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    Returned 4 days ago from LOS and spent little time in Bangkok, thought I'd try Pattaya again... and while it was nice, think I'll stick to Bangkok for a lot of reasons..... Someone mentioned there is a Soi in Bangkok where there are bunches of oil type massage places (more than most)......I thought I'd heard it is Soi 22, but then somewhere I saw the good Soi 22 places cater to Japanese..... Any thoughts on what might be the "Massage Soi" in Bangkok, if there is one?
  2. Still can't figure it out... The satellite of both places don't match and the link you kindly provided does nothing to clarify.
  3. Have been to Soapies more than 100 times over the years and should know this, but too stupid to find out myself.....Last time I was in LOS, there was a gorgeous sideline girl at a soapy,,,perhaps one of the most stunning girls I've seen. Since I always go for the air mattress experience and had planned on a 2fer,,,,didn't pick her.....Went back the next day,,,,not there and then I left for home. If I see another one like that will likely pick her. My question: Exactly what all does the sideline girl offer? I've seen some references that they don't even do a massage of any kind, and are only offering some form of "shaft" gratification. For those pros out there.....kindly tell me about the typical "sideline experience".... Thanks
  4. Within a week, will be staying in the Sukhumvit area. A friend is anxious to receive a postcard mailed from Thailand...(too cheap to go there).... I can find a postcard,,,,mailing to USA How much postage, where to get the stamps and where to mail it close by Sukhumvit lower Soi area if possible... thanks for any help...
  5. Have indications Le Belle, formerly Mona Lisa is next to Siam City Hotel.....I go there sometimes to Kamon Restaurant for the steaks and sashimi. If I want to walk and facing the front of the hotel, which direction would I walk and how far is it? Thanks
  6. If there is one soapy generally regarded as contending to be one of the best, assuming it might not be cheap, which one would you want to visit? Or, which one do you favor above all others?
  7. Is the place on the corner of Suk 7/1 still one of the better places for exchange? I think it starts with a V(?).
  8. hyaehus

    Baby Back

    tried the baby back at Hanrahans on Soi 4.... Biggest Baby I've seen....the ribs would have made the oinker about 3' wide....
  9. Patpong 1 was packed with folks at the King Group places and most ground floor setups.......Even the open bars were pretty full. Based on other comments I've read at various forums, was pleasantly surprised by the number a real lookers at the bars....quite attractive indeed. Patpong 2 was sparce....very few people....The Strip (advertised on Stick's site) is much smaller than I had imagined based on their banner advert, and half the place is torn up and under construction....The had some real lookers there....The remaining ground floor bars on Patpong 2 were almost empty.......thought about it a bit and really don't see why except maybe the sheer number of places is greater at 1, but it also could be they are much smaller in scale and can't handle the crowds. The best thing about the street was Le Bouchon restaurant about in the middle....great food and packed,,,,I got the last seat for single visitors at the bar.The big massage place near the end of the street had a big fishbowl with about 15 nubiles, quite a few cute ones, no real uglies,,,,but only 17 customers that whole day according to the mamasan (was there close to midnight).....I thought the price was quite reasonable,,,,2000 for bath, oral,massage, f*** or bl** and another massage..for a double,,,not bad at all,,,very enthusiastic......She said tips run from 500 to 1500 being the norm. Patpong 3......no, didn't go.....thought I'd head off the obvious irreverent comment.
  10. hyaehus

    nana disco

    Wendella,,, At least the parking lot is full of boys and girls. You're right...I remember those good old days......lets hope they don't muck up the new place....
  11. Forgot to mention,, flat screens and dvd players in the main room and bedroom.... The main room also has a 5 speaker plus sub-woofer sound system (4 foot towers). They didn't cheap it out.
  12. In Thailand, this is one process that pretty much works. IMHO, the government does a great job with building design/permitting. In Bangkok, they do a pretty fair job of determining the principles of structural engineering are adhered to . Pehaps you're unaware that at least in these instances, the government doesn't corrupt the data or approve sub-standard designs that might fail. Some have claimed the "incentives" are offered to speed the process...... The reason is at best they go to jail if a structural failure occurs, at worst, if someone dies, as has happened, they'll be lucky to get life....death sentences have been given in the past. Construction companies also receive criminal penalties for not following the drawings or using sub-standard materials if a failure occurs..... The government is eager to find cause/blame....Fines and/or jail in about 100% of building structural failures with commercial properties in Bangkok.....
  13. Just talked to the GM. He mentioned that they believe the reason the occupancy is so low relates to the lack of a pool and exercise facilities.....He indicated its the common question from a lot of foreigners who don't stay here.....I mentioned I don't play pool but it was lost on him....thought it prudent not to mention the workout is in the rooms themselves. They have plans to put a pool on the roof of the next building and are awaiting initial permitting involving city engineering verifying the floor loading. He indicates the owners have wealth and want to do what it takes to make it a competitive property. I will stay here on my next trip.
  14. hyaehus

    nana disco

    personally, as mentioned, don't like the setup.... at 12:20am, there were 4 thai men together at one table, and myself....plus 12 serving staff, excluding band, and four bartenders and a DJ. The band, DJ and I have talent, but don't think that's what you meant. Prices?,,,wasn't high enough to recall,,,,, No door fee,,,,,from Soi 4 entrance, you walk past the massive aircons for the hotel, a very noisy experience. They really need to dress up the walk from the street. Wouldn't take a lot of expense or effort,,,just some screens...
  15. Presidential Suite 2500 per night...Room 301/309 are the largest by just a small bit but the furniture added is nice but I prefer the other rooms (I'm on a higher floor). The Presidential Suites are suites with 1 1/2 baths, but Presidential is stretching it a bit.......The furniture is "colorful" and there are some nice touches in decoration (glass cabinets with statues, decorative bowls) and has everything one expects,,,,minibar, safe,,,a fair amount of storage......and good baths. Actually, I think they're underpriced, but talked to the staff and found out their running at 40% occupancy that doesn't give one much pricing power. Unbelievably clean....the floors are pristine..... I visited about 14 hotels within the first two days here.....there is no doubt in my mind that rooms in this place commands about a 50% premium in value for cash compared to the rest. The President group apart/hotels on Soi 11 are the closest....at least from my humble observations. What was somewhat amusing,,,they have a little book that sits out on the front desk that is in 20 font that says "JOINER BOOK". They don't indicate a number (like some do) is too many sultry wenches to drag past them.
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