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  1. That explains enlarging, thx. How does 'bicubic' relate to making an image smaller and not having the squashed effect that I sometimes get? Is it just due to resizing and the measurements no longer being linear? I'm not 100% sure I'm understanding this
  2. Whats a bi-cubic image? I'm assuming its sizing related, other than that I'm clueless. Cheers Z
  3. A quick google search could have rectified that.
  4. Why when choosing 'Great' players are non goal scoring players always ignored? Can a defender or goalkeeper not be great? My vote: If I say the 'Messi role' it doesn't mean anything. A striker/second striker or some would say a 'free-role' maybe even an advanced midfielder. Meaningless. If I say the 'Claude Makelele role' most will know what I mean. He gets my vote.
  5. Went to Chiang Mai last month. No meter taxi's, unless you manage to catch 1 on the his way back to the airport.
  6. Depending on where you live and what you planning on getting up to, you may need to factor in transport costs. Admittedly not much if you travel by motorbike/moped or songteaw/bus but it adds up over a month. If living here long term you should think about health insurance costs. Also any visa renewal/extension costs over the year. It may well be a case of working out what you can afford to live on each month and working backwards.
  7. Soon to make the big move out to Thailand (for good...hopefully) and was wondering if anyone has any good advice. Work is sorted so visa renewal/work permit should be ok. I'm sure I can work out the forms if required but worried I may be forgetting something... I know I'll need the following so tips would be nice: Health insurance - I know I'll need this but have little idea of cost/requirements. I assume its a matter of 'get the best you can afford' just wondering what is cheap/expensive and if anyone has reccommendations. Broadband - reliability and speed are the most important, not cost. Who do you reccommend? What speed is available? Been so busy stopping/starting things this end, I'm sure there is obvious things I'm missing. Thanks Z
  8. I'll be joining in on the contests, but I'm away without all my good pics at the moment. The only camera I have is on my phone 1megapix and no way to get to them so will have to be next contest Cheers Z
  9. Anyone know of any good pool halls in BKK. Not competitive places, my missus's loves to play pool but only against me so the winner-stay-on/challenge places aren't really for us. Used to play in CountryRoad2(?) which was above Foodland on soi5, had 10+ pool tables so we could find a table and just play. Now they've moved across the road only 3 tables, little room around them and people want to challenge all the time. Any ideas? Cheers Z
  10. Are we keeping this Thai specific or are we opening it up? Just asking as someone suggested this would be a way to get new members to enter. Z
  11. Just done the first and all important visit to the future inlaws in Ubon (I'll post more details about that in the relevant area). Stayed in the aforementioned Sunee Grand Hotel. Found it online, Agoda I think, was one of the better looking hotels available while still being inside the town/city. 1500baht per room per night. Didn't book online, got the better half to ring up and reserve. Requesting 2 rooms for 2 nights, 1 with double bed and 1 with 2 singles. Rooms on the same floor and preferably next to each other and if possible a smoking room (all of which their website said was available). This was some 4 months before the date of arrival. Also wanted to check-in early but we were told to call 1 week before the date to confirm. Before I start moaning, the good bits...hotel was in very good condition/clean and the rooms were spacious and better than expected. The price had been lowered to 1300baht per and the location was good for what we required. Plus the free taxi to and from the airport was convenient. Called 3 days before arrival to confirm early check-in and booking conditions were all ok. All confirmed. Hotel said they had a free taxi service from the airport to the hotel. Arrived at Ubon airport on time and had taxi (minibus) waiting. Whisked off to hotel and all was looking good. Entered the hotel with a chorus of 'Suay' (beautiful/pretty) from my accompaniment. Then it all started to go down hill. Unable to check-in early as no rooms available until 14.00 (we wanted/notified the hotel that we would be arriving at 08.00 which they confirmed) Change; room suddenly available but only 1 room was left in the hotel and the 4 of us could share for the first night Change; 2 rooms available but only 1 until 14.00. Change; but not on the same floor Change; 2 rooms, same floor but 1 now and 1 at 14.00. Ok, fine. I was getting bored with this conversation and was happy we could get into 1 room now, the fact they weren’t next to each other wasn’t a problem. Change; the rooms are no longer on the same floor. Change; we can have both rooms now, on the same floor but they have no rooms in the hotel that have 2 single beds. Why they waited so long to say this I have no idea. This was the same check-in conversation, with the same member of staff. Who was constantly checking her computer. No translation difficulties as she spoke English, my other half speaks Thai and passable English and me, vice versa. Up we go to the rooms. Unpack. I look around no ashtray. I call reception. All rooms are no smoking. The no smoking and no single beds is not an issue, the fact they say they have/do all these on their website and on other websites is. Late that night, after returning from the farm, we ordered room service. A total of 400 baht. The smallest note I had was 500 so I said the he could keep it. Now, 100 baht isn’t much to me coming from the UK (2GBP) but I doubt he’s on more than 300 a day, but not even a thank you. Unfortunately this was a common theme with the hotel. Only the door greeters said ‘sawadee krup’. All others were lacking in courtesy. No Ka’s or Krup’s, no thank you’s or excuse me’s/sorry’s. I was brought up to mind my P’s and Q’s (before anyone say’s I’m a miserable old fart, I’m 33…so a miserable young fart) and I and my better half are trying to do the same with her 2 youngsters, so this not only really annoys me but undermines what we are trying to teach them. No matter what you asked the staff they never gave the true answer the first time. Even asking where the swimming pool was located we were directed into the supermarket next door. I had paid in advance when checking-in for the rooms so on departure only had to pay for any mini-bar items (2xPepsi @ 20baht), at check-out a bill for 180 baht was presented. After 10 mins of the receptionist calling everybody and anybody it was amended to 40baht. But there was no apology. Many might say what I’m moaning about is trivial but I’ve stayed in many hotels in Thailand ( and Asia) some much more expensive, some a lot cheaper but all have had the common courtesy to be polite even when problems or mistakes have occurred. I would recommend the hotel only if they retrained or replaced 99% of the staff. Yours moaningly Z
  12. These maybe rubbish ideas but I've promised myself to be more active on the forum so... 1.Religion - most people will have a picture of a temple or monks etc. 2.City/town - landscape pics or relevant of inner-city/town life 3.Country - Same as above but country (most stop stating the obvious) 4.Nightlife - a regular nightlife scene, not necessarily a naughty bar pic. 5.Water - a pic with some reference to water, songkran pics or rain or rivers etc. 6.Wildlife/nature - maybe with sub-divisions for plants/animals etc. Cheers Z
  13. I arrived early September on the 30day tourist visa exemption. 1.Can I extend this by 30 days? 2.Without leaving the country? 3.If not what do I need to do/apply for? 4.What do I need for the above? 5.And where exactly (address please, soi will do...) do I do it? Sorry, I'm sure the answers are here already but I've read so many posts without ever getting a definitive answer that I thought I may as well ask. Thanks for helping a dummy. Z
  14. Made me feel like I was straining my eyes as well...I think I'll leave 3d alone.
  15. Saw Fright Night in 3D in Fashion Island. Was in screen number 11, 1 of the smaller screens. Only 5 people in total. Movie was sanuk. Colin Farrel was good as the brooding vampire. It was my first 3D experience and I'm not impressed. Was great on the opening credit (for Dolby I think) but was crap after that. Was more like 1 screen on top of another. You could see a distance to the background from the characters etc. but both the background and characters looked 2D. Like a puppet show with cardboard cutouts and changing backgrounds. Could've been the movie as it was at night (stating the obvious as subject was vampires) but there was no bright lights, as you would have with a space type movie, if you can understand what I'm trying to say...I'm struggling lol Or maybe because I'm colour blind and this didn't help, I don't know... And, I couldn't believe they don't let you keep the glasses... Disappointedly Yours Z
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