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  1. no, I potentially caught it in the PI. Thanks for the feedback guys. Whatever the result on Monday, my days in the scene are over...I just hope its not too late.
  2. Been reading thru the symptoms of Hiv on the net and the timeframes of when the first symptoms appear etc and it's dead on with what happend to my body. I spent my first two nights in angeles city in the PI and mostly due to alcohol but also due to stupidity I didn't wear a raincoat. For those not in the know angeles city is the bastion of those who don't like to wear a rubber and the girls (from my experiences) rarely ask to use them either. So, after my first two nights I slept with 3 girls (a 3some on the first night) and with one of those girls I ripped off the condom and fucked her. The second night I just didn't bother with the condom with that girl and she never asked for one. This is of course is incredibly stupid and foolhardy. Anyway, after leaving angeles I went to Cebu for about a week then off to an island for christmas. After about 7 or 8 days I woke up with a really sore throat that made me feel like i had a ball in my throat. It was quite uncomfortable although it quickly receded to a level I would call annoying rather than painful. My neck under my jaw was swollen and sore and I had muscle aches. I also had a mild fever. I remember thinking at the time that something was really wrong with me. It wasn't that I felt that bad...in fact your common flu would make you feel worse than I did but I had that nagging feeling. I rationalised how I was feeling and thought about the possibilities to why I was feeling this way. The bars on the islands just wash out your glasses under the tap, basically just rinsing them before using them for another customer. So I figured that maybe I had caught a bug from the water and that was causing all the symptoms as my body was reacting to a bit of an infection. I returned to Cebu and I felt o.k but the symptoms were still there albeit in a very mild way that wasn't interfering at all in my day to day activities. I didn't feel 100% by any means but as I said before I felt good enough. After a few days the persistence of the tickle in the throat was annoying me so I went to the effort of finding a doctor. I spoke to the very old doctor and told him my story. He seemed very unconcerned and felt my neck and told me he couldn't feel any swelling on my neck. There was no doubt the area under my neck was swollen and sore so I was perplexed by his lack of concern. He told me to gargle with betadine or even listerine and the throat problem would go away. I insisted again that I thought it was more serious but again he seemed unconcerned. i left thinking that maybe I was overreacting, after all I felt 95% and when you consider how much I was drinking and partying everyday getting a little sick was probably inevitable. I did that and the throat problem dissapeared to a large extent but there was still a bit of a tickle now and then and I was still running a little 'hot'. In fact my bed partners over the next few weeks all remarked that I had a fever. I became worried again. I realised I was popping a viagra a day and maybe that was what was making me hotter than usual. I stopped taking the pills and I noticed my fever reduced. But as my trip went on I kept drinking and getting little sleep so I went back on them and the fever felt like it was there a little bit on and off. I was also getting headaches but as I was perpetually hungover it's hard to pinpoint why you have a headache. I was feeling like I had less energy than usual but again with all the drinking and not much sleeping and my diet was really poor I put it down to that. By the last few days of my 5 week journey I was knackered. I felt absolutely stuffed and I ached all over to a reasonable extent. I wasn't bedridden or anything but I just didn't feel too great. After I got home i had a long sleep and the aches went away. O.k so that's the summary of how I felt. If you google the symptoms of Hiv they will say sore throat, swollen nodes in neck and or groin, fatigue, headaches, and the possibility of things like open sores in the mouth and rashes. I am convinced I have Hiv based on timing of when i got sick..ie. 7 or 8 days after contact, and the symptoms which went on for about two weeks. Combine that with barebacking in the barebacking capital of Asia and I'd say there's a really good chance I've caught it. In the past when I may have barebacked one girl during my whole trip I'd go to the doctor and he'd tell me I was silly but he was always upbeat about it. This time the doctor was actually quite pessimistic from the start and I didn't tell him about the symptoms I outlined above because he kept talking and I didn't recall those symptoms at the time of the consult. I'm extremely worried right now...
  3. really? actually I belong to many boards across several countries and this board is the bitchiest I've ever come across....and i reckon it's because KS looks after his mates by letting them say anything to anyone with impunity...but hey what the fuck would i know?
  4. doris day

    Crappy night out!

    don't tell panadol sandwich he'll tell you it's because of his personality....oh yeah i just remembered there's an ignore function on here...bye bye panadol!
  5. who said I've only visited only two cities in Thailand?....(just for the record I've been to 5)....but clearly you know it all
  6. someone's delusional. what was that name of the sooky fat fella who was banging a girl from soi 33 and telling everyone she wasn't p4p? can't remember but panadol sandwich must be him.. if i'd hit the nordic guy two things might've happend....he was in his 50's or 60's...if I'd hit him I probably would've killed the silly old fuck. But, even if i hadn't can anyone here tell Panadol Sandwich what happens when you start fights in LOS? mmm yeah not worth all the hassle...police....shakedown....on the run....etc etc. What an intelligent comment by you. Oh yeah and i'd be decking him in front of his young son. I'm sure that wouldn't traumatise the little boy. The bargirl...i assume you are talking about the girl from airport. Right well my mate barfined a girl from there also and she acted exactly the same way with him....i.e did th minnimum and did the bolt. If you think they did that because of some personality disorder or because I was being miserable then you have the intelligence of a monkey. Stunners from high end go go's charge lots of money and are starfish. Everyone knows that's what happens when you barfine from these places.....oh but obviously you don't know that......hmmm such experienced comments by you now as for the drunken whore...well when she grabbed my arm I was surrounded by about 6 motorbike taxi guys and gee I wonder what they would've done if I'd smacked her one? farangs hitting bargirls in thailand? wow everyone knows that is an incredibly stupid idea and I'd get pummeled by the entire neighbourhood. Another stupid comment by you.. Well that's done. Every other post has been at least partially well thought out but there's always one dickhead isn't there... Panadol Sandwich Thailand is all yours...you are welcome to it. I've spent time in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia...so I'm happy to say there are much better places to go. It's just my opinion but I'm done.
  7. I thought SOL was meant to be closed by now?
  8. I actually logged on here today to start a post about how I'm finished with Thailand. the last trip (just got back a few weeks ago) did it for me. I can't do Bangkok anymore, it's dead to me now (but i still love the shopping ....) and although I enjoyed Pattaya for the first time I feel like expats and long timers there are retreating to 'darker corners' to get a reasonable experience. Walking street is ridiculous. It's pure spectacle and only for the idiot newbie. It's ruined. For the last couple of trips i've been fortunate enough to meet a nice girl and spent all my time with her and not indulged in p4p. I think that's extended my desire to return but this time I met a few girls but it was mostly all p4p and I didn't feel the same way about it that i did when i was heavily into it 4 or 5 years ago. I feel that Thailand is changing rapidly (or perhaps its me?). It's become too commercial, too many punters, rising prices, mostly different attitudes from the girls i.e. you see the desperation, the craving for money, perhaps bought on by so many people going there for sex. It's lost it's charm. The Thai desire for a better life...the money...doing anything to make a buck and the tourists flocking there and using the women and the country to placate their sexual urges. ok these are just a few isolated incidents to highlight how for me the place is ruined. I know these things were in existence the whole time...ie eight years ago when i fist came to Thailand and perhaps it's just taken eight years for me to lose the rose coloured glassed but for whatever reason I'm done with Thailand. I was in a normal bar and saw a nordic area family. The man was incredibly rude to a waitress who was lucky to be 18. He was murdering the English language and then couldn't believe this poor girl couldn't understand him. The fat old hag chain smoking wife then joined in. I struggled not to walk over there and let him know if he ever spoke to this girl like that again I was going to flatten him. A few minutes later their son...maybe 10 years old started screaming to the waitress that the internet wasn't working. Rude little bastard was learning his manners from his father. On the flip side. I was walking along a road just off walking street and taking photos of the food and 'life' going on. I was about to take a photo of one of those food stalls that sell the green curries etc and a woman who owned a jewellrey shop yelled out to me not to take a photo of it. Um yeah right. I paused and then thought fuck it i don't need the aggravation of telling this thai moron to fuck off. Walked off without the photo. Farang hatred. Went to bangkok and stayed in the same hotel that I did on my very first visit to BKK 8 years ago. Street bars are everywhere along Sukhumvit. Even though I was several floors up the noise from the street bars was obscene and kept me up every night. i don't think they stopped until 5am. Pointless staying anywhere near Sukhumvit now. Street bars everywhere, stalls lining all the streets in any tourist area. Twice I copped it from drunken bargirls. in Pattaya a drunken bargirl was having a discussion with another girl and me and my barfine walked up to the taxi motorbike stand where this discussion was taking place and we got onto two seperate bikes. As soon as i got ona bike the drunken girl who had shown no interest in getting on a bike all of a sudden turned and with her large sharp nails grabbed my arm and attempted to rip me off the bike leaving a rather large scratch and bruise on my arm that didn't go away for a week. We all ended up going in the same direction so i then had to cop a verbal tirade from this whore all the way home. I really wanted to belt the little bitch. My friend and i took girls from Airport Club. i knew that was a mistake but he's a newbie and I wanted him to have fun so i agreed to also take a girl. She was an absolute ten. Stunning in every respect...apart from her attitude that is. It was like fucking a blow up doll. That's about as much reaction i got from her. She sucked me off for about ten seconds and then said ok finish. Hmmm. Wouldnt cuddle when sleeping. She ordered me to the other side of the bed. In the morning every excuse under the sun not to have the 2nd round. yes this was meant to be long time. Now wait for the kicker.....the mama and the girl insisted on the money upfront. yep i know. and my mate said that was the same at 'whats up' as well. the mama also wanted a tip from my mate. they know the newbies. i didn't get asked for a tip. Same friend got drugged in Insomnia and taken for cash and his iphone. I was going to join him that night but ended up going with another girl from a quieter go go away from the bullshit of walking street. He was with some 'old hands' but still got caught out. Two girls came over to him and then bought 3 shooters for them all and sure enough his was drugged. He'd been drinking for hours before that so he was doubly fucked...a newbie and drunk an easy target. The muay thai boxing ring among the bars on soi 8? go a couple of rounds then go around asking for a tip. so every 20 or 30 minutes you have to tip just to sit there and drink. the bars there must hate this because even if u initially sit and drink because of the boxing, you leave quickly cause you get sick of having to tip. Massage girls asking for big money. Now I should clarify, every massage shop I went into (barring one actually) was full sex. Sometimes the massage wasn't even instigated. At the airport I went to the taxi meter stand....you know the one where you get the actual price for getting somewhere not the made up taxi price....and they quoted me 1,500 baht from the airport to Pattaya. I couldn't believe it. Went up to Departures and got it for a 1,000. I found it difficult to watch the hard working thais in my favourite restaurant deal with retarded and rude farangs. I watched them work understaffed and for little pay. I tipped very well here. I really liked a waitress here but too short on time to get to know her. Look I did have some good experiences as well. Free shag from a stunner in Patts, more free shags from an old friend who I finally got to fuck after years of not getting round to it. The darkside in Pattaya is way overhyped but it is cheap and more relaxed. not so much bullshit. The Thailand i knew has lots its innocence. It's devouring itself in search of cash. Beaches with deckchairs covering every inch of beach to maximise profits, I haven't been back to phuket for years because it was getting too commercial, too developed and Pattaya is the same and Bangkok's streets are just stupid with their street stalls and street bars. Sorry for the rambling but I've finally fallen out of love with the place. It feels like a marriage that's gone bad. eight years is about the period for marriages to end too. i have found a new passion and as much as i'd like to write about it...I am very scared it will become like Thailand....ruined. So I'm going to resist writing a travel report.
  9. i wrote a long winded post but then realised it was too off track for this discussion so i will just say this... maybe a little off track from what you've said but i'm seeing the bullshit on both sides like never before. I don't think i can do it anymore. thailand is devouring itself. too commercial, too many tourists, its all about the money now and i cant do it anymore...
  10. arriving in manilla or angeles city or what?
  11. Mr T's is an excellent service...i arrived in swampy at about 11pm and was in patts within 30 mins...driver was a complete pyscho but i was happy with that after such a long flight...
  12. certainly ive never been a pattaya fan, planned on spending five days there last year but got bored after two and went to bangkok.....my old and dear friend...and didn't regret it as i met up with a wonderful girl and spent 3 weeks with her and almost married her..... but, i've no doubt pattaya has many little spots of interest....i think i know who to ask about this too....
  13. will hit the phils in less than 2 weeks and depending on how things go there will determine how soon I come 'home'... just found out the girl I was dating the last time we spoke has gotten engaged lol. no surprise really she was determined to get married.....apparently didn't matter to who... have some first class stunners lined up for the phils and plan to be on a deserted beach with the pick of the bunch eating massive lobsters and staying in a basic shack and rooting myself senseless...I may never make it to Thailand! I could be there before New Years if the PI goes pear shaped. Have quite a bit of holiday time up my sleeve so will definately catch up for a drink and i will try and stay out of 'love' this time....
  14. I'd really like Moo Noi's version to be the truth...it would be easier to meet a 'good' girl that way...my experiences don't necessarily reflect that however.... but i will keep researching for sure!!!
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