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  1. Uh ?!? It should read :Can't say I miss the dodgy l´╗┐ower Sukh sois much.
  2. That is true, haven't set a foot in krungthep for almost exactly 10 years but got a bit homesick tonight, funny to see so many old faces still active, this forum has been going on for a good 20 years now. Can say I miss the dodgy lower Sukh sois much.
  3. Fair enough, I doubt that's the kind off girls you need to look up on seekingarrangement. Btw nothing wrong with being generous with the ladies, the website is definetely not targeted at punters afraid the long time is 3000bth, or whatever the going price now in BKK. Note as well it works very well in Europe. Pretty easy to find there a subsidized GF half your age (some are also in the 30-35 y o range). I spend again a lot of time in Asia but miss very much Europe datingwise. Expect though to find a bunch of full time prostitutes mixed with the sugarbabies
  4. Bubi, have you checked the sugardaddy websites, like seekingarrangement ? It's more popular in the west but checked a while ago in Thailand and whereas there were few girls they were much better looking than your typical beergarten lass, including several luk krungs On this website you are likely to find unrushed educated girls with ecent manners and longer term views on bleeding you dry
  5. Lol same old forum, same members. Out in Manila where I had my cock amost chewed off by some agressive teeth in a Burgos street gogo bar, I thought about you guys. A bit of a culture schock after an early summer spent in the chaos of Deauville and Baden Baden. My thoughts are with Kun Sirik
  6. dogs

    Former Supermodel Yui On Streets

    "I remember Yui from the late 90s doing the Channel adverts. It was unusual at the time because she was from Isan (Ubon Ratchathanee) and didn't really have the Chinese Thai looks generally favoured in Thailand." Well, I'd thought they'd given up from checking mental illnesses out of the Isaan production, but if the area could produce more girls with those looks Thailand would be a more attractive country. Haven't logged in for ages, half surprised the forum is still alive and even more the same team is active.
  7. dogs

    Investing in ETF's?

    " What do you think about ETF's " Mostly good things, but be careful with stop loss orders, many ETFs reacted disastrously during the flash crash and several similar issues have occured since may 2010 with ETFs. Definetely research this topic if you don't want to be butchered by a combination of flash crash and stop loss order. " And which ETF's might be the best at the moment?" No clue, but I'm long a few markets. As of QE, the number 2 is ending in June and it's not clear yet what the Fed will do afterwards, although market seems confident the Fed will keep on supporting the market. But market crashed at the end of QE1, I would be careful not to invest too much new money right now in the market, at least not at once. If you are not familiar with ETFs offerings, you might start with giving a look at Vanguard's . The company has a very good reputation and offers a large selection of ETFs at some of the lowest costs available.
  8. dogs

    Hello, I am Horneytorney

    Yep, and we should unleash the foreign legion in France's streets to gun down systematically all those demonstrators (there always seem to be a bunch of them in Paris) . Sending fighters to promote democracy and human rights ?? Quel gachis !
  9. dogs

    Tell me your retirement fantasy

    "My retirement phantasy is never to retire . " Beat me to it. Retirement sounds boring.
  10. dogs

    Hong Kong - Where are the Thai Ladies?

    "You can't walk down Lockhart Rd or wander into any bar around there without tripping over dozens of Thai birds (and more than a few k-toys)... " Actually lady boys seem to be unwelcome in most freelancers bars in wan Chai and you mostly find them in the street. Lot of the girls working in HK have boobs jobs - which I like - and much face jobs as well, so you might be mistaken on their female origin. Anyway plenty of thai girls in wan chai, but not the newest collection usually.
  11. dogs

    Limo to Korat

    you can google for car rentals in BKK, many offer service with driver, 24h with a camry and driver at 2000/2500TBH
  12. dogs

    'Killer Brit' Suspect Named

    "If he walks, he won't walk far or for long. Lots of former Marines around and hitmen are very cheap here. And I am not bullshitting. " Do you mean "here in the UK" or "here in Thailand" ?? I wouldn't think there are many hits in Uk yearly, especially of people not living in slums. Yet I wouldnt like to be in this guys' shoes, murdering an american citizen, furthermore a marine, can't lead you to an healthy life Besides I'm surprised the guy managed to be smart enough not to withdraw the 5 million TBH in his account, than escape from Thailand when beeing one of the most wanted fugitives there, than land in UK, after beeing such an obvious suspect in the murder. Guess he must have felt sligtly relieved to have landed in UK before beeing arrested.
  13. dogs

    Envoy's daughter falls to death

    Dunno, but I feel sad mostly for Nassimi. The girl was grown up enough to get high and buy a fake ID, others shouldn't pay for her mistakes.
  14. dogs

    Bikini Briton arrested in Dubai

    Quite a bit over the top to take instances of Saudi Arabia customs when it is about Dubai. Never been to Saudi but been to Dubai and understand the two places are quite different.
  15. dogs

    I've hitted Tashkent and hitted it hard.

    and for anyone in doubt just hook up with Santiago in tashkent this summer ! Met him last winter in Minsk and it was great fun :evil:
  16. dogs

    Cambodian Tarzan Girl Discovered

    Good point Coss. Besides it's fairly easy to imagine a lot of lao and khmer girls in Nana and Cowboy as jungle girls. They hardly look more civilised. Than when they wear red shirts we get a big party...
  17. dogs

    Seh Daeng 'to lead the battle'

    Lively discussion in here. Have kids and left Thailand with great satisfaction. Definetely didn't have the kids with a thai mother so can't relate to the issue of having a half thai family but I would definetely judge Thailand quite a lousy place to raise children. As of upcountry education, even in western countries it's a little dodgy, kids are the best in upcountry schools, parents and teachers feel they are geniuses but than they crash when competing against students from good schools in the main cities or so it seems. As of why getting interested in the thai situation despite not having any influence in it, well, if I go to the circus I definetely can't change the show, but it is still very entertaining !
  18. dogs

    army train kidnapped by red shirts in Khon Kaen

    "A major problem right now is that the red and yellow can ONLY see their own viewpoint and will not listen to anything else. Sondhi makes outrageous statements and his yellow shirts buy it lock, stock and barrel. The Takkyite leaders make equally ridiculous and outrageous charges, and the rank and file snap to attention and raise their arm in salute. It is almost a cartoon version of politics. " Well, anywhere in the world the kind of stooges who wear an uniform and march singing in rythmn are not famous for their critical thinking so in Thailand ??? A little suspense is always thrilling but the whole thing is getting very slow. Those redshirts physical ugliness is an eyesore for every visitor. Hope it blows up soon in a bloodbath. Will be fun to watch.
  19. dogs


    Used to stay there when it was Meritus Suites,than checked for long stays after it became Lebua and found it quite a bit more expensive than other posh serviced apartments, plus the monthly rentals are on the lower floors. Yet a very nice building with cool bars and restaurants. I wouldn't fancy the walk to Patpong either but than I don't fancy Patpong at all.
  20. dogs

    Yangon, Myranmar

    Why is this thread in the Cambodia section ???
  21. dogs

    Yangon, Myranmar

    " What is the religion of these gals and does it make any difference? " You actually find in clubs almost the same variety as in the streets, buddhist burmese, but also girls from ethnic minorities, muslim, hinduist and probably other religions. Yangon is not the worst place in the world if you want to hit an indian looking girl btw.
  22. dogs

    Yangon, Myranmar

    HH Thanks for the link ! I've been to Yangon many times and picked many girls from the discos there but no plan to go back anytime soon unfortunately. You'll find plenty of info on the internet about the clubs there, particulary one the world sex guide. I just noticed allmyanmar.com has a section on "sexy girls" . Quite surprising ! Yet they advertise the " Asia Plaza Hotel" which is quite a boring place IME. In the discos, the garland girls are usually there for takeway, and most hang out in the club in between catwalks. Yet the place in the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcb2mHVAHbM&NR=1 is actually a popular restaurant , "Power Point" or a similar name, I've been there a couple of times with elder business relations who wouldn't pick up girls so don't quite know how it works there, but the prostitution is not as obvious as in the nighclubs. Nice, thanks again for the links, now I know I need to find another excusue to head back to Yangon.
  23. dogs

    When it all goes pear-shaped ...

    I'm not even sure she would be allowed to board out of Thailand on a 1 way ticket. Poor planning by all means.
  24. dogs

    Thankyou Switzerland!

    Relax, I don't know every city in Europe but guess it's the same as around here, in well off areas children playgrounds and schools have a low if not nil percentage of muslim kids in them. Those folks need to become a great deal more succesful before they can invade the west. And actually the few muslim families who show up where my kids hang out are fine by my book - but they seem to have other obsessions than the islamisation of the world.
  25. dogs

    Why British men come to Thailand

    And you reckon the scenes of the few ladies pictured in the link are worse than the barking herds of agressive ugly and smelly upcountry thai whores in desperately cheap and gross clothing along the male company that matches them displayed nighly on lower scumwit ?