if done in a light-hearted of self deprecating manner, not a problem. Calling oneself Kong, if done as a statement of "I'm a badass, and my nickname is Kong" - well that's fine too, but don't do that here. Cause then I'll cringe and have to make a sarcastic comment. And I don't want to make any comments man. btw - I just realized that you two as a couple makes Donkey Kong. There very well could be poetic justice in the world. (Note: Donk and Kong, I'm just kidding).
  20. Noooooooooooooooooo. Not you too. You were showing such promise young man. Well, it's good to know Donk.
  21. A few of these are really good. Didn't expect. It's kinda a rough crowd here at times, but all bullshit aside --> khop khun kap to the fellas that contributed. I hope you stick with it. Despite the low response and slow momentum here, know that people are reading these and getting something from it. I'm pretty sure KS will leave these up indefinitely and broader exposure/appreciation will come with time. Keep working it. And thank you.
  22. Me too, as long as he doesn't sign his posts off with "Kong" (although, that would make him a great fit for certain elements of Los Angeles, )
  23. Ahhh, the eternal question. If one shows up in LoS, isn't retired, isn't on an Expat package, doesn't want to teach English - how can one generate income (legally). btw - One of the fellas I go to LoS with lost a shitload of money in 2001, was laid off, and in a bad way. He and another guy started selling sunglasses at high end flea markets in San Diego and Pasadena. They'd buy them bulk for 2 or 3 dollars a piece then resell for 10. Didn't get rich but did alright. I actually went with them once and it was a pain in the ass. Up at 5am, load up the truck, drive to location - set it up - then sit there all day making sales and dealing with twits. Long day. Did it for about 6 months and made enough to get him back on his feet. One of the nurses I work with quit a couple years ago, she goes to Bali to meet her boyfriend and stays 6 weeks a few times a year, picks up up decorative vases and art for the home on the cheap, then travels to a couple shows in the States and sells it at a significant mark up, the rest she sells at local festivals. Doesn't make a whole lot but enough to cover her travel and still have about 30k yr profit (according to her). Once again though, she actually does a lot of work to make this happen, just likes the autonomy. I'm looking for something more along the lines of high-paid Farang food critic.
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