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  1. Overall, having a great time in BBK. I thought I was a pretty savvy traveler. Most of my travel is in the States and Europe. Before coming to BBK I read all your posts and tried to be a well educated consumer. SO...last night I head out to Nana, second time since here, and I stroll into Hollywood... 1st. I thought 90% of the girls were absolutely lovely. So it starts out looking good. I know all about the LD's but this place takes the prize! I got pummled by every waitress and two Momma's about every 90 seconds! What the "F" with all the waitresses coming over trying to get tips and drinks? This really spoiled the good time. I grabbed two lady's for a ST, they were great, and next thing I know, I go back down with them for a beer, and every waitress in the bar including the two momma's want tips. How do I avoid this? Should I just be rude and say "no tips" or just leave and find another place.
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